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[Pre Order] Bela Epoca Organic Blend $24/kg + $9.50 Delivery ($0 SYD C&C/ $50 Order) @ Normcore Coffee


It's a pre-order at the moment, we will start to send it out from the 1st July

We made special coffee this time at a great price. It's a medium roast coffee, great for both milk and filter coffee—it's mild and not dark, and it doesn't have a burnt taste.

Hope you guys like this coffee and we will try to keep this project blend with different micro farmers.

Give us any ideas or feedback.

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  • Very good introductory pricing, looking forward to it!

    • We will try introduce different project with different farmers!

  • You made coffee? In Sydney??

    • yes we are small roasters in Sydney

  • Very tempted but I already have 2kg coming from Lime Blue and no room to freeze beans.

  • Does anyone know a good source for decaf beans for someone who is use to Aldi quality with the single origin $18 bags?

  • +1

    Are you guys related to the Normcore brand that does coffee accessories?

    • No, they are based in HK :)

  • +2

    Are you able to have delayed despatch? That is amazing at really lining up coffee when you need it?

    • if you leave a note, we could delay it by at most two weeks;

  • +2

    Have you started shipping the orders? I placed mine on the 24th and haven't received any updates since then.

    • Not shipped here. Thankfully not in a hurry for it. It was pre-order & roasting started 01 July, today will be the third possible time they could have roasted.

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    Coffee not sent and email not responded to. Rep not seen since 26 June. This is fast entering chargeback territory. @normcore what's going on?

    • Same here no one replies and haven't recivied anything. what happened @normcore

    • Yup same here. At least I'm not the only one. I have ordered from them plenty of times but have never waited over 2 weeks for shipping without any updates.

      • Goods to know. Seems to be a sole trader so I hope he's/she's doing ok.

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    Has anyone got their coffee yet? It seems no one heard back from Op, I am a bit concerned this might not be delivered in time and I should get some beans from other roaster…

    • Got a tracking email from Aus Post 10 minutes ago, dead silence from the OP.

      • Received today, roasted 11/7. Given lack of comms, will be my first & last order from Normcore. Plenty of other roasters in the sea.

  • Good to know, @Gav. I’ve been trying to reach the roaster via all sorts of channels but no luck. My order was placed on 29th June.

  • Still not a single word from Op and order is not pending. I have requested a refund, let's see what happen next.

    • When did you place your order, @ylbeethoven?

      • Order Date Payment Status Fulfillment Status
        xxx June 27, 2024 Paid Unfulfilled

        I had sent a message (via contact form) asking for delayed dispatch by 10 days right after placing my order.

        Of course, no response whatsoever so I don't know what happen.

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