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[PS5] Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 $69.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Amazon are price matching The Gamesmen which is free C&C or + delivery (~$8).

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      • Yep, that’s the one.

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      Wouldnt take the game if you gave it to me for free…

      • Nobody cares incel

      • Give it to me then.

    • Incel virgin detected

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    Got this game for $12 digitally recently from a deal on here and I regret even paying that much. Having played through the last 2 Insomniac Spiderman releases and thinking that Miles Morales was just more of the same thing that the first one had you doing, I played a couple hours of this game only to find that it is literally more of the same thing we have been doing for 2 releases now. The combat has started to feel like a chore and just felt like every encounter was put there to pad out the game, not to mention the writing in the game seems like it is made to entertain children, which even my partner was making comments about how corny the game sounded just from the next room. If you can't get enough of that exact same repetitive gameplay and forgettable story of the last two releases, you will probably love this game, otherwise probably best to play a game that isn't so generic and soulless.

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      Do you feel like the graphics are an improvement over the first one? I like to just explore New York City and thinking this might be a good simulator to do it.

      • Yeah, the graphics have definitely improved since the first one, but still nothing too major really. Both are pretty great looking games so they would definitely fulfill that New York City exploration desire, the world just feels super lifeless on top of looking great. I would still say a copy of GTA IV would be a better way to simulate just exploring New York City, despite it being a fictional representation of the city, it just feels far more alive and full of character than what you get in Spiderman.

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          Thanks for the info. I think I'll wait for the next Jetstar sale instead.

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          😂😂😂😂😂 yeah you're definitively an xbot

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            @mmcgr97: Nice work coming into a thread and throwing away any credibility you might have had with a ridiculous comment like this. Not like your other blind defence comments you made in here were any better really.

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      Ahh yes, “gamers” being sick of games being too much like games. We want something new, something different, something to scratch our profusely critical itch… only to find that old and repetitive in the next few years.

      Ask yourself this, which game released in the past 10 years has truly been revolutionary?

      Put yourself into your shoes as a kid, imaging a game like this would have blown your mind. And here you are, at the cutting edge and you’re bored. Perhaps it’s time to put down the controller?

      • Breath of The Wild has revolutionised the open-world sandbox with an intricate physics and chemistry system, as well as having literally everything be climbable.
        Basically, you know what Todd Howard said about Skyrim? You can do that here.
        It was absolutely revolutionary that such a game existed, to the point where there was much debate over whether it was actually better than Ocarina of Time, which is still the GREAST game of all time.
        And to think this is all playable on the Nintendo Switch…

        • -2

          Playable… sure. Would be nice to see it remastered on a console a little more capable.. perhaps the next Nintendo Swich due for release Summer 2045. But sure, that’s one game that introduced the ability to climb everything other than just structures. Skyrim was/still is more fun though.

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          Breath of the Wild looks and plays like games from the PS2 era lol

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            @mmcgr97: Yeah, but handheld.

            Thanks to the Switch, we're seeing lots of dockable handhelds with console specs.

            I have a love/hate relationship with Ninty, but they know how to innovate.

            I read somewhere once that Nintendo dumb down the specs of the their consoles to force their developers to innovate. That's why all their consoles are so different from their predecessors… Which means little backwards compatibility.

            I love their innovation, I hate their disdain for legacy.

            And forget the eShop. They killed the DS one. I've lost all my games on there.

      • Well I spent countless hours playing Pokemon Blue + Red when it first came out on the gameboy at 160×144p. That shit was addictive. Funnily enough I grew out of Pokemon even with better graphics still didn't have that initial appeal. Obviously if I had this game back in the days probably wouldn't have helped as the monitor's/tv doesn't have enough pixels to show for it.

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        It isn't a question of whether the game is 'revolutionary' or not. It is more a case of just being an enjoyable video game that doesn't feel stale and repetitive and feels like it actually excecutes what it does quite well.

        Why would I put the controller down when there are still so many incredible gaming experiences releasing all the time?

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      Wow that is a surprising take.

      It is more of the same game yes, but it does make it all better, and the story is great. It sounds like this genre of game is just not for you, so not sure why you keep buying the game!

      Not sure what else you'd expect of a spiderman 2 game though if you're not expecting more of the same??? He's not going to gain new super powers or anything.

      • He did gain venom powers

        • OMG! Playing as Venom was great!

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      Btw, at the time of this post - it’s going for between €9.80 to €13 for digital copy (JAP PSN) for those who care. (NB: Requires a JAP PSN account. It’s easy to setup)


      It was posted on ozbargain sometime ago here

      • aye is there ps plus deleuxe/premjim turkiye trick still…

        is that possible ?

      • aye is there ps plus deleuxe/premjim turkiye trick still…

        is that possible ?

        $50-70 for 1yr again or wutnot?

    • 💀 Might aswell just watch theradbrad playthru on utube then

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      "I played a couple hours of this game only to find that it is literally more of the same thing we have been doing for 2 releases now."

      Welcome to sequels dumbass

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    Highly recommend this game! Bought it from Big W with their 10% discount at that time. This is better than the first game for sure.

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    No resell value though.Have been trying to sell it for $50 on marketplace for months. A few other people too

    • +1

      Have you tried ebay? Plenty of sales around the $50 mark there.

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      If it's going for $50 on eBay, I'd want it cheaper than that if I'm dealing with marketplace or gumtree

  • Who are they price matching? The main stores seem to be $79.

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      Did you read the OP?

      • I did not. Shame its $10 delivery from gamesmen.

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    man this game is so good. None of the gameplay and missions felt like a chore. Loved the story and felt good to do 100% of the game and platinum trophy. For me its better than the previous spiderman.

    • Chasing after those stupid mechanical birds though…

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    I'll bite when this drops to about $40. I might be waiting awhile I think.

    • haha me too

  • Cool beans… Waiting for them to remaster this for the PS5 Pro or PS6 remaster.

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      …I can't tell if you're serious, or if you're taking the piss.

    • PS5 Pro patch will be free. PS6 remaster would be welcome if they can get it running at 4K 120fps with improved ray-tracing.

  • geez so expensy

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