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[VIC] All Pizzas $0.18 (Normally $8) from 12pm Saturday @ Lucky Coq (Windsor)


Lucky Coq will celebrate its 18th anniversary by slinging 18-cent pizzas all day and night.
Chapel street’s iconic Lucky Coq is offering pizzas for an amazing 18 cents, to celebrate 18 years since opening in 2006.

The already-cheap venue will open its doors at 2pm (Note: Website/IG says 12pm) on the day, with all pizzas on the menu going for almost nothing, and drink specials including $15 Espresso Martinis and $8 Goldy Lagers. Drinks and pizzas will be available into the night.


179 Chapel Street Windsor

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Lucky Coq


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    Imagine the line , forget phone orders !😱

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    Good deal but best not to pay with cash because it will get rounded up to $0.20.

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      Oh noooo! Pay with HSBC tap and go to save 2%!

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        However if you buy 2 it will get rounded down to $0.35, winning.

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    Nothing but sympathy and respect for the cooks and employees working tomorrow night. Y'all gonna be swamped.

  • Lucky what?

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      Coq, a programming language useful for automating proofs and other formal verifications of theorems.


  • see u guys there

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