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6 Free Bottles of Wine from Naked Wines Australia [Membership Required]


Not a wine drinker so havn't look to far into this…. looks like you need to join / add funds but can cancel and withdraw at anytime.

From the email

This is it! The world is ending tomorrow the 21st December according to the Mayan calendar! So we thought if this is our last email we will ever send we'd better make it a good one!
So, how about a cheeky wager in return for 6 FREE bottles…
Become a Naked Angel by 5pm Friday 21st December and we'll give you 6 FREE bottles of Naked Wines in January 2013 to celebrate we are all still here! Click here for more
What do I get for becoming a Naked Angel?
• 25-50% discount on all our wines, ALL the time!
• A FREE bottle every month (don't forget, you'll get a headstart in January)
• Invites to special Angel events and tastings
• A warm glow from knowing that you're supporting Australian winemakers
• And you can cancel your angel wings at any time without penalty!
What's the catch?
To get all these goodies, all you need to contribute is $40 a month (from January) to your own wine piggy bank. The money is yours to use on every purchase or you can take it all out (every cent) at any time if you decide being an angel is not for you.

Referral Links

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Referee gets a $50-$100 credit, referrer gets a $30 credit after first purchase by referee.

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  • I wonder if they need to be licenced to accept deposits?

  • +2 votes

    maybe change title to -

    6 Free Bottles of wine from Naked Wines Australia [$40 membership required minimum]

  • risky & not 100% clear. pass

  • +2 votes

    I remember trying these guys a few years ago, a dozen mixed reds & they were terrible.

  • I'm keen but can't see anything about it on their website, any chance of a code and/or specific link with details of it Elijha?

    • EMail was almost exactly as I copied it [took out the 'to' and 'from' parts is all] .. link in the email is the one I used here.

  • 40$ / month would be a commitment, usually for a period of 1-2 years … so 480-960$ for 6 bottles of wine with 480-960$ credit towards additional wine purchases

  • I got the same email, so it is legit and the $40/mth is their standard Angel's commitment.
    I've bought a couple of dozen from them in the last few months, including the $59/doz delivered from one of the group sites and can say I've enjoyed the 6 or so bottles I've drunk so far. However, I've been trying to decide all morning if I want to join this deal or not.

  • Hmm Very Interesting…, GRYFFINDOR !

  • Seems a pretty good deal and seems genuine.
    It runs in UK & USA as well……

    They say the $ are held in escrow and also apparently you arent stuck at $40 either……

    "On the other hand, you can just change your monthly payment to any multiple of $10 by going to the 'Account' tab of your NakedMe section of the site."

    Sometimes Joel, you just have to say

    My Cellar is pretty empty so what the heck; I will let you know.