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Free nbn Fixed Wireless Antenna and NTD Upgrade and 100/20, 250/20 & 400/40 Speed Tiers @ nbn Co via Participating ISPs


nbn have and are continuing to upgrade the nbn Fixed Wireless network with new 4G and 5G mmWave tech and the speed tiers have increased to 100/20, 250/20 and 400/40 at selected locations. More locations will be eligible for these new speed tiers by the end of 2024.

We're optimising the Fixed Wireless network, including installing the next generation 4G and 5G equipment. This new technology is designed to deliver more reach (by extending the range of the towers from 14km to up to 29kms where possible) and more speed to regional and remote Australia. nbn will be amongst the first in the world to deploy the 5G technology at this scale for a dedicated Fixed Wireless network.

We’re evolving the network by also working with local governments and councils to install new Fixed Wireless towers in selected areas.

nbn Fixed Wireless FAQs.

Utilising the latest technology, we’re expanding the reach of our Fixed Wireless network so approximately 120,000 premises in nbn Satellite areas can access Fixed Wireless for the first time.

If you are changing from nbn Sky Muster Satellite to nbn Fixed Wireless you can get the satellite equipment removed.

To remove the nbn equipment used for your previous Satellite connection, you can lodge a request with nbn. We’ll then be in touch to organise a date for an nbn technician remove the equipment.

Request to remove nbn Sky Muster Satellite equipment.

If you already have a plan over a Satellite service, we recommend that you contact the provider of the Satellite service and ask to cancel the plan to avoid being charged twice. Speak to your provider about any cancellation fees that may apply. You may want to leave your Satellite plan active until your new Fixed Wireless service is up and running so you aren’t left without a service.

ACT completed and upcoming eligible areas.
NSW completed and upcoming eligible areas.
NT completed and upcoming eligible areas.
QLD completed and upcoming eligible areas.
SA completed and upcoming eligible areas.
TAS completed and upcoming eligible areas.
VIC completed and upcoming eligible areas.
WA completed and upcoming eligible areas.

Register for nbn Fixed Wireless email updates.

A new nbn Fixed Wireless NTD and antenna might need to be setup by a technician. More details here.

If you’ve been notified that you’re eligible for an equipment upgrade, then please call the phone number on the letter or SMS provided to you to schedule your appointment. An nbn technician from one of our approved delivery partners UGL or Hills will then:

  • Remove your old Fixed Wireless equipment
  • Install a new nbn outdoor antenna and nbn connection box
  • Perform checks to ensure your connection is working before they leave
  • Complete the appointment generally within two hours

You can continue to use the gateway (router/modem) provided by your provider.

You can also contact a participating ISP to organize the free nbn Fixed Wireless NTD and antenna upgrade.

100/20 (nbn Fixed Wireless Plus), 250/20 (nbn Fixed Wireless Fast) and 400/40 (nbn Fixed Wireless Superfast) are now available at eligible locations via participating ISPs.

You might get up to 150Mbps on the 100Mbps speed tier.

nbn Fixed Wireless Home Fast will offer wholesale download speeds between 200-250 and upload speeds between 8-20 MbpsΔ*. We anticipate by the end of 2024 this plan will be available to up to 90% of the upgraded nbn Fixed Wireless Coverage Area.*

nbn Fixed Wireless Superfast will offer wholesale download speeds of 400Mbps and upload speeds between 10-40 MbpsΔ*. We anticipate by the end of 2024 this plan will be available to up to 80% of the upgraded nbn Fixed Wireless Coverage Area.

Plus, we’ve boosted speeds on our most popular plan; Fixed Wireless Plus. Wholesale speed capability has now been lifted from up to 75/10Mbps to up to 100/20Mbps. This plan is available across 100% of the nbn Fixed Wireless coverage area.

Participating ISPs

  • Leaptel (100/20, 250/20, 400/40).
  • Telstra (100/20).
  • Aussie Broadband (100/20).

More participating ISPs are TBA.

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  • +4

    nbn Fixed Wireless 🤢🤮
    I have a friend who is on fixes wireless On 100/20
    They don't even get that speed fr fr if they downgrade 50/20 even worst

    Also I am licensed cabler but not in the broadband

    It just a hit or miss in some area good or poor connection

    • +1

      I've seen some get 135Mbps but yeah it varies on location.

      • Hopefully they add more towers

        Aerial licence 😭😭

        • Aerial licence 😭😭

          What are you trying to say? An aerial cabling endorsement has nothing to do with fixed wireless installation.

        • We’re evolving the network by also working with local governments and councils to install new Fixed Wireless towers in selected areas.

      • +1

        Yep I'm one of the lucky few that can get 135Mbps.

        Peak I've hit this month is 137.9

    • +2

      5g Tech isn't horrible but its def up to how its managed. Would I use it if I had a land line? No. Would I use it if I had no other choice? Maybe.
      I was in Rockhampton QLD, North side. I downloaded 40Gb at consistent 408Mbps on 5g Telstra hotspotting my phone to my laptop on WiFi 5.

    • +1

      Yes it’s a terrible inconsistent service, better off with Starlink.

  • +1

    I'm on fixed plus and get 150 down but 38 ping.

  • +1

    Just get Starlink.

    • +6

      Starlink has it's place however Leaptel are doing 100/20 $69.95/M, 250/20 $79.95/M, 400/40 $89.95/M for 12 Months which is cheaper than Starlink at $139/M + Starlink rental or hardware fees.

    • +14

      Leave Starlink to those of us without an alternative.

      So many people in my town with FTTN have been signing up for Starling - just adds congestion to those of us without the option.

      • Are the FTTN folks eligible for FTTP?

        • +1

          Not yet, but within the year they will be.

        • +2

          check here & here

          first link shows upgrade dates for fixed wireless but rinseout better other details

          for FTTP upgrades look for section that says "Target Eligibility Quarter" most dates i've seen before 2026

          • @mantra: Thanks for these links, its very helpful

      • +1

        Not really fair, loads of people still stuck on FTTN being delivered slow crappy services with bandaid fixes. Meanwhile many people achieving 200Mbps, some even close to 400Mbps on Starlink… Perhaps not as black and white as you are suggesting is all.

        • don't know the full story but someone i know on FTTN copper line died they had to get starlink so they could use Voice Over WiFi to make calls as they have no cellular coverage, even in a metro area albeit very hilly

          their FTTP upgrade is due late 2025

        • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braess%27s_paradox

          Adding extra capacity to a network when the moving entities selfishly choose their route can in some cases reduce overall performance. That is because the Nash equilibrium of such a system is not necessarily optimal. The network change induces a new game structure which leads to a (multiplayer) prisoner's dilemma. In a Nash equilibrium, drivers have no incentive to change their routes. While the system is not in a Nash equilibrium, individual drivers are able to improve their respective travel times by changing the routes they take. In the case of Braess's paradox, drivers will continue to switch until they reach Nash equilibrium despite the reduction in overall performance.

    • As others have said, Starlink is NOT always the best option at $139/m, when we can pay less than $90 for 100Mbps NBN.

      Frankly where I am the speed is NO BETTER than FW (I get about 135) and latency is higher so less suitable for gaming.

      I agree with others - leave Starlink to the people that actually cannot get a decent other option as you're actually using satellite bandwidth unnecessarily and taking it away from others that actually need it and have no better choice.

      I see "Just get Starlink" a lot and I see strong devotion to it but it honestly IS NOT always the best option. Certainly not the best for the hip pocket and we ARE on OzBargain here.

    • +7

      Because you have fibre.

      • -6

        I want consumer choice…

        • +10

          FTTP is the best choice.

          • -1

            @Twix: but miss out on a free antenna… 😔

        • +3

          I don't have fibre ;-; give me it please I beg you please

          I have HFC let trade

          • -5

            @NinjaSniper85: What's wrong with HFC ?

            • -2

              @jv: I think speeds are slower or more expensive to get faster speed.

              • -2


                more expensive to get faster speed.

                no, price are the same

                I think speeds are slower

                no, most speeds are supported

    • come live in adelaide

      superloop (formally nuskope) still offer metro regions their own fixed wireless infrastructure

  • +4

    I've been on FW for about 8/9 years. It has been super reliable and had some good speed upgrades over the years. I'm 4km as the crow flies from the tower and have direct LOS.

    • Check the link to see if your FW tower has been upgraded.

      • +1

        They were working on it for a week last month so I'll check it out.

        Edit: tower is in the planned list 😕

  • I’m on 50/20 at $80/month with ABB will the 100/20 replace the 50/20 if they get added to the list?

    • +1

      I think they replaced 50/20 Fixed Wireless with 100/20 for $89/month. Ask Aussie BB to confirm.

      • +1

        Aussie have 70/10 tier for fixed wireless.

        I got upgraded to that automatically quite a while ago.

        But as I've mentioned I frequently top above 135Mbps so very,very happy.

        I USED to not like it initially as on Sunday nights it used to drop to like 6Mbps (6-7 years ago) but it is super fast and reliable now. Getting better every year.

        • Yeah nbn and Aussie BB changed it from 75/10 to 100/20. I've seen speedtests of up to 150Mbps on the 100Mbps Fixed Wireless speed tier. Aussie BB haven't announced their pricing for 250/20 and 400/40 yet.

  • -2

    NBN Wireless? no

  • anyone know whats the best deal at the moment

    • Swoop seem to be best deal at the moment. No 30 days cancel notice and they also let you pay after the activation. When you sign up on website select worry about payment later. I called and asked and guy said you can enter Payment details the day after it has been connected which is awesome.
      250-25 $79mnth 6mnths

  • There was a time where HFC kept up with the new, in 2020, 250Mbps and 1Gbps became available.

    With FTTN & FTTC —> FTTP upgrades & new high speed plans, FW upgrades & new high speed plans, and Starlink as a catch all or those stuck on Skymuster, it looks like HFC is the loser.

    • +2

      nbn have proposed 1000/100 and 2000/100 for HFC.

      nbn need to decide if they go from DOCSIS 3.1 to 4 for HFC or swap from HFC to XGS PON FTTP.

      By 2028, depending on the need for a multi-gig product, NBN said it will need to make a decision on Docsis 4.0 deployment. By deploying DAA, the operator also gives itself options to deploy XGS-PON.


  • +1

    132 - 8 ping 49 have just been upped to the 100 - 20 plan, Rural NSW.

  • how does mmWave fixed wireless compare when surrounded by hills?

    does FW/skymuster support static ip? do either cause problems with usage 10TB a month

    managing with 80megabits FTTN currently with fibre coming after im leaving to live rural and might need to adjust usage patterns

    im doing everything to avoid satellite im aware >2TB makes starlink unhappy (at least several years ago)

    • 10TB a month? That's a lot of Linux ISOs or Pr0n

    • Static IP is available on nbn FW. I don't know what the maximum data limit is but you won't be doing 10TB/month. If you want to do 10TB/month look at existing FTTP locations or FTTN/FTTC locations that can swap to FTTP.

      I wouldn't use nbn Skymuster. If you are going that far out go with Starlink.

      • high support needs mean i cannot go too far out

        cannot function whenever anywhere near traffic or other noise, kind of rural now and the freeway hum keeps me on edge from 6am to about 10pm

        very difficult finding suitable place with FTTP/N/C, hopefully quiet area means i don't need to burn myself through the noise online and be able to find something offline that can maintain my attention

    • how does mmWave fixed wireless compare when surrounded by hills? It needs a better line of sight than LTE/4G

      does FW/skymuster support static ip? do either cause problems with usage 10TB a month That's up to your RSP, You're not doing that volume on Skymuster, for FW its shared spectrum so your neighbours will hate your guts.

      managing with 80megabits FTTN currently with fibre coming after im leaving to live rural and might need to adjust usage patterns- You will depending on where you're going.

      im doing everything to avoid satellite im aware >2TB makes starlink unhappy (at least several years ago) Depending on where you're going you may not get a choice, but there are large Rural towns with Fibre

      • launtel let me know

        Regarding the fair use policies, you wont lose the internet just be restricted in speeds from NBN.

        i would think high usage increases likelihood of upgrades to the tower and that "shared spectrum" may not be an issue if traffic prioritize lower traffic users, lots of wasted spectrum not fully utilised 100% of the time but going take a guess it's not managed very well, fair is fair i don't mind if i'm at the lowest priority

        • They can tell how much is being utilised per user so higher traffic won't trigger an upgrade to the tower because it's simpler and far more economical to manage a single user than to upgrade a tower to afford them more bandwidth.

  • +3

    I live in a semi-rural area in south-east QLD and am on Fixed Wireless Plus with Aussie Broadband (so 100/20) and currently getting 142/10 with 40-50 ping.

    Their FW Plus plan is changing from $85 to $89/month tomorrow, so I wonder if it's worth changing to Leaptel's FW Fast plan (250/20) for $80/month (for the first year, then $90/month ongoing)… or if my speeds will just be the same.

  • -2

    Fixed Wireless might be higher latency but you can walk around naked.

  • +1

    Anyone who complains about fixed wireless has never experienced sky muster lol https://www.speedtest.net/result/16479279834

    This is the 50Mbps plan but it is peak evening I guess

    • Check your address here later in the year as you might be eligible to swap from nbn Sky Muster Satellite to Fixed Wireless.

      • Not on the planned list unfortunately. I've seen some local company setting up some kind of fixed wireless setup that's separate from the NBN but it's slightly more expensive than sky muster and only 30/5 speed available. Not sure if the drop in latency is worth the drop in speed because streaming VOD's and IPTV work pretty well on 50 and were pretty intermittent when I was on the 25 plan. Need to stream because no antenna reception either haha, have to use the VAST satellite network which is trash

        Other option is starlink but literally double the price. Unfortunately, obviously no 5G option available either.

  • +1

    If you have Fixed Wireless currently go look at the antenna on your roof, if its a Diamond shape then you should do this, your hardware is 2-3 generations behind.

    If you don't want to pay the extra ask your RSP what happens if you change your mind later and don't disconnect but move down to a lesser plan, if you can do it and not pay a penalty then you will score the upgrade at zero cost and keep paying whatever you are now and you will have a considerably better service than now.

    • +1

      Yeah you want a V3 or V4 Fixed Wireless NTD. Leaptel have uploaded V2, V3 and V4 Fixed Wireless NTD images here.

      WNTD Version 2

      This diamond-shaped antenna is an older device and looks similar to the WNTD Version 1.

      Notes about antenna:
      • Cannot achieve maximum speed on the new Fixed Wireless Plus 100/20Mbps service.
      • Cannot support the new high-speed tiers.
      • Can be upgraded to a newer version if you order a Fixed Wireless Fast or Fixed Wireless Superfast service.

      WNTD Version 3

      This rectangular device has sharper edgeds and was introduced in 2018 – the most widely deployed model on the Fixed Wireless network today.

      Notes about antenna:
      • Achieve maximum speeds of 250/20Mbps.
      • Can be upgraded to Version 4 if a Fixed Wireless Superfast service is available at your address.
      • Some locations require an upgrade to Version 4 to order Fixed Wireless Fast service.

      WNTD Version 4

      This rectangular device has rounded edges and was introduced in late 2023.

      Notes about antenna:
      • The only antenna that supports the Fixed Wireless Supefast service, with speeds of up to 400/40Mbps.
      • Achieves the best possible speeds on all Fixed Wireless plans.
      • Installed for most new Fixed Wireless connections. If you have an older antenna (Version 1 or 2), your home can be upgraded to Version 4.

  • +2

    My home was eligible for 400/40 plan. Signed up with Leaptel. Here is a speedtest at 4am: https://www.speedtest.net/result/16481179133

    Seems to be some provisioning issues from NBNs side, so Leaptel called me twice yesterday to try and diagnose it - hopefully those speeds (particuarly upload) improves.

    • Ugh latency quite high? Uploads also pretty dismal.
      I get 30ms latency and AT LEAST 15Mbps upload on my FW. Hopefully that improves for you also.

      I'm sure it will. It's all brand new so bound to be some teething issues.

    • Following your progress with interest, hope it is going well.
      With same RSP, looking forward to the new speeds after recent V4 upgrade.

      Re speedtest, I found out the hard way after tower upgrade in January that only GSL server gives the proper test results, all others including Leaptel were sub par causing me to lodge a fault. May differ in your location, just my experience.

  • I have a WNTD v2 antenna, the signal has to punch through some trees to get to me, what's the chances of applying for an upgrade to the the v4 unit and finding that the 4G/5G isn't as strong through the trees?

    • +1

      There is only one way to find out. Order it and the technician will run tests.

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