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expired 5th Gen iPod Touch 32GB $298 (HN)


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So been looking at the prices of these for a while. At $298, it's less than 300 which is pretty decent. Might be able to pricematch at OW for additional 5% off ($283.10). OW is currently at $308.
Goodyguys, JBHifi and Dicksmith are offering around $330.
Link is to online store - I Saw the deal in today's Weekend West.

*Good for those missed out the free Apple Tv deal.

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    Although it is the cheapest but I don't see the reason people should spend $300 for an iPod which no big difference than the 4th gen (expect bigger screen and 32GB) which is only $!68 at OW.


      and comes in colours…

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      For my interests - my 4th gen lagged a bit too much. The added ram (512mb total) will help handle some multitasking compared to the lesser 256mb which in my case was very little - i often had to kill tasks via jail broken apps (some Apple store apps provide similar tasks)). The dual core CPU (from the iPhone 4) will also give the additional power in some cases (once again i experienced lag on apps like Photoshop). Honestly if you just need it for music and video - yes the 4th gen is plenty - but I've done more than music and video with my old one and the 5th gen seems suitable.

      EDIT: For arguer's sake and others interests, the 5th gen supports full widescreen (not very marginally beneficial in my case), dual band wifi (my case would be great), the better camera quality (however still bad),and slightly improved GPU

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    why would people get this?

    for a bit more you can get an ipad mini…

    Also $300 is too much for a ipod touch nowadays
    considering you get phones for about $400
    which has better camera, gps, phone capability..

    Ipod touch and ipad mini is priced too high nowadays..

    I got ipod touch 4g, but nowadays don't think it is worth getting another ipod touch
    considering you can get a tablet or phone that can do so much more
    and has better specs

    And the camera though improve, is still crap on the ipod touch
    due to lack of flash and quality compared to iphone or android phones

    Also the deal with ipod touch + apple tv was better

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      Just following on, $300 is the same price as a 32GB Nexus 7!

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        True - but honestly ain't looking for tablets. Kinda comparing oranges and apples. Tablet devices aren't exactly portable for walks/run or for something in the pocket (rather avoid using my phone to conserve battery)The Nexus is a great devce - especially with jely bean OS. However i needto use iOS to access my iTunes account (cbb transferring).


    It's not always about price. The Nexus 7 as an example might great for most who can read this, but it's not anywhere near as useful for my three year old. The size and the quality of kids games is better suited, as is the ease to load music, movies and apps already set up in iTunes to multiple devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

    On a day long interstate trip, can be the difference between screaming/whining kids to a slightly more peaceful drive.

    It's still better than an iPad mini for in car use or trips to the local eatery. Of course lighter still if there's no technology, but then I would't be lurking here that often if I wasn't keen on cheap gadgets!

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