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Supercoat Adult Dog Food 7kg Bag - 4 for $76 (Save $30) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Woolworths Online


Spend $100 on Supercoat dog food biscuits (must follow link provided), get $30 off at Woolworths, no code needed, applied at checkout.

Also applies to hundreds of other products but this is the best deal. $75 at bunnings for 20kg - get an extra 8kg for $1.

Use that delivery unlimited subscription and get it delivered for free.

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  • this is 4 x 7kg bags, in case you made the mistake I did when I first read the title !!

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    Prepare to be slammed by the "your dog can't even process that food" brigade. FFS

    • Not a Nestle-Purina fan myself but cost of living, and the doggo likes it. 50-50 raw meat and biscuits

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        We helped raise 6 Australian Customs detector puppies 15 years ago and they happily fed their $50k labradors this food.

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        Looks like they've entered the chat. Neg away losers.

        • Cheer up buddy. The big pet food companies aren't stupid. The more filler type ingredients of little to no nutritional benefit for a dog digestive system (wheat, corn etc) the cheaper their sourcing costs. That's all it is. Some kibbles are a lot better than others. I have some i use in rotation with raw and other higher nutrient foods. We all make different choices. As a consumer thankfully there has never been more options available.

          • @Xizor: Thanks for the pep talk. I'm happier now. Cheers 😀

    • I mean, there's no doubt this stuff is not great. It's like eating wheatbix for every meal.

      I fed my dog this too when he was alive, but for me that was out of necessity as I just didn't have the money or time. When I tried making dogfood with fresh meat and vegetables, I noticed pretty distinctive changes. His coat looked sleeker, he seemed more balanced and he wasn't shitting 5 times a day. But to that cost a lot of than $20 per 7kg

      • We have 4 dogs at home. 50% of their meal is this and the other raw beef/rabbit/veggies. It's all about moderation. Had plenty of dogs that lived healthy lives to 16+ with this diet.

  • Just buy natures goodness 40kg for $150 much better quality than supercoat

    • Link?

  • My dog eats 1/3 cup of this a day and the rest of her diet is raw meat and bone. All balanced and she's really healthy.

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