expired DELUXE 3D Baby Hands & Feet Casting Kit with Photo Frame $19.95 (+$9.95 Shipping)


probably not going to appeal to the general public, so not really going for votes on this one, however for those with babies this is an absolute steal, know we paid over a hundred to get them professionally done and still haven't picked ours up. might also be a great gift for someone specially if you have access to create one without the parents knowledge!

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    I bought this around $35 over a year ago. It's not bad. Better than paying $200+ to have it done professionally. Results are largely dependent on how well your child stays still during the process.


      Do it while they sleep maybe?

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        A dose of Valium does the trick. And a strong coffe afterwards.
        WARNING: Not for the Kid, OBVIOUSLY. For the parents who try.
        As it is almost impossible to get the baby to hold still. And you are going to loose all your nerves.
        And after you need a coffee to recover from exhaustion.

        While at it, order extra Parts, in case the first, second and third attempt fails.

        Once it's done it look nice. i must admit that.


    Thanks mate