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[Prime] PicassoTiles 100-Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles $47.99 (Was $79.99) Delivered @ Picassotiles via Amazon AU

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Exclusive deal for Prime members on this popular magnetic tile set at $47.99 (was $79.99).
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4.8 out of 5 stars 64,935 ratings

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$5 more than the lowest price at $43 in April

About this item

  • DREAM BIG & BUILD BIG - No limitations, scalable to build as big as desired by adding more pieces to create the master piece. PicassoTiles in colossal styles.
  • LEARNING BY PLAYING - Never too early to start developing kids creativity. Children can acquire strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms numbers counts, magnetic polarities & architectural design at early age.
  • BONDING BY PLAYING - Entertaining for single or multiple parties and feel the sense of achievement together. Suitable for all ages (3+ and up) by one party of in groups a great way to spend quality time with the family and love ones.
  • LEARNING IS FUN - Encourage creativity which is the key factor to success in today's ever-changing environments. Fun and entertaining, perfect educational presents for school age children that will never go out of style.
  • CREATIVITY BEYOND IMAGINATION - Magnet Building Tiles Clear 3D color Magnetic Building Blocks Playboards for preschool, pretend play and more. Easy to construct and easy to put away for storage.
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  • Showing full price for me

    • Please try again as link was wrong. Sorry

  • +7

    My kids have these exact ones. They also have cheaper Kmart ones. These PicassoTiles are FAR superior quality.
    Edit: got them in Feb 2023 (think it was an ozbargain post). Just looked it up now and paid $52.80 so this deal seems good.

    Yep. Here it is. Also some further comments here.

    • +1

      Thanks for the review. I heard that the magnets are weak on the Kmart brand

      • +1

        Oh and OP thank you by the way, i didn't realise you were the February 2023 OP as well -; appreciate it today but appreciate it even more ~18 months ago.

        • +1

          Ha ha you are welcome :)

    • +2

      I bought this exact set in 2023 from @trixieb post for my two and yeah it’s way better than the
      Kmart set

    • +1

      Are the Kmart/Anko ones compatible with these? I have 2 sets of the Kmart one so wouldn't want 2 incompatible sets, but one bit set.

      • +3

        I'd say no. Kmart seem to have plenty of those "open" pieces, using much less materials in the manufacturing process. I'm not saying magnet to magnet won't work but I'm pretty confident it'll significantly decrease the user experience - I imagine many weak points. If you have the budget, consider these - I suspect your kids like mine won't touch the Kmart ones again after having a crack at these

        • Can't fool your kids lol

        • That's a bugger. But my daughter likes destroying what I build with them so probably better I have the weaker ones!

      • There are two styles that Kmart sell. The ones which look similar would be.

        More tiles is always useful and even with weaker magnets - they can just be used in places where magnetic strength isn't as important.

      • +2

        I have both sets and they are 100% compatible (not the hollow Kmart ones).

        These ones are better for sure though. I'll probably be getting in on this deal. We keep telling ourselves we need to ditch the Kmart ones and get more

        • Ok cool I'll check it out!

        • yep. That's exactly what I was getting at earlier. Hollow ones we have and they are rubbish. Non hollow Kmart I'm not familiar with.

    • I bought from this $19 deal, I wish this deal come back again

  • Prime member and logged in. Full price.

    • +2

      There's 2 listings, 1 for $79.99, 1 for $47.99. Try now, I changed the link.

      • Yup, just clicked through via the home page and found the $47.99 one

      • +2

        Thanks @hamza23 for fixing :)

  • +2

    I recommend these. I was skeptical at first but the kids do love them.

  • +2

    My 4 year old daughter loves these, makes so much stuff from them. Highly recommend.

  • Still shows $79.99 for me :(

    • +1

      i just bought and its $47

      • +1

        Thanks clartan2015 I clicked your link and it still says $79.99

        • That's odd. Just checking if you have Prime membership?

  • +1

    Haha sorry I do but logged into wrong account, my bad. Thanks for all the help everyone.

    • +1

      Ha ha glad it worked out

  • +4

    I recommend these highly, but you really need two sets to build up and out. These have lasted 5 years and get a regular workout against monster trucks..even had one go through the tv. Good excuse to upgrade 😉

  • I'd be slightly hesitant due to the lack of metal rivets that other brands have, otherwise, they look like good value.

  • +1

    Thanks OP got one.

  • +6

    "Suitable for all ages (3+ and up)"

    60 % of the time, it works every time.

  • +2

    Anyone know if these are compatible with Connetix?

    • Maybe according to this ref:

      Connetix and Magna Tiles are completely compatible, so you are free to mix and match them in any way you want. The same goes for Picasso Tiles. Just keep in mind that Picasso Tiles are easier to break because they're held together by glue. Connetix are held together using metal, making them much more durable.


      • I've never had one split .. Even after being used as ninja stars by a 5 year old against towers, windows and walls.

        • +1

          My 3 year old has given me a nice collection of magnets from a few of these, so it can definitely be done by a toddler, but he's no normal 3 year old.. he's a VERY hands-on and 'engineer minded' kid, who has removed door strikers, outdoor split system parts, barbeque handles, more toys than I can count, chair legs, cupboard door hinges, a security camera, chicken coop, some of my tools, etc.

          YMMV though

          Never a dull moment here.

  • What do people use to store these in?

  • Small plastic tub about 20 litres stores 2 sets well.

  • +1

    5 month old daughter might be too young. Keen for these one day though

  • Has anyone compared these against the Connetix magnetic tiles?

    • +2

      According to my wife’s opinion (informed from huge amount of time on toy discussion pages):
      Connectix is premium top of the line brand.
      Steamstudio (star shaped raised design on tiles) is the next choice as most economical but reasonable magnet strength.
      Picasso next.
      Kmart last (weak magnets, apparently lots of unhappy kids when their building crumbles).
      Apparently stramstudio and connetix work well together, unsure about Picasso.

      • Champion. Thanks for the detailed reply!

  • +2

    Ordered these at 11.59 last night, they arrived today and the kids love them. Only problem is the 100 pieces don't go very far so here I am buying another set…

    • Also did the same. With two kids. Need 100pc minimum per kid otherwise fights start :D

  • I get the full price and unavailable message. Am a prime member. Are these still on sale?

  • +2

    Just grabbed a set for the grandson, thanks OP! I'd been looking at these for a while now.

  • +1

    Thanks op I grabbed some more so my daughter now has 160 tiles to build with.

  • Down to $141

  • +1
  • Hey everyone, it seems you can get a refund for the difference in price when you contact customer service.

    rep issued $7 promo credit


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