[Price Error] PC Gaming Mouse - Razer DeathAdder (3500DPI) Just $16 @ EB Games Chadstone Store

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Hi, guys
I've just found his afternoon of this deal, brand new Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse for $16 @ Ebgames Chadstone store, not sure if there are any store left because went in a hurry. It's a extremely good choice for gamers. Just post for sharing with you guys.

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    Nice find and it's pretty good at that price I admit!
    However, the actual mouse is pretty crap from my experience. I am currently on my second and last razer mouse (death adder) as within 1 year it breaks.

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      You must be bashing the crap out of it. I'm still using my original Deathadder 1800dpi mouse i bought about 2 years ago. They're great mouses. Honestly how do you break one of these mouses within a year they're built pretty tough?.

  • Yes i am using one, and have had it replaced under warranty like 3 times already… I need a new one :(

  • I've been using mine for three years! Spilt Milo on it once which kind of messed it up but was as good as new after running it under the shower. Great mouse and great find!

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    Just rang the store - one of the Death Adders was stickered at $16, and sold at that price, but all others are currently on sale at $68. Store rep confirmed it was a one-off pricing error that they decided to honour on the spot.

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      hahaha there was no deal. This thread is no good then it's a one off pricing error.

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        thanks for pointing out exactly what the person above pointed out.

        • thanks for pointing out the post above you was after the post above it.

        • I'm just laughing at people thinking a deathadder 3500dpi gaming mouse for $16 was a real deal. As if it would be.

        • you have now put me in the mood for red dwarf :(