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Thought I would repost this site for everyone. With the other book deals being posted, this site often beats all of them, with free worldwide delivery, ordering books from here is very cheap. May take a while for shipping, and the exchange rate isn't that great at the moment, but it was still the cheapest place for me to order some books, including amazon (by a long way), and fishpond. Worked out to about $17AUD for a post secret book, where fishpond charged 40 or so, and amazon adds on ridiculous shipping costs.

"By working with various world postal authorities and other carriers, we are pleased to offer Free Worldwide Delivery. The Book Depository was founded in 2004 with the aim of making “All books available to All” through pioneering supply chain initiatives, republishing and digitizing of content. Currently The Book Depository is able to ship 1.3 million unique titles at keen prices from our fulfillment centre in Gloucester, United Kingdom (within 48 hours) and this figure grows and grows everyday."

Edit: From Kevst - www.booko.com.au allows you to search for a book, and returns the best place to buy it from including shipping in the calculation. Very good if you are looking for single books, and still great if you're looking for multiple titles. Thanks Kevst!
Edit2: If anyone is wondering how long shipping takes. I ordered a book on the 9th of December, and it arrived today (16th of December). Only 1 day more than dymocks.

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  • I think this is great! Very hard to find book sellers with free delivery. I think at the moment because of the exchange rate, it works out pretty much the same but as the rates improve (and I hope it does), it can be quite a bargain. Great find! Definitely going onto my bookmark!

    By the way, don't search for new release books because more than likely its going to cost more than getting it here… look for books release ages ago… thats where you will find the bargains.

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    If you want to find the best price for books go to www.booko.com.au. It includes bookdepositry, other UK, US and oz sites and includes the cost of postage in the calculations.

    Though usually bookdepositry comes in first for a lot of titles.


    • Never heard of book depository or booko, thanks :)

    • heh, i did this the slow way the other day, awesome link

  • Is this really a bargain? Book Depository have been doing free delivery for as long as I can remember. Part of their selling model since day one.

    • Yeah, i know, and this was posted ages ago, but i was buying a book recently, so I did some research to find the cheapest place, and this was it by far. and with all the book deals that have been around recently, i figured some people would find this useful. seems i was right :)

  • Just ordered a couple of books. Marvelous!!! Thanks T Man

  • hmmmm yeah, thought everyone used them already anyway. Guess more awareness the better.

    Also, they tend to send books individually, so some books may come in real quick while others might take a while later.

  • Found a book I wanted on PHP6. $33AUD delivered from there while the cheapest price in oz was $70 + post!

    edit: book was published in november 2008… its practically just released.

  • Woohoo,I 'm a voracious reader,and have never heard of this site.Definitely bookmarking it.Thanks for the info!

  • Great site. great range and great prices

  • Booko looks great, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately it doesn't include the marketplace sites that aggregate other vendors like Abebooks, the Amazons, and Barnes & Noble. For this I use www.addall.com to compare prices, which includes shipping to Australia.

  • yeah seems cheap

  • I have used Booko many times and Book Depository is the cheapest in about 90% of cases. BD are excellent and I don't think they are that slow, taking about 1-2 weeks which is the same or even quicker than some of the other places. I would recommend them for sure.

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