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70% to 74% off Assorted Wine Dozens + Free Delivery to Select States ($10 Flat Rate to WA, NT and TAS) @ Mount Avoca


EOFY Warehouse Sale 70% to 74% off and Free Delivery

EOFY Daly's Cottage Cabernet Dozen
Regular price $370, sale price $112, save 70%

Unlabelled Chardonnay Doz
Regular price $370.20, sale price $98, save 74%

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Stock the cellar with our certified Australian organic wines at 70% to 74% off. Export excess, unlabelled dozens, and museum stock until June 30.

Prices not in conjunction with other discounts.

FREE shipping for VIC, NSW, ACT, SA & QLD.
& $10 flat-rate for WA, NT and TAS.

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Mount Avoca
Mount Avoca


  • -7

    Bullshit RRPs for a no-name brand seemingly not carried by the big liquor chains or wine sellers. If you can afford to slash 70+ percent off the alleged RRP you're charging too much to start with.

    As much as it pains me, Bec Hardy wines (which use a similarly…opaque…pricing model) are a safer bet, given their stuff is both widely available, tried & tested by Ozb users and a bit cheaper!

    • They are a known producer and produce some tasty wines - you can find Halliday reviews pretty easily. I mean, not even sure you bothered to google…

      Mount Avoca Vineyard is an organic vineyard and five red star rated winery located in the Pyrenees Wine Region of Victoria, Australia near the town of Avoca producing high quality Australian wine for both the domestic and international markets

      Many wines out there have a high RRP and get heavily discounted (as standard online vs at the cellar door for example), as with many many products for sale in general.

      • -2

        Where can you buy them besides through their portal, either physical or online? I am not denying this might be a tasty product, but I scoff at their claims of RRP if they're not selling it locally or for export only (this is an argument that flares occasionally on the constant Bec Hardy "export only" posts). Pretty funny that 5 people offended by the sentiment didn't like this supposedly great product enough to upvote it…

        • +1

          I generally only upvote what I buy and I have way too much wine at the moment. But I'll upvote this one just to annoy you. Pyrenees shiraz is one of my favourite styles and these guys make some nice wines.

          If you don't like bargains and (sometimes silly) RRP discounts (and these wines are bargains with free shipping from what I have looked at) then OzB may not be for you…

          • -3

            @Tock: Not sure which part is funnier, the bit where you admit to having an excessively fragile ego (as in giving weight to the sentiments of online strangers), or implying someone calling out shonky merchant behaviour doesn't belong on the site. Pure gold. Duly filed under "DILLIGAF".

    • +3

      Oh no. This is not a white label wine churned out by the big box stores. What ever shall we do. Lol

    • +2

      As much as it pains me I can assure you, our wines are not widely available and nor is our pricing model opaque. That is an offensive asserton which I am quite happy for you to provide evidence of.

      The wines that I post here are genuinely left over from export deals or we've run some more off to include in the www.wineshedsale.com.au The vast majority of our wines have never been and will never be on OzB.

      As for Mount Avoca, they are a long-standing producer of quality wines. You should buy with confidence.

      • -1

        It pains you to stand behind the products you promote here at length? You sell products that retail, allegedly, for much higher prices in overseas markets. Given there isn't a way to test those claims, users are expected to believe that the large percentage discounts offered are genuine. To me that is certainly opaque.

        I've purchased wine from your store before, it's perfectly drinkable and worth about what it's sold for, but I don't believe it's fair or realistic to make the claims you do, or for that matter Mount Avoca Wines. Despite my disdain for what I consider shonky tactics I did try and give you some praise, feel free to be offended about that too.

  • Bought wine from here but it didn't say organic on the label… why is that?

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