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Xiaomi 20L Smart Fish Tank Built in Filter/Pump & LED $167.20 Delivered ($163.02 eBay Plus) @ PCMarket eBay


Ready-to-Use: Effortlessly enjoy your aquatic experience right out of the box.
Premium Glass: Crafted with super white glass, featuring golden crystal and five lines of ultra-white UHA grade glass for a crystal-clear and distortion-free view.
Effortless Draining: Say goodbye to the hassles of maintenance with a user-friendly draining system.
Slim Water Pump: Designed with an ultrathin profile for efficient water circulation without compromising on aesthetics.
6-Month Lifespan: Ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable experience with minimal maintenance.
Full-Color Gamut: Customize the ambiance with a wide range of colors using the easily controlled app.
Ecological Lighting: Bring your tank to life with environmentally friendly lighting, offering thousands of color options.
Tech-Integrated: Experience the perfect blend of intelligence and nature, transforming your space into a captivating underwater haven.

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Excludes: QLD Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

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  • +3

    Better than last time but still a bit overpriced for a 20 Litre

  • Can i put 2 small betta fishes inside? Just want to make sure fish has enough space.

    • +2

      I'm no fan of fishes but google knew everything :)

    • +4

      If you put 2 males you're gonna be in for a death match haha

    • i think can plus few live plants mabye. make sure the 2 bettas are couple and you bought together.
      or two females

      • Lol nope. Not two females. Learned my lesson last year. I had two females in a heavily planted 40l and one killed the other.

    • just use a separator so they don't see each other if males. Females can be kept together
      Previously have used a flute board cut to size

  • +10

    Such a small place is extremely distressing for most fish so please buy a bigger size.

  • +2

    Can someone recommend a descent sized low maintenance fish tank ?

  • +4

    Good for a small aquascaped shrimp tank

  • +1

    Good for keeping live lobsters? Before.. you know… dinner prep?

  • +2

    I have a couple of dumb fish. Guess I can't use this… ? 🤔

  • +1

    Shrimp tank. 20L is tiny for fish. Maybe good for an emergency tank for sick fish.

    Or 1x siamese fighting fish and some plants..

  • Gulag.

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