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Tiger Airways Sale - Eg: Sydney to Gold Coast RETURN - $40.95 (or $36 Jetstar Pricematch)


Bit of an unusual sale from Tiger, basically you pay for the outbound flight and get the return leg for just $1.
It appears that they haven't put up the prices of the outbound leg either so i'd say its a decent deal.

Travel on most routes is from the start of feb to the end of march.

I've checked the cheapest flights available on all routes included in the offer and these are as follows:

Fly from Sydney to:

  • Coffs Harbour $60.95 Return
  • Melbourne $46.00 Return
  • Gold Coast $40.95 Return
  • Brisbane $55.95 Return
  • Mackay $80.95 Return

Fly from Melbourne to:

  • Sydney $46.00 Return
  • Hobart $65.95 Return

Fly from Brisbane to:

  • Sydney $55.95 Return

Fly from Gold Coast to:

  • Sydney $40.95 Return

Fly from Coffs Harbour to:

  • Sydney $60.95 Return

Fly from Hobart to:

  • Melbourne $65.95 Return

Fly from Mackay to:

  • Sydney $80.95 Return

EDIT: Thanks to 'slippy' & 'joannatan' in the comments, if you call Jetstar they will beat these prices by 10% meaning a SYD-OOL return for just $36 each!

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    I guess some people don't have the email yet… here we go (from http://www.tigerairways.com/au/en/return_for_1.php)

    Pay to go, go home for $1#!

    Buy a round trip ticket and your return flight is only $1#!

    Simply follow the 4 easy steps below to enjoy the promotion:
    Step 1. Flight search

    In the flight search box, select your flight booking details for a round trip on one of the routes below. The return travel period must be before the end of March, and be within the restrictions stated.
    Step 2. Flight search results

    Select "return for $1 fare" in the flight search results for the return sector; these will be highlighted in yellow. The return sector should be reflected as $1.
    Step 3. Passenger details

    Verify price details and enter details of all passengers.
    Step 4. Payment details

    Enter your details for payment.

    Once booking is completed, the itinerary will be sent to your email address. Simply present the itinerary and your travel documents at the airport check-in counter, and you're ready to take off!
    Routes Available

    Melbourne <-> Hobart
    Sydney <-> Coffs Harbour
    Sydney <-> Mackay
    Melbourne <-> Sydney (Return on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only)
    Sydney <-> Brisbane (Return on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday only)
    Sydney <-> Gold Coast (Excludes returns on Friday and Sunday)

    Terms & Conditions

    "Tiger Raw Return $1.00 Fares" are only available for the return sector for two-way travel and only on certain routes. Outward bound trips are additional fares. The return trip must be for travel before 31 March 2013. All other usual Tiger Raw terms and conditions* apply - see below.

    • "Raw" domestic fares are the lowest available single price fares from Tiger Airways Australia for one-way travel with hand luggage and are fully inclusive of all taxes and charges. "Raw" domestic fares must be purchased online using a MasterCard debit card issued by an Australian financial institution. The "Raw" domestic fare does not incur the AUD7.50 convenience fee or AUD8.00 for international for credit card purchases (per flight, per sector). Click here for details.

    Travel periods vary by route, please click here for details.

    Buy between 26/12/2012 and 01/01/2013, or until seats sell out. Seats are limited and may not be available during peak periods or on all flights, public holidays or certain blackout periods.

  • It seems to be for very specific dates for return flights, for example I tried to book HBA To Melb Weekend 1 Feb to 3rd Feb and it didn't work for the $1 return, only for the 5th Feb morning flight.

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      Stay longer, Melbourne is worth it.

  • The problem is the Date !

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      Ditch her, she's not worth it.

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    Good deal mate.

  • Just returned on a Tiger flight, 10mins early…, felt better than my Jetstar flight, delayed by 45mins AGAIN !!!

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    Careful on the $15 booking fee associated with Mastercard.. Visa has no fees, weird rip off..

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      Interesting, previously, no fees with Oz Master Debit, $7 with the rests and now no fees with Visa Credit or Oz Master debit.

    • Confirmed no fees with visa now, yay! (used the android smartphone app)

  • remember price beat with jetstar for 10% off :)

    • Just rang Jetstar and the WILL NOT price beat return flight deals!! They will only beat one way fares. So no match on the $1 return.

      • I just did it for two people return to Hobart with no probs. Just give them a call back and try with a different sales person.

        • Interesting - I was also after Hobart (from Melb)

      • Maybe try again and see if you can speak to someone else.. Its worked for others below in the comments.

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          Noticed the comments below, but have had a change of mind… Based on the rudeness of the Jetstar person I spoke to, I have decided to screw Jetstar and give Tiger a chance. I figure after this good deal I should at least try them once.

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          I like your style

  • Hold on just bought my tickets full price for this Saturday from sydney to Gold Coast, and today just came back from Gold Coast to sydney which cost me $250! Does this deal include for this week???

    • Sydney - Gold Coast: 01 Feb 13 - 31 Mar 13

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    terrible times. Nothing worth it I can see. (who wants to go back to sydney 1130am on a saturday?

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    awesome thanks so much for sharing, i rang jetstar (was surprised they are even open now) and ended up for 2 people return $72 to for easter! works out at $18.40 pp each way awesome :) i much prefer jetstar, for some reason every single tiger flight gets delayed when i book with them

    • for some reason every single tiger flight gets delayed when i book with them

      Same here for Jetstar.

  • When does this deal finish? Cheers Slippy, on hold with Jetstar now!

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    Spoke with JetStar, first person said they couldn't match the flight price. So I called back, and they matched it- Syd-Melb for $37 return! Pretty good deal I would think…

    • Thats nearly 20% cheaper.. How did you manage that?

      • $41 - 10% = $36.9

        Where did you get 20% from?

        • SYD - MEL is $46 return

      • No idea. TBH, the JetStar person on the phone wasn't that helpful- but he price matched, took payment, and confirmed everything.

        HOWEVER- I just checked my booking reference- and it looks like he completely messed it up. It still says I have $122AUD outstanding to pay!? Not happy!

        What can I do? Have I lost my cheap flight?

        • Give them a call, they've probably just put it through wrong.

        • Pretty normal for JetStar price matches. I believe they do a manual readjustment, you'll still be charged the right amount, not what is stated on your booking reference - at least that's always been the case when I've done a price match.

        • Ok cool. It does say "amount owing" though, and I have not recieved any confirmation email regarding my flight….

  • I Just price matched with jetstar without any troubles.

    I got a return flight for two from Melbourne to Hobart for only $119! I paid more than that just a few weeks ago for a single flight from Syd to Melb. Cheers!

  • I just price matched with Jetstar also…for Melb-Syd return…saved 50%! Would never fly with Tiger anyway…but thanks Tiger for your offer!

  • Anyone had any luck for Syd to Goldcoast, staying for 4 - 5 days?

    • I found $1 return fares OOL to SYD on the 28/feb, 2/mar.