King Koil Spinal Contour (Firm) Mattress from Forty Winks - is this good deal for $439? Please help.

Hi Guys

I'm looking for a new Mattress (Queen Size) - budget $400

Checked my local Forty Winks store at Aspley and tried/liked the "King Koil Spinal Contour Firm" (made by AH Beard)

Listed price $799, Current special price is $499 however they are offering me $439 (plus delivery)

Price wise, is this a good mattress? Have anybody tried this specific type?
I have checked Captain Snooze within my budget however this seems better

I'm after firm mattress (due to back ache) however not sure if I'm getting a good mattress in my price range

I know we have a Forty Winks Rep in OZB (Tuhan) but I cannot PM him…

Thanks in advance

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    Is this deal valid in Brisbane only or nationally, I'm on the search for a mattress replacement as well but a double not queen size.

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    King Koil beds are generally regarded as quite good - i think they usually use traditional bonnel spring systems that are quite reliable. $439 sounds good to me - maybe you can get them to throw in delivery - or ring their other stores (may well be further from you) and they might be able to do better, particularly if they operate where all the poor people live and so have lower rents, and trucks.

    If it proves too hard or uncomfortable, try a dunlop memory foam topper. These guys were selling some cheap ones recently (~ $70 for QB), but they only seem to have the more expensive ones right now.

    I don't like being thanked in advance …

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    Awesome mate,
    I might start giving em a call to ask for pricing soon.

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    We have a firm mattress we bought from Sleep City a couple of years ago (made by same people - AH Beard). It seems pretty similar to the one you've linked to. It was about $420 reduced from $700 or so at the time.

    We love it and are glad we took a risk - it just seemed a bit too cheap at the time when the similar ones on offer from Sealy were $1000+. We figured at half the price it only had to last us half as long for us to be ahead.


      Sleep City has gone bust, and it was only more recently that AH Beard was making their stuff.


        I know that. Like all good bargain hunters I was there to collect a new house full of furniture at 90% off on their last day.

        I bought the bed about 10 months before the stores went into receivership.

        That's why I clarified that it was made by the same people. I was commenting on the quality of AH Beard mattresses.


    I recently bought a mattress from Graysonline after doing a bit of research and laying on a few beds at Harvey Norman to gauge comfort. For me the pocket spring mattresses were well worth paying more for and I ended up getting one from Grays for $200. Add on $30 buyers premium and $80 for a rental truck and it works out at just over $300 but you'll be hard pressed to find one for under $1k in stores.

    The one I got wasn't this exact model but similar. See here. Pick up in Acacia Ridge.

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    Hi Bappy - I know this is almost 2yrs ago but thought I'd let everyone know that I no longer work at Forty Winks. It was a great job that got me through University and can highly recommend purchasing from them, but I am now in my profession of study. Good luck!


      Thanks Tuhan for your response… its never too late.
      I did buy the mattress from Forty Winks… and still using it. It was good value but not the best mattress of course… pretty happy with overall performance.

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