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Nikon Coolpix P510 $327.51 NOT ! $312.23 (Delivered) - very sneaky seller


Camera Paradise is well known for the overblown s/h fee. Even so, the price is still cheaper compared to DWI (ebay)
I have to update this post after bought one. There will be another forced fees (insurance and surcharge)
It makes this deal slightly cheaper ($7.49 to be exact) from the cheapest on ebay

Order Subtotal : AU$ 284.37
Shipping Fee : AU$ 37.86
Discount Coupon : AU$ -10.00 (automated discount- no code)
Shipping Insurance: AU$8.84 (forced) pops up at the final stage of paypal payment
paypal surcharge : AU$6.44 (forced)
Order Total : AU$ 327.51

This is one of the latest bridge camera with 42x superzoom, fixed lens

Sample of that freaky superzoom :)

Closest competitor would be Canon SX 50 HS, which can shoot in RAW file, has hot shoe for flash and screen that can flip sideways but more expensive

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    I don't mind Camera Paradise, despite the high shipping fees. Service is good and shipping is very fast. I reckon they build the possibility of being hit with the import taxes into the sh fees, as they guarantee to pay any GST that you might be hit with.

    I have purchased the 5dmkiii and a canon f/.8 L Macro from them - despite shipping saved hundreds of dollars.


    High shipping fees but still a few dollars cheaper. The main problem is communication and feedback. I have my order in placed last Saturday 9th and since Monday, never had any further feedback from my query. I email them everyday asking for status of my order but no reply. I feel like driving blind now, not knowing if my order will turn up or not. I opted for express and insurance, but 5 days from HK is not really express.