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Rejoin Prime & Get $20 off Your Next $59 Eligible Order @ Amazon AU

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1 month of Prime is $9.99 (and also works with a free trial!), so it's effectively $10 off a $59 order + 1 month of Prime ( = 16.9% discount on a $59 spend! or 33% discount if youre eligible for a free Prime subscription!)
I came across this as a non Prime user, looking at an item Sold and Shipped by Amazon AU, with the promo text: Prime Day deal Save $20 on orders $59 or more promo code: 20PRIME.

If you click the link, you're eligible if Amazon says:

Congratulations, you are eligible!

  • Step 1: Sign up to be a Prime member here (Before 21st of July, 11.59pm)
  • Step 2: Look for items with "Ships from and sold by Amazon AU" on the product page
  • Step 3: Add $59 or more of eligible items to cart
  • Step 4: Enter the promo code 20PRIME at checkout before 3 August 2024 and get $20 off

I believe this is available to existing Amazon users without an active Prime membership, but might be targeted as well.
Update - not available according to some users, sorry mods if I've done this incorrect.

These terms and conditions apply to the offer where Amazon.com.au customers that have been invited by Amazon or who have clicked through on-site marketing at Amazon.com.au or in the Amazon App while signed into their Amazon customer account can receive $20 off a purchase of $59 or more eligible item(s) when they use the promotional code 20PRIME at checkout if they sign-up for a Prime membership before 21 July 2024 (“Offer”). This Offer ends at 11.59pm (Sydney time) on 21 July 2024 and promotional credit must be redeemed before 3 August 2024. 
For the purpose of these terms and conditions "eligible items" refers to any product sold and shipped by Amazon AU at Amazon.com.au and in the Amazon App and does not apply to:

  • purchases made from third party sellers (including Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan, or Amazon Germany) even if fulfilled by Amazon AU; or
  • digital purchases such as e-books, subscriptions such as Prime Video and Audible, gift cards and postage or delivery rates.

To redeem this Offer, eligible customers must sign-up for a Prime membership before 21 July 2024 and redeem their promotional credit before 3 August 2024. The $20 discount will be available within 24 hours of Prime sign-up. Eligible customers must add one or more eligible items to their Shopping Cart at Amazon.com.au or in the Amazon App, then at checkout, enter the unique promotional code , after which the discount will be applied to the eligible items. If you do not add any eligible items to your cart, the unique promotional code and this Offer will not apply. The unique promotional code is single use and can only be redeemed once by eligible customers. If you cancel or return any eligible item purchased using the promotional code, you will only be refunded the price paid for those eligible items (that is, less the value of the promotional code) and the promotional code will be invalidated. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This Offer cannot be used on pre-existing orders. This Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click. This Offer is not transferable and may not be resold. This Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice. This Offer is not redeemable for cash. This Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.
The Amazon.com.au Conditions of Use and Sale apply. Delivery charges will be applied to each item in accordance with the Amazon.com.au standard delivery rates and policies. If you violate any terms and conditions of this Offer, your use of the unique promotional code will be invalid, and you will not be eligible for this Offer. Amazon may elect to cancel a transaction (and refund monies paid) if it considers that a customer is violating these terms or to address suspected misuse, abuse or fraud. Amazon reserves the right to cancel this Offer at any time where it suspects misuse, abuse or fraud.

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2024

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  • -1

    I have an app only $20 off

  • +11

    Targeted (per the blob of text) + I got the message:

    Sorry, you are not eligible for this offer. But here's a lot more you can enjoy as a Prime member. Not a Prime member? No worries, sign up here.

    • +2

      Thanks, I'll edit the deal now

    • +1

      Me too.

    • Same here.

  • +5

    Works for me on an account that hasn't had Prime since September 2023.

    • Me too

    • +1

      My Prime ended last month, it worked too.

  • +3

    Does it work if I sign up for prime free trial too?

    • Did for me.

  • +7

    In addition to this 20 off 59, I also got a blue banner saying join now and get 15 credit?

    Screenshot it and signed up, let's see how it goes. There is usually enough deals for groceries and what not on prime say to get atleast 10 in savings anyways.

    • Where did you see that banner?

    • +2

      I got the same banner when I clicked OP's link on my mobile, however it doesn't direct me to anywhere.

  • +5

    Every low price Prime deal in the last week here has been 'Temporarily unavailable' to my (and similar) regional city address. If I change to a Melbourne, Sydney, GC address the products are magically available to purchase. If I change to another regional city, unavailable again. There's been no communication from Amazon about this.

  • +1

    Not for me I have prime

  • +1

    Did I get an extra $15 credit?

  • Optus Subhub has 3 months free Prime

    • -1

      I signed up through Optus but it says I'm ineligible now. Did you get the code to work?

  • +1

    The banner says 15 but I guess it is a mistake

  • -3

    Is there Anyone that actually ever cancelled their prime subscription in existence?

    • +8

      I was wondering almost the opposite: are ozbers on Amazon dropping in numbers?

      We had it for 3 years then dropped it last year.

      1. Less relevant deals
      2. Woolworths extra 10% discount would beat or at least match Amazon
      Edit: 2a. AliExpress often has better prices for random stuff and takes only a week to get here
      3. In last 6 months was able to buy from Amazon with free shipping by bundling

      Yes the last point has been a bit annoying, so am wondering if I should sign up again (but now also have one pass)

      • +1

        Plus you can still get free shipping on Subscribed and Save Items even if you are not a prime member. You just need to wait a little longer for the items to be delivered.

      • +1

        I found the opposite, I was using Amazon 20 years ago in my home country regularly, when it came here i was excited but the offers were terrible the first year. Eventually it started getting better and it's gotten to a point where i use it pretty much weekly.

        1. Less relevant deals - i mean, this is totally objective as i find it totally the opposite, and the more you shop and browse, the more your feeds are relevant to you, i get good offers and new stuff recommended regularly
        2. Is 10% price beat at woolworths worth the effort? Do you rock up to woolies and get them to price beat 50 items in your shopping cart? If i want something immediately, then I will use sites like jb hifi to price match amazon. But in an example last night ordering an air purifier, i could have gone to jb, 15 min drive in the cold to get the product at the same price as amazon, or i stay at home and have it delivered next day. So i chose to have it delivered for the same price next day, saving me time and petrol. Also, i usually only order supermarket items on amazon if there is a deal going, almost never food, but often things like tooth paste, coffee pods, etc. For anything else, i usually get it from costco in bulk instead. I try and give as little money to colesworth as possible as the are scummy organizations that price fix and gouge you where possible. i realise amazon is worse, but supermarkets are a necessity to humanity and colesworth use their power to screw us over where they can. I choose to shop on amazon but i dont have to.
        3. Good idea, but that requires pre-planning and you wont always get the best price. If i see deoderant is on special on amazon, i will just order 10 of them and be done. What you can do is build up your wishlist of items and use that to make your bundling easier to get free shipping. Benefit of prime is it also included free international shipping (99% of the time) which i make use of. Like ordering a phone from Amazon UK which was $200 cheaper than on Amazon AU.

        I don't even use Amazon video streaming at all, it's well worth it for me for the savings on shipping alone. For streaming there are options out there that has every single show and movie on demand for free. I pay for spotify because it has allthe music i want. I stopped paying for video streaming when they started becoming greedy, introducing ads and raising the price for even less content (looking at you netflix). If video streaming did what spotify is doing, id happily pay, but i am not signing up to 10 different services to see the shows i want. Like Gabe Newell (steam founder) said, "Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem."

    • +3

      Yep - Its been good, spending less overall and more considered

      I cancelled last year after Foundation & LOTR finished, will sub again when they come back (delays due to writers strike or something?)

      But, I find what I want and if its Amazon place it in cart and then Save for Later

      When I have the $59 for free freight then order going in via CR etc, there is very little I get that I need immediately and consolidated freight is better for the planet

      • This is a good point. I sort of see it as a much cheaper version of other streaming platforms that also offers fast delivery of common household items. Sure if you can’t control spending and use it for random unnecessary crap it’s a waste but otherwise it’s good value imo.

    • +5

      Moved in with partner, so we didn't need 2 accounts!

      Also I feel Amazon is not the place for deals it used to be - now trading on more "convenience" platform like colesworth.

      There may be a bit of backlash too with the ads coming in to basic Prime streaming - might have been the last straw for some.

      • +1

        Ads are already here. I forgot how annoying they are. Food commercials late at night kill me.

        • Especially when you're watching The Boys with the volume up because Hugh and Butcher mumbling, then all of a sudden it's Harvey Norman level loudness.

      • +1

        Ads - I just keep getting some overweight fool dancing around a kitchen raving on about Prime - but wait - I'm already on Prime

    • +1

      Yeah the moment they added ads to prime video.

    • +5

      I did. Cannot justify $79 for delivery since I'm still going supermarket and doing grocery shopping anyway.

      No big difference to me since I live in Metro area and got everything within 5 min drive.

      $59 is about right but not $79

      • +1

        Same here. $79 is too much for me, I just need to buy a bit more to qualify for free shipping or shop somewhere else.

    • Yes. The increase in the membership fees was the catalyst.

      I just save items to cart until I hit a certain amount.

      I still get S&S.

      I may join for a month once a while if I wanted to watch a certain series or wanted free international shipping.

      I rotate between stream services- Disney+ for Star Wars, Marvel and Shogun, Binge for house of the dragon season, Amazon for ummm not sure. I don't really need 3-4 streaming services at a time.

    • +1

      I've cancelled it a bunch of times.

      I usually get offered a free trial every now and again so just sign up for a month when I want to buy something and get free shipping.

      I've also signed up just for delivery then had the Prime membership refunded immediately so basically paid $0.30 for shipping.

      For me I don't buy a lot of junk/find that other stores are just as good so it's not really worth it for me. Like if I want a video game, usually it's faster for me to just duck into a JB Hi-Fi and they'll price match Amazon if it's lower so I can get the game immediately.

    • I cancelled when the ads arrived, only signing back up for a single month for this offer.

  • +3

    On the app I see a blue banner that reads

    Join Prime now and get $15 credit

    On computer browser I see a blue banner that reads

    Rejoin Prime now and get $20 off your next order

    Edit app version of the page's source:

    <img onload='window.uet && uet.call && uet("af");' src="https://images-fe.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/35/prime/2023/NPA/15/Prime_Member_Page_-_Mobile_1242_x_450_-_15_version.png" alt="Rejoin Prime &amp; get $20 off your next eligible order"/></div>

    The alt text reads $20 off but the banner is $15 off. Will definitely try get both from customer service

    • +1

      $20 off and $15 credit are two very different things. $15 credit is basically a constant $15 off any items sold and shipped by Amazon AU, the $20 off one is a code that needs to either be redeemed or entered during checkout and has a minimum spend.

      In theory you should be able to get both if you see the $15 credit banner and are eligible for the $20 off.

      • +1

        I saw the banner on the app but it also says T&C applies. When I clicked the banner trying to figure out the T&C, it didn't show anything. How can we make sure we can get the 15 credit?

        • +2

          I didn't get the banner unfortunately so I can't be too sure but the best thing to do would be:

          • Screenshot it (get as many as you need to prove your case)
          • Become a Prime member whether it be the free trial or paid one
          • Hope it gets added within 24 hours (you can check by adding something sold and shipped by Amazon AU into your cart and checking out, it'll show as "Qualifying offers: Courtesy Credit" under your order total)
          • If it isn't added just contact Amazon, they are pretty reliable with these kinds of things

          And the T&C would probably just highlight how you have to purchase something sold and shipped by Amazon AU for the credit to work.

  • Cancelled less than a month ago, don't see on mine 🙃

  • Thanks, OP! 🙏

  • -2

    Rejoin Prime

    People let their Prime subscription lapse? I can’t imagine not having Prime now.

    • +3

      Only getting more expensive. Now they have ads on prime video and charge $2/pm extra to remove them

      • +1

        That's fine, I have Prime but still use Stremio even for Prime Video content. Most people would still have a Prime account even if Prime Video was not a thing. There have only been 2 increased in Prime fees since they started in Australia. It is still considerable cheaper compared to rest of the world e.g. USA.

        • +3

          oh how innocent are you. They literally increased their fees by 42% last year mate. And they are going to increase it further in the coming years. Also they upped the minimum order for accounts without prime from $39 to $59 now. It will get to a time when you will get so used to Amazon that you cannot think of a life without it and that is when they will throw down their towel and increase prices at will and you will have to pay whatever amount they want. And why do you have to compare everything with America. And it can also be said that Australian fees is considerably expensive compared to other countries like Japan, South Africa, India etc.

      • +1

        No interest in Prime Video, Music etc. All I want is fast shipping and great customer service.

        • +1

          You still get that without a membership. Just have to order >$59

  • +10

    I just finished chatting with customer service and got the $15 promo credit added after sending in the screenshot.

    • +1

      I got $15 gift card, but I have to place an order first, they will refund me once the item is delivered.

      • Is there a minimum spend for the $15 credit? I might give it a try ;) Thanks!!

        • +1

          No, but I have to place an order over $15.

    • I tried and got nothing :(
      How did you send a screenshot? On my computer chat, there was no option for this, were you in the app?

      • +1

        The staff provided me with an email address. Maybe try again and tell them you can provide screenshot.

      • +1
        • I did thanks (and said in the app / phone browser its shows a different offer), but they said to wait 24h as it may require waiting.

  • +12

    I cancelled Prime. Sick of Amazon price rises. It's helped me stopped ordering things daily haha

    • +1

      same here cancelled it last year when they upped the prices by a whopping 40%.

    • Did the same this year.

  • Cancelled prime on 28th June and it shows up for me. Might rejoin later if there's a good deal over $59.

    • over $59

      no shipping fee if you rejoin

  • -1

    Isn't joining prime $14.99?

    • +1

      $9.99/ month, $79/year.

      • Ahhh it says $14.99 after my 1 month trial thanks

        • +1

          Guess you signed up to Amazon US.

  • +1

    I also never unsubscribe prime… Maybe I should do it to get these offers

  • does the rejoin need to be a paid one or 1 month free trial works too?

  • Just tried, $20 has been deducted with the order directly.

    • with free 1 month trial?

      • No, rejoin prime, I do not think 1 month trial is available.

        • +3

          i just did 1 month trial and $20 off is available to use

          • @Aemit: it is good.

            it was not available to me.

            • @sunaus: mine expired in December 23. and didn't renew

  • wow got it

  • +4

    I cancelled prime 3 days ago and this deals pops up. i guess i have to join again. Thanks OP.

  • +5

    I got the $20 discount with a free trail!

    • Was that a new account? Or should I say, an account that had not had Prime before

      • +1

        Both myself and wife have had free trails in the past quite a few years ago.. apparently we were eligble for free trails again on the same account and both got the $20 discount

  • +1

    can i cancel and rejoin today?

    • Would love to know the same.

    • -1

      I tried and I am getting the "not eligible for this deal" message [the $20 off deal] but later I might try the $15 deal.

  • Purchased RAM from Amazon.au few minutes ago, redeemed $20 off from $119 after joining prime free for 30 days. I was thinking to post here, but see this already posted. Around 1 year ago my last prime, may worth to check if you eligible for 30 days free.

  • +1

    Does this work with the Prime Activation codes you can get from Telstra Plus?

    • +1

      Can confirm this worked, just need to make sure all your items are shipped and sold by Amazon AU to make the $59 spend

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I combined it with free trial so will get full $20 off.

    Comes in handy for upcoming Prime Day.

  • Was anyone able to get the $15 from the banner?

    • A few did, I had no luck…

    • after a long chat, amazon agreed to give $15 credit but they say purchase an item today and after it gets delivered they will add credit

      probably have to chase it up tomm

      • Had you already used your $20 code on an order before contacting them?

        • +1


      • Your time probably worth more than 15

        • had some time to kill fortunately

        • +2

          I spend all day on ozb to try to save a buck, let alone 15 dollaroos

    • +1

      so we can get $15 and then $20 as well? im in the same boat, website say $20 off Your Next, from mobile i got $15 credit banner.
      edit its strange on android phone amazon app the banner is $15 but description below it is talking about $20

      • Not sure whether they fixed it already,my mobile app shows same offer, both $20 off.

    • Late response but I got both.
      $20 auto applied and $15 more 'after I place an order' - which I just did now.
      Had to send screenshot of banner.

  • +1

    Anyone tried join with Westpac card payment method? Does this promotion conjunction with Westpac card offer, $20 off as well as 3 month free prime member while using Westpac card as payment method. If one or another, I think using Westpac card is saving more, almost $30 saving.

    • +3

      Ok, I sorted out, I think if anyone have Westpac card never used, you can you use it to get 3 month free prime and also is eligible for $20 off. I was going to join prime yesterday, lucky I am lazy to wait until today.

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