expired Modular Tetris Light $36 from EB Games - Normally $58.36


I just picked this up for an office kris kringle, it looks pretty rad. From googling around I've seen other local retailers selling it for $49.95 (myer) to $69.00 (david jones).

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    Tetris shelves for anyone with the time, tools and skils:


      thats pretty cool. A pov for you.

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    Damn wish I was ur kris kingle
    We have 10 dollar ones at work lolz

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    nerds are afraid of the dark?

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      I am only afraid of the dark and the L shaped tetris block… this is a thing of nightmare :(

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    I bet someone gets you a Toblerone bar for $5.00 and you spend your whole Christmas break feeling sh***y that you got gypped at your office Christmas party.

    I hate secret Santa, I either feel cheap when I go under or stupid when I go over.


    Dam I got some from DJ's before..

    Aww well its someone's chrissy present to me so im not complaining :D

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    I got one from 'Scam Of The Day' a couple of weeks ago for $39.95!!!
    They're pretty cool and a bit of fun to play around with different shape possibilities,
    but not to stable when stacked. (I'd suggest a bit of blu-tack, or similar, to hold them together)!!!


    Is this the new one?

    Tetris Version 2 Tetrimino Light


      No idea, I don't see anything like that on the box.

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