expired Omron Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor HEM7200M $99.95/Medibank Private Mbr/Possible Free Shipping


NOTE: If you don't see $99.55, access: http://www.omronhealthcare.com.au/medibank, input provided code as password.

I was looking for discount movie tickets, and browsing Medibank Private members feel-better award brocher booklet:
and found this Omron Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor HEM7200M on omronhealthcare.com.au.

Except on eBay, cheapest I found is on ChemistWarehouse website: http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/product.asp?id=65176&pnam...

Although it meant for member only, it should work for everybody.

Tried to checkout to find out shipping cost. It seems the shipping is FREE! Please correct me if you see shipping cost appears.

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    And yet still dearer than the overseas price. We are gouged by traders in Oz. You can get a BP7911T o\s for less than 50% of the price of the same thing here. The only diff is that the Oz labeled one only has a 12 mth warranty (the US one has 3 years as I recall and Omron Aust won't honour it)….and of course the massive mark up for the Oz market.


    you can usually claim this sort of thing on your health insurance too (if you have extras cover)


    That's tru (and I did) but it galls me that we get gouged over 100% more for exactly the same product in Oz (except it has a lesser warranty)…where is the Aussie version of Ralph Nader when you need him? I think Choice should be more forceful in standing up to big business.