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[Switch] Garfield Kart Furious Racing $1.50 @ Nintendo eShop


I havent played it yet. Looks fun, and for $1.50 i will give it a go.

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  • +6

    2/10 on Nintendo life

    • That's probably one too many for this piece of shovelware but understandable that the developers figured they might pull in another twenty dollars given the recent movie exposure.

      I remember buying this a few years back on Steam when it was only about a dollar and was fooled by all the 'very positive' reviews which still stand as the rating today. Either the developers have been reviewing their own game or I missed a joke on the internet at some point where this game was review bombed in reverse whatever the term for that might be.

      • Definitely the latter. I don't know where it began, but it became an infamous bad game akin to Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing and received a lot of attention from various big YouTubers.

      • since like 2016 it's been a cult classic bad game. people gift it to friends as a joke

  • +1

    Lasagna Party is where the Garfield fun is at

  • +3

    Garfield Kart is top tier, rivaling such memorable hits as Wacky Wheels and Skunny Kart

  • +3
    • +2

      $1.5 though, that review was based on full price.

      • +7

        Paying less doesn't suddenly make a shit game into a good one.

  • Cheaper than a bag of 6L kitty litter - but it’s still kitty litter.

  • +8

    Enough of the slander, this is the greatest game of all time.

  • +2

    I'm sure this at $1.50 would be much more enjoyable than playing Forspoken at $9

  • +2

    This game is legit fun I play it on PC and I'm in the top 5000 xD

    • are there ranking points. You can play online?

      • yup :D

      • im playing it now, its not too bad at all

    • I did one race and I'm top 100, #83

      • +1

        no one is online lol

        • Yeah i came 83rd against bots on easy

  • +1

    just get mario kart its cheaper if you consider how many hours youre likely to play it

  • Not worth it, just a clunky version of mario kart that is far less enjoyable

  • +1

    awful game. 10/10.

  • Im actually enjoying it

  • +1

    Anyone able to get online play working?

    • no one is playing thats the issue. Gimme a time and we can race.

  • -3

    This game is so shit it's not worth the download let alone $1.50

    • +1

      disagree. I reckon its worth a few bucks

  • Okay. So I played it for a night Yeah its miles away from Mario Kart. But i had fun with it yesterday for the price tage. Playing 150cc is challenging. Playong it with real humans could go alright


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