Anyone Else Sick & Tired of Companies Sending SMS - Especially between Midnight and 5am?

For the last three nights I received a SMS from Auspost, Zip Pay and Hubbl setup respectively each night between midnight and 5am, along with spam from Medicare and banking to click on a link which I deleted straight away.

I swear, we are just bombarded with SMS these days when it would have been sent as an email only five years ago.

Seriously business and companies, please stop with the unnecessary SMS, even dealing with insurance claims they want to SMS your details. I rang and said I do not want SMS, just email it. I already use do not disturb, but the point is that we are just bombarded with SMS these days.


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    Do not disturb mode?

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        Just turn your phone OFF

        Problem solved

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          yeah thats not able to be done, i am on call if there is a issue at work, so now i set myself to DND and only allow calls from trusted numbers, but still, i am getting real annoyed at the amount of sms we get these days from companies when an email can do the same.

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        then you should not have problem with them coming

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          but the amount of sms is just tooo much these days, once upon a time i would get emails from companies to say, you item is on it way, or your bank bill is due but now days its all on sms, which is annoying.

          • @sandman20104159: Soooo your issue is nothing to do with time then as they don't disturb you at night. It is simply amount of them. You need to opt out of those services that send them (obviously except for spam ones).

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        yes i already have that on.

        Then why does it matter what time they txt? It’s all spam anyway.

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        Review your do not disturb settings, you should be able to fix this

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        Obviously it isn't working.

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    Are you (JV alt account #586) talking about the late night phising texts?

    You definitely should waste your time calling the legitimate company that is totally not messaging you.

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      ps when i say "got no idea what you are on about" i refer to the are you number comment. not the second part.

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    I mean, half of those sound like scams and not the company, particularly the Aus post one? Otherwise you can just unsubscribe from the legitimate companies so you don't receive the notifications. That one is more on you for not unsubscribing.

    So it's really just the remaining spam that sucks.

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      yes some are spam, and the other i cant unsub from as there is no option to do so, trust me i have looked and even called the company to stop sms

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      I'd say they all are. I've never received a legit SMS between midnight and 5am. All the ones that have come in at that time are scams/phishing attempts.

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    You just need an SMS from that company that sells capital letters.

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      what? huh?


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        what part do you mean? the post or something else?

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      O.P. needs to subscribe to "".

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      @Baysew doing the Lord's work

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        In baysew we trust.

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    Most SMS are fake, so ringing them isn't the answer.
    Look to Report and Block those messages.

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      its a bit hard when the sms comes from a NAME instead of a phone number otherwise i do.

      • You can report SMS spam by forwarding the offending SMS to 0429 999 888. The number of the offending SMS does not matter, just send the text.

        Email spam can be sent to [email protected].

        Would you like to know more?

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          i just got a sms to say my car is booked in for service reminder, this should be done via email… with a calendar event attached to it so i can download it to my email calendar… not an SMS thats completely useless.

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            @sandman20104159: Maybe they should send someone to your house to pick your car up. They could possibly stop by a cafe and grab you some breakfast as well.

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    Don't sweat the small stuff.

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    i saw that little "L" next to your name and thought for sure you were going to spruik some new app that would block sms between the hours of midnight and 5am

    • Actually, I recently installed BuzzKill - it can set up some pretty funky rules to handle notifications.

      I sometimes get people sending me 8-10 small messages in a row instead of typing out one long message, and I find it very distracting when my phone gets blown up like that - BuzzKill can mute consecutive notifications from the same person.

      Perhaps it can be set up to only allow notifications from known contacts between certain hours. Apparently you can use Tasker to do the same thing, but I didn't try it out myself.

  • When the sun goes down here in OzB land it's daylight in other countries that send scam sms.

  • If your phone is an android phone, in the Messages app, tap top right (your account icon). Tap "Messages Settings" then "General" if you have dual sim cards. Tap "Notification", then tap "Ringtone" to disable it if you don't want to hear the noise, maybe just keep "Vibrate" setting under that "Ringtone" option.

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      i have DND mode on from 10pm to 7am, but even outside those hours i get so many sms from legit companies and scam, its just these days we get tooo many sms instead of it being sent in an email. i dont need an sms to say my account is due to be direct debt, that can be done in an email.

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        Under General settings, there is "Spam protection" if your Messages app is Google Messages. Enable this to reduce the spam. Maybe your number has been leaked, so scammers know your number. It's hard to avoid our numbers being leaked. Who never got spam sms or email anyway?

        Block numbers that you don't want to receive messages.

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    for the last 3 nights i received a sms from Austpost

    Scam if it is from AusPost which is typical overnight. I get them. But as AusPost say, we will never text you, its all via the app now

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      Where do they say they will never text you? I couldn't see that in the link.

      • Cannot find it on the link, but they have mentioned in their TV ad that all notifications would be via the app.

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          Auspost still text me when a parcel is out for delivery, so maybe it hasn't started yet.

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    Doesn’t really bother me despite the frequency of these SMSs increasing in the past few months. I’m pretty sure all the SMS I receive late at night are scam texts. Scammers probably think they can get people easier if they’re half asleep or just woke up. Just delete them, problem solved.

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    As others have mentioned - use DND mode.
    On my phone, I have everything silenced with the exceptions of close contacts so they are the only ones that can get through (iPhone)

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      correct so do i, but the point im making is every company just likes to send sms nowdays instead of email which they used to. why would i want to receieve a PDS from car insurance on my sms to download onto my phone… email it!

      • It must be more successful for them, probably because it is more noticeable/annoying for customers. I agree with your point about email being more appropriate for a lot of it.

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    I feel for you. In fact i thought I posted about this.
    SMS means "SHORT" Message Service, it should only be brief and urgent. Any thing else should be done by email.
    I have Medical Centre sending Consent Form and expect me to fill out via SMS.
    Dentist and Eye Specialist send their Reminders at 7am.
    Telstra send SMS to tell me my Bill is here altho i have Direct Debit, and another SMS to thank me for payment. I've told them many times to stop but to no avail @#%&_/÷=!!!
    Wish i can block it.

    But must say i haven't received legitimate ones at odd hours.

    Hubby receive Scammer SMS during midnight, so they probably from overseas.
    Oh I can go on and on.

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      yes… this… this is what im talking about. if i get those consent forms to fill out, i copy it and email it to myself and then fill it out, car insurance wanted me to fill out a form on my phone, i told them i will have to do it at home, then i had to help my 90 year old grandma with her car claim insurance and they wanted her to upload pictures to her account… i told them… 90-year-old. they said yes her please get her to upload… i said she is 90… do you expect a 90 year old to do this on a mobile phone…. she then sent me an email to attach it to. i swear people under the age of 35 do not think anyone lived without internet. but yes couldnt agree more with your comment. finally someone that also gets me.

      • I got you alright, and i thought all along in the odd one out.
        I have communicated with lots of organisations.
        Just yesterday i booked a service with Miele for next week. Specifically asked them to email, so that my hubby could read (we have a joint email). What did they do? Sent SMS after i got off the phone!!

  • Serious response- Get yourself a Google Pixel and let Google's AI sort it out for you. I find their auto spam filtering for SMS damn good.

    • Yup another vote for SMS spam filtering

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      You don't even need a Pixel, any Android will do - you just need the Google Messages app. Got that on my Samsung and the filtering works brilliantly!

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    Just reading over your responses. You are 100% confusing phishing/scam texts to at least some extent.

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      nope. i know real and non, im complaining about the amount of non needed sms i get, like today, sms sent to me about a reminder for a car service next week. why can that not be sent in an email with a calendar event attached to it. i dont send my work teams meeting in a sms to work colleague

      • SMS is basically the standard for most car services in my experience. What else you got?

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          emails… whats wrong with emails. they are easy to read, and open links to broswer and add to calendar event reminders. sms is just simple text and very intrusive. you know how kids these days dont answer phone calls, well thats me with sms.

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    Ah yes I got that Hubbl sms a couple of nights ago. 11:01pm. Strange thing is they sent me the Hubbl device a couple months ago!!

  • Wake me up when September ends

  • Android automatically deletes these spam SMS, so my sleep is never disrupted. Also why I don't wear a smartwatch.

  • Not sure about Zip and Hubbl.

    Auspost, bank and Medicare all seem to be scams. Banks and Medicare shouldn't send you links. I get the Auspost scam ones and I know someone else got a Medicare one. I got a bank one. The scammers may not be in Australia so that may explain the middle of the night scam texts, or it may be they're hoping people are less alert when they receive them and click on the links without thinking.

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    I only get fake ones overnight.

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    Omg i got an email at 4am boohoo like what does it matter if you have do not disturb mode on, its not like the sms is waking you up or anything.

  • Truecaller app stops most spam/scam SMS and the names that display from scam callers are also contributed by other users, so most of the time you'll know it's a scam call. The SMS scams are screened and just goes into my spam folder in Truecaller so I don't even know they sent it in the first place.

    For Android, there are modded APKs.

  • Time to get a Google pixel… Their spam filters are unbeatable

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    Turn on DND. Whitelist your contact list. Blacklist (block) all and unknown numbers. They get intercepted as spam messages/calls. Little to no annoyance. Review in the morning and permanently spam block them to stop future messages. You will get lesser and lesser spam until it becomes negligible.

  • Android has automatic do not disturb if you set a bed time

  • Yeah it's annoying, so I've setup my phone on Do Not Disturb from 10pm to 6am? Simples.

    Even some family members send messages to the group chat between 5-6am, which I think is far too early. Wife and kids are setup as favourites so their notifications will come through regardless if DND is on.

    I wonder if all these companies implement the auto-message system, and they just don't bother adjusting the default times (likely U.S.).

  • My xiaomi black shark 4 surprisingly has some form of spam filtering.. It gets most of them out of my main inbox.. A few do get by which I have to manually report spam and block but i didn't expect xiaomi to have that do other phones have good or bad spam filters for sms

    • Not sure about Black shark, but …
      Xiaomi phones have ads and trackers that eat more data and battery. You'll notice this if you can check the log history of your data use.

      I noticed this when I had Xiaomi phone years ago. I have Adguard (Adblocker app) that can show the log history of my data use. Even NextDNS has an option to block Xiaomi trackers.

      It's better for you to always use Adblocker app (system wide) like Adguard app (paid) or at least NextDNS app or put its specific dns setting. NextDNS is free for personal use up to 300k queries per month (more than enough for personal use). Adguard also has Adguard DNS with account (free 300k queries too but I haven't tried it).

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