ALDI 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

What do people think about this soundsystem on sale from Saturday?

Any ideas on whether it's worth 100 bucks?




    i almost posted this last week but after reading whirlpool, i think the quality wont be good.
    people said this is just 2 or more speakers put together in the "soundbar' case alike.
    the real sounbar will have surround effect and some other things (just google yamaha soundbar)

    i still kicking myself for not buying the pioneer receiver + speakers $199 deal


    I've been pondering this too, you do have the 60 day return policy but I think I'm not going to bother when you can get something (presumably) a lot better for not too much more. Speakers should last a long time, so may as well get something cheaper (if you don't care about audio quality) or spend a bit more. I've been browsing different configs on and off for a few weeks since my previous 2.1 setup died after 9 years (but it was free, so 9 years ain't too bad…)