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50% off Govee RGBIC TV Kit 55"-65" $85 (Was $169.99), 75"-85" $125 (Was $249.99), 50% All HerQs + Free Delivery @ Clever Gear

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  • I can’t see the 3S listed on their website. Do you know how many LEDs per metre it has?

  • Hey mate
    So official Govee has T1 T2 and T3 lite

    What’s 3s and what is meant by special edition. What’s special about this edition
    What type of camera does it comes with.

    Can you refer to one same as from the official store


    • It's the same as the T1 just in different packaging.

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      Oh. Forgot to mention the difference between the 3S and the T1 is that the 3S has White LED’s in addition to Matter compatibility. If you were in the Apple HomeKit ecosystem, this allows you to add the lights to the Apple Home app. The T1 doesn’t have this capability.

  • I’m thinking about the TV kit but not sure if I’ll enjoy the camera feature. Is there an option I can choose not to use the camera?

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      Do you mean can you use the lights without Dreamview sync? Of course you can. Just use the app and turn the lights on or off as you wish. If you want to eliminate the camera all-together while still maintaining the colour matching, Govee will be releasing a HDMI 2.1 Sync Box later this year which will be their flagship product.

  • Hi, what's difference between Govee RGBIC TV Backlight Starter Kit (Limited Edition) and dreamview T1 immersion kit ? I see their price are different, dreamview t1 has better spec/function than limited edition?

    • You able to please explain better spec and function? We’ve been told these are identical with different packaging.

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