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Nikon Coolpix L310 Digital Camera @ Big W $94 Save $100 Starts 10 Jan


Just spotted this one in the latest Big W catalogue. Seems to be a good price for a budget "super zoom" camera

Still $194 online so probably not be available at the reduced price until Thursday

Very similar to recent specials on cameras such as the Samsung, Canon and Sony ($4 or $5 cheaper?)

  • 14 megapixels
  • 21x Optical Zoom
  • 720p HD Movie Recording
  • 3" LCD screen

You can read a decent review here


And yes it requires 4 AA Batteries

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    Wow, how prices have dropped.

  • -2

    Yet another rebadged clone from the same Chinese assembly line as the Sony H100, etc.


    Not bad for the price, but it seems than brand names don't mean anything now.

    • You can't say that at a budget level. Buy the new Canon SX50 HS and it's Canon. No badge other than theirs. Biggest optical zoom in the world for consumers.

      • I think Canon may be one brand that does not indulge in this budget-model outsourcing.

    • Pretty sure the Sony H100 is from the Indian assembly line.

      One review of Nikon

      • Thanks for the link to the review… Expected more than that for a 14 MP camera. But none the less a good deal compared to other compact digital cameras.

      • Pretty sure that the Sony is made in China (I bought one). Foxconn bought a company called Primier a few years back which happened to be the 2nd largest (if not the largest) OEM manufacturer for cameras at that time. Sanyo, a subsidary that Panasonic just offloaded, also focuses in the same OEM digicam market. As far as I know, the list of OEM customer of Primier ranged from lower end brands like BenQ, Toshiba, etc all the way up to higher end brands like Nikon, Olympus and Pentax/Ricoh. The L310 is probably a detuned version / earlier version of the same platform considering how closely resembled the optics, chassis design and control layout are.

  • From what I've read the 310 seems fairly well regarded, that's a pretty great price.

  • just 99 wat do u expect more?

    • +1

      isn't it $94?

  • +2

    OW sell this one for $149 so you should be able to get this for $94 less 5%

    • +3

      read the title!

    • +2

      Maybe you should buy a brain first. They sell them at Aldi I think.

  • I remember when it was elitist to be the proud owner of a 10x super zoom camera which put all the standard 3x P&S cameras to shame. Mind you, the price was elitist too!

  • +2


    Just noticed this camera has no eyepiece, so you have to use the LCD when taking the pictures

    • this is the weirdest thing

      why put a pentaprism housing there is there's no eye level viewfiner

      • +2

        It's where the pop up flash resides.

    • so you have to use the LCD when taking the pictures

      ..read that as a reminder to keep plenty of spare batteries if you just want to use this as the camera.

    • most people prefer LCD to take pictures however after being forced to use eyepiece because LCD doesn't live before photos on Nikon D3000 I can say it is better it just takes some getting use to.

  • Might be a stupid question but I need to know:

    Is this better than iPhone 5's camera quality?

    • +1

      Almost any camera from P&S upwards can beat a phone camera in quality, except some really high-end phone cameras.

      • But iphone5 can shoot 1080p video and this cannot?

        • That's because the image processor is not good at compressing video on this camera, but that does not have too much bearing to image quality on still photos (assuming you are buying a camera for that).

          Also, if you happen to be in any scenario where zooming is needed, this will win hands down(optical zoom vs digital zoom). As a camera, not a phone, this camera will also be a lot of flexible when setting up for a shoot(e.g. aperture, shutter speed, iso, etc), where you will need to rely on the auto mode on the iPhone5.

          It has to note, however, that iPhone5 does have output quality close to some P&S in 8MP. It would be hard to tell if this camera will have better output quality if set to the same focal length and settings.

  • +1

    can someone tell me how this compares to the 'Sony CyberShot DSC-H100' $99 at DSE?

    • Good question, they look similar in almost all aspects

      • Sony: 16.1mp
        Nikon: 14.1mp

        Sony: Eyepiece
        Nikon: No Eyepiece (uses LCD)

        Sony: Scene/quick set wheel
        Nikon: No Scene/quick set wheel (need to use menus to change modes)

        Sony: Internal Memory 55mb
        Nikon: internal Memory 102mb

        DSE one is sold out anyway and not available.

        • thanks buddy, i guess i shouldve bought the sony.

        • No eye piece on the Sony, but the picture quality is way better than my iphone 5

    • Cannot find Macro button on sony. That's I mainly used. Checked in store that the Nikon L310 has.
      SO will sell Sony and buy this Nikon

      • I think the H100 uses auto macro - the camera should switch to macro mode automatically if needed.

    • thx! gonna have one for sure

      • For those thinking of getting this at Officeworks, they have already reduced their price to $94 to match, so no further 5% price-beat discount :(

  • Sold out at my local BigW, not available online, sold out at my local Officeworks, but I purchased online from Officeworks. This is a great deal!
    Thanks OP :-) Very happy!

  • Bought one from local officeworks (was closer)

    Cant complain about a very simple point and shoot for the price

    I foresee many AA's in my family's future

  • Got one for 5% less at Officeworks …

    Shelf price was $149 but it scanned at $94. I asked if i still got the 5% because its was marked at the higher price and they said yes.


    • Lucky! They had already marked it down instore - got one from Officeworks East Perth, pretty happy with it!

  • SA:
    BIG W Colonnades Out of stock
    BIG W Golden Grove Out of stock
    BIG W Hallett Cove Out of stock
    BIG W Parabanks Out of stock

  • My dear mother bought one from her local Big W yesterday. It is an excellent price for a camera with optical image stabilisation and such a huge zoom.

  • The Sony H100 (same core hardware) has a multi-zone auto-focus and tracking, the Nikon in centre-focus only, except both have face-detection.

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