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Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket Men's (Trip Brown Colour, Small / XL Only) $131.97 (Was $219.95) Delivered @ Patagonia


A nice deal for a popular jacket for those cooler winter months.

Keep in mind that the sale is only available for the Trip Brown colour.

Have heard great things about Patagonia. I use a cap and two pairs of their hiking pants. Bought this when I saw it was on sale.

I've heard that they have a repair guarantee if you have an item that has been damaged to a minor degree - have yet to use this service on any of my items.

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    Cheaper than condoms in the long run

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      Posting a deal about a Tucker Carlson and Clive Palmer conference is definitely cheaper than condoms in the long run.

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        I've also previously posted deals on salt, not that you need it

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        Comment of the month!
        Sick burn

      • +12

        making a dumb comment on ozbargain

        that's a paddlin'

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      What's that meant to mean? How are these unattractive?

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        I assume nosy is referring to the recent study concerning microplastics being found in the testicles of every subject. The composition of the sweater in this deal is 100% polyester and polyester is obviously plastic and produces microplastics every time its worn, washed, etc. I've personally started to only buy cotton clothing to slowly phase out the polyester in my own wardrobe.

        But I could be wrong about my assumption!

        • I assume nosy is referring to the fact this jumper both literally and figuratively looks like shit.

      • The colour isn’t going to work for a lot of people.

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      I vote for @nosytt & @tacos4brekkie slinging shit at each other more often.

      Those burns were belly-laugh good. Made my day.

      Carry on.

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        I agree - our laughs and feel-good moments are the only ones we think about on our deathbed. Not our political preferences! More shit-slinging is good!

    • Condoms are an investment for the future

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      if you aren't getting bitches because of a patagonia jacket you've probably got other issues going on

      a hottie like me would look great in this :~)

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        Love the confidence! This jacket would go great with your New Balance shoes, Dickies Work Pants and Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies.

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          thank you bestie

  • Trip brown…. A hikers favourite

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    I find these run small, so keep that in mind when buying.

    I have one from about 6 years ago and it's held up really well. While I do like wearing it and I do like that Patagonia offers repairs on their products, I don't know if I would recommend given the price. It's just a zip up fleece.

    You could just get something like this from Uniqlo - https://www.uniqlo.com/au/en/products/E450195-000?colorCode=…

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      I find they actually run big, I have the XL and it is way bigger than a normal XL top. As far as the quality goes, it's the warmest jumper I've had.

      • If this is the warmest jumper you own, you must not own very many jumpers.

        This is my go-to “going out” sweater. Nothing but a fashionable looking sweater to wear over the top of a collared shirt.

        If you’re gonna be spending $100+ on a sweater for warmth there are much better options available.

        • Sweater. Wow

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      I do find they run big actually. Tried this on the other day at Paddy Palin and I usually wear M but even the S is too large for me. I bought an Arcteryx instead- the fit and styling is better

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      Nope, these definitely run big

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    Yes, it runs big to me. Consider to pick a smaller size.

  • $132 for a BIFL jacket. Not bad at all.

    • But it's hideous and mediocre. A BIFL jacket is better as a 80/20 wool and nylon blend. Thermoregulating and durable.

      • What's an alternative?

      • My Carhartt Detroit jacket that's been worn daily during winter for almost 15 years probably has another 30 years in it. That's pretty close to BIFL for a 100% cotton shell.

        I'd also consider Patagonia to be durable. I own a number of Patagonia wind cheaters and jackets that have stood the test of time for at least 10 years with no signs of slowing down. I don't earn enough money to be constantly buying cheap clothes that need replacing.

  • What a ugly color and design!

    • Is it a no for you then?

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    Runs big - was swimming in the medium, had to return it.

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    $132 for a recycled polyester jacket feels just a bit too much.

    • Better than paying $219.95 for it, i guess

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      $32 for the jacket and $100 for the brand.

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    A brand with no substance.

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    I have this in grey - it's a fantastic jacket. Really good for keeping warm and the quality is outstanding. Really pleased with mine. Been using it for 4 years and is still as good as new.

    People here will whine about Patagonia and say it's expensive then go and upvote R.M Williams boots on sale for $400 lol.

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      Don't even get me started on the PS5 'deals'.

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        the four figure graphics card deals are laughable

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      Or when I bought that 4 figure Sennheiser headphone.

      • Cheers mate! Now I have plausible deniability when they say they found my Ozbargain account.

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    Zomg like patagonia is so like cool like im such an entripid traveller

    • +12

      it must be nice to see through the superficiality of branding and marketing

      look at you. aren't you so clever? unlike the other "sheeple" (your words, probably), you've forged your own path

      you're all original. you see things as they really are, unlike everyone else. you're just so incredibly smart and unique

      • +1

        (profanity) hilarious. Haha. Made me chuckle.

      • -3

        Zommggg! Lol so ah ah cringe like you know!

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      There is this stigma towards people who wear Patagonia, but if you go and look at how Patagonia carries themselves as a brand, their values and their lifetime warranty on products, the price justifies itself.

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    Sold out in around 1hr, guess the product speaks for itself.

  • Love em, but this colour not for the Rhubarb

  • Some sizes still available despite the OOS tag

  • Reminds me of the 2018 deal "Mont: Fleece Jackets (Seconds) for $39 down from $189"
    They've got some clearance stuff https://www.mont.com.au/collections/clearance

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