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HyperX Cloud III Gaming Headset - Wired $119 or Wireless $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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I have an old pair of HyperX headphones which have been used for 5+ years (gaming and WFH) not sure of the exact model but they are wired, have a mic, and they have been fantastic. Dodgy cable means I need to replace them (may have run over it a few times with my chair), and the plastic on the earcups has gone all tacky and gross.

I was tossing up between the Logitech G Pro X 2 Lightning or the HyperX Cloud III's in the end I could not justify the cost of the Logitechs at double the price and settled on Wireless HyperX's.

Heres some Rtings links:

HyperX Cloud III Wireless Key Features:
• Up to 120-Hour Battery Life*
• HyperX Signature Comfort and Durability
• Tuned, Angled 53mm Drivers
• Ultra-Clear Microphone with LED Mute Indicator
• DTS® Headphone:X® Spatial Audio**
• Onboard Audio and Mic Controls
• Fast, Reliable 2.4 GHz Connection
• Multiplatform Compatible

Same price at JB Hi-Fi

PLE have the wireless ones at $179 if you have one local to you - https://www.ple.com.au/Products/661737/hyperx-cloud-iii-wire…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $85.47 for the wired model at DigiDirect (plus shipping):

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    Jb hifi price matched PLE

  • Any FPS players able to comment on how well youre able to hear footsteps on these?

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      Mediocre soundstage performance."

      • What would you recommend for sub $200?

        • You need open back headphones for soundstage. Perhaps Beyerdynamic dt990?

          • @onlinepred: I mean, I am sure I would love them, but I really wanted to go wireless this time and need an integrated microphone be included.

            • @Scoobth: Yep then you take the big hit on soundstage. Not many good, affordable open back headphones unfortunately.

  • Have you checked out the Razer Barracuda X? I'm currently considering those. Comparing the reviews and prices, the Barracudas seem like they might be comparible and better value. Currently on sale for around $120. Here's a review if you want to check it out: https://au.pcmag.com/game-controllers-accessories/96060/raze…

  • Trying to decide between the Blackshark Pro V2 2023 and these.

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    I was going to say but already mentioned in post.

    these are known for their 100+ hour battery life. made for pro gamers so even they only need to charge once a week at most apparently.
    nothing else on the market comes close to it in battery life.
    did read a reddit post though user said they always left it charging 11 hours a day (most likely left over night) and found out the battery life quickly reduced. so don't do that I guess pull it off the charger once it's done don't leave it overnight.

    other than that all I know is old HyperX Cloud was often reviewed as pretty good sounding. not sure on this latest model.
    you can type "model name vs model name rtings" in google and it will pull up a side by side comparison.

    • thanks for taking the time to write such comment, your valuable time is highly appreciated

    • The old Kingston HyperX Cloud II was based on an entry-level studio headphone - TakStar Pro 80's IIRC. I'm not an audiophile, but I'm pretty happy with the sound and build quality - pleather is peeling and I might need a second set of ear cushions, but they've served me well for the last ~7 years.

      The Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha's were based on TakStar Pro 82's IIRC, and were an improvement over the OG .

      HP bought HyperX recently though, so quality MIGHT be different now.

  • Worth getting the Cloud Alpha Wireless for $209 compared to these?

    100 hours battery life would be plenty for me, but I'd like to keep this going for as long as possible - so the 300 hours for the Alphas is tempting, from the perspective of long-term battery degradation.

    The Alpha was a bit cheaper recently, though I've been itching for a new headset for a long time - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/841817

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      I think I had the wired version of the Cloud Alphas, I was very pleased with the old wired version.

      These headphones come in one color variant: 'Black/Red'. However, our unit has the model code HX-HSCA-RD and was produced by Kingston. In 2021, Kingston was bought by HP, and this manufacturer now produces Cloud Alpha headphones in two different models: 4P5L1AA#ABL and 4P5L1AM#ABB (depending on your region). There has been a user report that the performance of these newer HP models doesn't match our unit. However, we haven't tested these models and don't know how they perform.

      The wireless Cloud Alphas did come out after HP purchased Kingston, and they still review pretty well.

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