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[Refurbished] iPhone 13 Mini 128GB "as New Condition" $665.10 Delivered @ Boost Mobile

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For those who want a smaller iPhone. Decent deal as for these as from previous posts I read the iphone 13 mini is hard to find (compared to iphone 12 mini that seem to be everywhere). I know the general comments will be around battery life though if the "as new" label is to be believed then even if the battery needs replacing (in the short-medium term timeframe) then it's cheaper than a new iphone 13 at the moment (office works has iPhone 13 at $885). Some protection with 30 day money back guarantee https://refurbished.boost.com.au/pages/refund-policy and 12months warranty (though this is probably worthless). Cue the iphone fans and haters in the comments…

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    So can get a new full size without battery / used issue for ~200 extra? got to really want the mini and refurb.

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      You are buying this for its size. No other reason.

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    this is where I landed, hate larger phones, being optimistic I will get a year out of this battery and then get a replacement that should extend the life of the phone beyond that of buying an iphone 13 new now. The optimism is what might kill the deal for me - if it's a shocking phone on receiving I will return for refund

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      I have a launch 13 mini and it’s perfect except for battery life. It doesn’t last the whole day (battery health is around 60%) and I’m not a heavy user by any means. It landed at around 20% and needed to be charged every night when I bought it.

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        60%! It must also be a slug with the battery management software limiting performance. Get the battery replaced and it will be a new phone!

    • I once thought of switching to a mini iPhone. Now I ended up using a Galaxy Fold. The narrow external screen makes the phone easy to be used using one hand. Battery is ok for full 1 day. And when you need a large screen, you can just unfold it

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    Boost sells greengadgets phones. sometimes cheaper direct or via ebay so I would suggest checking

    Greengadgets is the retail brand for alegre (largest refurb co in oz)

  • I bought an “as new” 13 mini from boost. Not a scratch on it, but the battery is 85%.
    The promise is at least 80%.

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