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R. M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Black Chocolate Boots $411.75 Delivered (New Customer First Order Only) @ THE ICONIC

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Rm Williams comfort craftsman black chocolate regular fit boots. With promo codes and cashback gets it close to $400

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  • thanks op, 411$

  • Thanks! paid $411

  • +1

    Says 649? Also heyiconic75 gets $75 off but then cant stack it? How did you get $411?

    • I got the 'Black Chocolate' color, adding 'heyiconic75' got me to $411

  • If you already have an account just sign up with a diffrent email address to be able to use the heyiconic75 code for max discount.

    • This wont work, they match your mobile number at the checkout to identify if you are a new or repeat customer.

  • +1

    How does this compare to black/chestnut?

    • If it's anything like regular chocolate it's "pull up" leather which wears differently

      • Yeah this is a softer one and will probably age a bit quicker. I'm not a fan of this design but it's still very good value.

        • +1

          I tried looking online, but it didn’t explain clearly how this black is different from the standard black

  • yeah how did u guys get $411?

    • Discounted price of $486 doesn't show until you go to check out. Add the code heyiconic75 on the bottom right under the card payment details and click apply. Bingo, $411.

      Only applies for new customers so if you already have an account open a new one and just use a different email address.

      • didnt work i made a new account and im at checkout still showing $649

        • as soon as I entered my mobile & address, they recognized me

          • @dirtyhen: use your mum/dad/aunt's mobile number maybe?

            Idk as I couldn't be bothered making multiple accounts

    • just give 'em one of these…

  • -2
    1. Yay.
      I was dumb and just tried each code and they went to 75 after the last one.
  • +3

    i need new shoes, but do i need $411 shoes?

      • +1

        Where do I buy $2,000 to 6,000 shoes?

          • -1

            @BoltThrower: U have the worst logic lol.

              • -1

                @BoltThrower: You didn't struck anyone's nerve lol, people downvoting you because you are special.

                The man that goes by life relying on Google and Youtube. Well done.

      • That sounds like a terrible rule of thumb, as arbitrary as spending X months salary on an engagement ring.

        So glad I don't have to wear the damn things anymore, but I doubt that $600 is going to get you much of a suit in Australia.

        • +1

          he learned from Google and Youtube.

          • @sauce2k: I saw the link to an url with the phrase realmanstyle and cringed.

            I don't find RMs particularly comfortable, but if I wear them it's either with jeans, or (in the distant horrible past) with a suit that cost at least twice as much as the shoes. Spending as much on the shoes as a suit? Nah, because that's well into poncy/dandy territory.

            Agreed that the idea of an off the rack $A600 suit with RMs comes across as a bit… naive.

            RMs do last a long time though.

              • -1

                @BoltThrower: My personal preference is not to follow dumbass arbitrary 'rules' from social media sites about the 'correct' way to spend money on clothes.

                Clear enough for you?

                Thought it was fairly obvious the first time round.

                • -1

                  @rumblytangara: Understood. Enjoy your uncomfortable boots, as recommended on this very social media site. It's the correct thing to buy to fit in at the office.

                  • -1

                    @BoltThrower: Buddy, if you're going to try go all gentlemen fashionista and cite saddo youtube channels, be prepared to be laughed out of the room by people who've been around for a bit longer than you :)

                    • @rumblytangara: Hardly a fashionista, just saying to spend some money on what's actually within people's peripheral vision and not all on what's not. It's logical. Sure the ratio is arbitrary, but it's not an alien concept for people to wonder how much to budget for shoes.
                      Maybe you'd say "don't go overboard, don't buy cheap crap. Find a sensible middle-ground that you can afford…like you did with your suit"
                      I'd rather wear an expensive suit and cheaper shoes than the other way around. Apparently you would too. Let's agree on that.
                      If you're happy wearing RMs with your Zegna suit, fine, nice suit.

                      • @BoltThrower: I disagree with that. I'd rather wear expensive shoes with a cheaper suit than the other way around.

            • +1

              @rumblytangara: They aren't that comfortable but you gotta wear them to be part of the club…in the city ironically!

              • @afah0447: TBH I don't find any leather shoes soled as comfortable as sneakers or casual shoes. And both the leather and the synthetic soles are nowhere near as practical as something like Vibram for dirt. Chelsea style boots really do seem to be a city thing and impractical for countryside.

                I've found them to be incredibly long lasting though.

                Mine spent most their life overseas, where almost nobody would have recognised them.

                • +1

                  @rumblytangara: Exactly, it's all a flog.
                  I put comfort first these days.

              • @afah0447: Plantar fasciitis is so hot right now.

    • +4


      people in poverty have to buy cheap and subpar products that need to be replaced repeatedly, proving more expensive in the long run than more expensive items

      • Sadly, a lot of expensive stuff is also sub-par. People are fooled into thinking expensive=quality when they're often made in the same place and given a 10x markup. Reviews and reputation (like R.M. Williams) are important. As a corollary, people dismiss cheap as inferior. I think the truth is that most stuff is inferior and you're paying for the label slapped onto clothing made from the same factory. Exhibit A:

        • we're not talking about anything else we're talking about them boots

            • @G-rig: they come in custom widths and are comfortable to me, I haven't tried 100% of other shoes though

  • +18

    Bit of weirdness with these, going by the RM Williams website these are not the standard Comfort Craftsman's.

    The description says it's made in Australia but Portugese medium grain leather that's been tumbled making it look more worn in. Normal Craftsman's are Yearling leather

    Not that it's a bad boot or shit leather but just be aware these may look different to the normal Craftsman's when they come out of the box.

    • Good thing I read the comments, almost bought something that is not yearling leather!

      • +7

        You really need that yearling leather when you are commuting to the city on the train for casual Fridays

        • +3

          Of course, otherwise will just go with Kmart

  • Is black chocolate different to the normal black?

    • yeah looks more brown

    • +1

      It's a totally different leather to the normal black, my understanding is that it's black leather brown gussets

  • damn not black enough

  • Anyone know if the UK sizes matches the RM sizes?

    • Yes.

      UK size is Australian size.

    • +1

      I find that the RM's are reliable sizing within the RM ranges, so if you are a RM size X, you can reliably buy a RM size X in another style. I would suggest however that before buying online, go to a store and get sized using an actual RM boot.

      Comparing to other manufacturers, there is considerable variability. I am a 10G in RM's having been sized multiple times with a variety of styles from the comfort craftsman to the old-fashioned dress boots with the larger heels etc. I prefer a leather sole, but I know that isn't everyone's preference. That doesn't seem to affect the sizing. The lasts used in manufacturing are all the same from what I've experienced.

      In a normal leather dress shoe, with a middle to higher end manufacturer, I am anywhere from a UK 8.5 to UK 9, depending on the style. I just bought some dress lace ups in UK size 9 in a middle ranking brand. In a slip on, I would probably get a UK 8.5 depending on the leather to allow for a bit of stretching over time.

      In a sports shoe or casual shoe, I take a US 10.5 (comparable to UK 10), sometimes a US 10 depending on the brand.

      • I find that the RM's are reliable sizing within the RM ranges, so if you are a RM size X, you can reliably buy a RM size X in another style. I would suggest however that before buying online, go to a store and get sized using an actual RM boot.

        Toebox width is different across some models (which is pretty visible from just looking at the boots). I've been caught out by this.

  • +3

    Not wide :(

  • +1

    Black chocolate I think means the leather is black but the stretch piece of material on side is chocolate colour

    • +1

      Does that sole also look a bit brownish in the pics?

  • +6
  • +15

    The black chocolate looks bad fellas, don’t get it. The gussets look cheap and nasty with the black and brown combo. You need seperate pairs of black and brown shoes, no combos

    • +3

      Cheers. I went back and had a closer look and you are right. I've cancelled my order. Will wait for the normal black ones to go on sale instead.

    • -3

      These ones are not for office wear, they're the more casual versions.

      Plus getting the gussets changed is about $100 all in at a bootmaker.

      • -2

        None of these shoes are really meant for office wear.

        • +1

          RMs are corporate uniform for lawyers, accountants, bankers

          • +1

            @Knightelf: and Engineers.. anyone really in an office job lol.
            Those cute leather soles would be slippy if you were actually on a farm riding around

            • @G-rig: Spot the guy that has never been on a horse or farm

              • @serpserpserp: All those letters would spell sperm twice, google horse and dog lol

        • ankle mobility is overrated while sitting at a desk all day.

      • +1

        So you end up paying 550 for inferior leather and not all original boots? Plus probably voiding any warranty. Bad deal

    • I don't mind some dark chocolate or caramel..

      No wonder they clearing all the odd colours and materials, probably why it's cheaper. Same with that oily black. Hard to just get a cheap pair of the normal ones lol.

      • Yeah me too but I don’t want people to think they’re getting the OG versions :)

        • +1

          Wasn't talking about boots lol

    • I need more information. If it’s a nearly-black brown I am interested. I never trust RM pics online.

  • +2

    I've had shit luck with the comfort craftsmans, the rubber part of the sole completely detached from the leather on both boots at the same time, full resole required long before the soles "wore out" which longevity was the sales pitch of the hybrid comfort soles. Full leather or rubber next time for me.

    • Some people are very heavy and the way they walk put interesting pressure on parts of any shoes.

      • +1

        Understand this part, maybe the way others walk will see "longevity" from these types of soles, but anecdotally the shoe repairer shook his head and said he's sick of repairing these comfort soles that all fall apart the same way. My suggestion to all is to just go full rubber if you don't want to deal with leather under your foot.

        • What did you buy to replace these?

          • +2

            @BoltThrower: Paid a repairer to put a full rubber sole on them. They're still a great boot, the sole failure was well premature of the boot aging to the point of replacement.

            Edit: For clarity, I'm just advocating against the "Comfort Craftsman" specifically. IMO and also that of my local cobbler, go for the Craftsman.

    • How long did it take for them to wear out?

      • They didn't wear out in the traditional sense. Normally you'd expect to wear the sole thin under the ball of your foot, instead the joint between the front rubber section and the rear leather section of the "hybrid" sole complete detached and basically the front fell off and 20,000 tonnes of crude oil spilled into the sea….

        • So how long did they take to wear out?

      • When you are over 100kg they wear out quick.

  • Wait, is "Black Chocolate" not the same as "Black"?

    • +6

      Nope as per several comments above

  • Black chocolate is "pull up" leather

    No wide fit 😔

    • +1

      The pull up leather is a different boot.

      This one is medium grain, its not yearling but its not infused like pull up is.

  • +1

    Twiggy doesn't need my money

  • +1

    I got this shoes for $389 last week when it was 30% off plus $75 off. The shoes is lovely and fits me perfectly.
    I would have loved chestnut colour but No regret for the price and its fantastic looking.

    • Can you describe the colour pls? Any chance of uploading pics?

      • +2

        Leather is black and the rubber part is dark brown. Sole layer is black and dark brown. Leather is soft and matt but not much which makes it perfect for wearing on jeans, Which is my 90% use. Shoes looks slim and lifts you up when wearing. Its nice comfortable when walking. Kind of bouncy. If you dont like you can always return.

  • How true to size are these? Eg compared to nike us size

  • Haven’t tried these shoes before, what so special about them so I could spend $600 or discounted $400 on them for one pair of shoes?

    • -1

      If you do equestrian events or lots of horse riding they are great. Or if you visit a lot of farm/agri properties for work they are practical without being the usual work boot.

      Other uses are vanity projects.

      • +1

        The craftsman boots aren't much good for anything other than urban environments as the soles can be slippery. Even on wet tiles I have had a few near misses.

        Agree it's mostly a vanity thing, even the durability arguments don't fully stack up as you could buy a pair of hush puppies every 2 years for the life of the RMs and end up in about the same spot financially.

        That being said I still think they're great, comfortable and can wear them with almost anything ranging from casual to formal

        • +1

          Weird. I barely wear them outside of an agri setting and they are fine there. Yeah if I am going to go trashing through a dairy, or some orchards in spring i'm going to wear proper work boots.

          They are total overkill for wearing to the CBD to sit in a skyscraper. They are just for showing people you spend more than usual on shoes.

    • +3

      They're popular for a reason. They're comfortable boots that can be worn in most work settings (assuming you work in an office) and semi formal occasions. There's stores in most metro cities which I think is important since there's not many leather boot manufacturers available in Australia with a store front. I don't think anyone should buy these unless they've tried them on in person. There's a lot of different variations - wide, narrow, normal and they even come in half sizes.

      If you can put in the effort to get the right sizing and to take care of them, they'll last you a very long time.

      • Thanks for the information!

  • I really used to like these but every finance bro in the city wears them now…

    • And what do you do for a living?

      • +1

        Tbf the level of conformity wrt the use of one particular shoe (in corporate life, I mean) is pretty out there. I totally understand their appeal but just cant get involved at this point. And i say this as someone thats an absolute sheep in every other aspect of life.

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