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Cell Bikes Fixie - $188 with Free Shipping!


Wow, thought this was too good not to post. Quality may be questionable but heck it's so basic there isn't much to go wrong anyway. I thought it was a good deal but assumed postage would be heaps (typical for Cell Bikes) however I punched my postcode in (Brisbane) and it displayed 'Free Shipping' so I hope this is the case for all other locations too.

Pricing error? Stock Clearance? Dunno but I consider it a great price for a cheapie run-about or as a cheap way to get into fixies.

Mod: As Jayau pointed out in his comment, it's now available at $188 with coupon code.

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  • For how long will this offer last?

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    Not a neg, but keep in mind:
    1) from my experience cell have a habit of overinflating the price of a product and then reducing the cost on a 'sale'
    2) there are other sellers who can deliver a cheap fixie: (with 20$ship to bris)

    I had a friend who bought a fixie for ~350 from cell, it was a rideable bike (after replacing the tyres, they were useless), but it was heavy and after a while he decided to upgrade.

    This option may be useful for people looking to get into riding.

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      I bought a reid bike thinking to replace my stolen bike.. Worst purchase of my life. The tyres kept peeling off, and I had all sorts of problems.. I was about bring it in for a repair, but the bike managed to screw itself up again on the way to Newtown. (After I got it repaired somewhere else local).

      So in the end I just returned it, and thank fully they gave me some of my refund back. (this was only after 1 month).

      I ended up just purchasing a normal bike again, roughly $500. I found it worth it more, and since your riding it, your also risking your life.

      Your choice.

    • Reid cycles have a lot of poor independant reviews. I looked into them, but got scared off.

    • I checked Reid Vintage Ladies 6-speed bike and decided $260 is too much for the quality they offer.

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      About 2 months ago I took the plunge and bought a fixie, after watching some crazy youtube videos (Mash, Macaframa & To Live & Ride in LA). . The skid stops are crazy, still can't do them :( But they look awesome down the hills of San Fransisco.

      Anyways, I bought the Reid Griffon, because it was the cheapest one I could find, As I leave it parked unattended outside of work 8 hours a day in the sun & rain. The Griffon is $255 with Deep V Rims + accessories kit ($199 is single speed). I've changed alot of things on the bike, not because they didnt' work. But because I can. Because the bike is so simple, You can spend all your money making it look pretty, instead of making it reliable, fixing broken parts, making it faster or safer etc.

      The Cell has more features than the Reid Griffon, it would be similar to the Reid Harrier which is $350 i believe.

      CELL PROs
      1) Cell has a newer threadless headset (stronger? & easier to change handlebars),
      2) Mounting holes for water bottle cages, racks etc.
      3) More alloy components
      4) Higher gear ratio 46/16 compared to 44/18 on the Reid
      5) Choice of frame colour

      REID PROs
      1) I was able to customise handlebar grip colour, Tyre colour & Rim colour at no extra cost.
      2) Deep V Rims look awesome, strong, more aerodynamic. But heavier which is bad for acceleration & hills.

      If I bought my fixie today. I would buy the cell because it is $50 cheaper. But I think the Griffon is still good value with the Deep V wheels & the accessories pack (for those who don't have a pump, lock, lights and a bottle & holder which can't be mounted on the Griffon)

      For any bike enthusiast I highly recommend it! It's fun as hell, and will get you fit. I was worried about a heavy steel framed bike up hills, but I'm killin it! It has replaced my mountain bike as a commuter, and its so much faster! I was so shocked! The bike is my new personal trainer. going down a hill PEDAL AS FAST AS YOU CAN, as the road flattens out & you want to take a break KEEP PEDALING you've barely lost any speed. As the next hill approaches, STAND UP AND MASH THE PEDALS! I've lost about 4KG since buying the bike. Mostly because it just gets me off the computer and enjoying the outdoors. Night rides are also fun!

      Fixies are low maintenance. It's the choice of New York bicycle couriers for that reason.
      1) Only need a front brake, so brake pads and brake adjustments cut in half. If you ride brakeless then tyre life goes down like 1000%.
      2) Chain is thicker, stronger, has less friction and is straighter allowing more power to the wheel
      3) No adjustments for front or rear derailleurs.
      4) Clean look, less cables and levers. I have 1 brake lever and 1 short brake cable. Unlike my other bikes with 4 sets of cables & levers.

      If you're just starting out. Try it in single speed mode. It might be easier because you don't have to think about changing gears.

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    The RRP is ridiculous so disregard that.
    However, it seems like a good deal at $199.
    Can anyone vouch for these bikes?
    My last bike got stolen so I'm thinking of replacing it to do some riding over summer.

    BTW - What the hell is a "fixie"?

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      Fixie = fixed gear. Often these bikes come with a hub which can be flipped (turned around, flipflop hub) with one side having a fixed gear (pedals always move when the wheels are moving) and single speed (pedals can remain still when wheels are moving)

    • BTW, it is a good questions (i had same question 5 mins ago), what is "fixie"?

      check the photos carefully, and soon you will realise fixie means the bike can NOT adjust speed. make sense?

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        Or you can just pedal faster…make sense?

      • Never heard of pedalling faster/slower? I believe (hope) you may be trying to say you can't adjust the gearing… well while riding at least.

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          sorry, it is what i meant.

      • If I stop peddling, and going down a hill will the pedals keep turning?

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          Not if you are using single speed. This bike has both options.

        • +1

          yes, like when you were a kid

        • +7

          Time for bleeding shins

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    If you want a fixie that get you from A to B with out any creadibility go for the Cell, cell bikes are along side all of the mass merchant (department Stores) bikes (eg Cyclops, Repco)

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    Nice BSO for a decent price.

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    If you are new to cycling you do not want to ride a fixie, believe me- pure terror that would be. You may want a single speed bike. You can have either with this one.

    • Kind of agree. Flip hubs are becoming increasingly common. You should be able to find them on most entry level fixies. Most reputable retailers give you the option.

      • Correct, and this bike has a flip hub. AFAIK none of the cheap fixies available online are true fixed speed.

      • Increasingly? They're the norm for consumer-grade fixies. I've been riding fixed for about 8 years now and only at velodromes have I seen anyone riding on a fixed hub that wasn't a flip-flop :P

  • I want a bike like I used to have when I was a kid. Maintenance was unknown. I didn't have to adjust everything all the time. It was easy to pump it up- no freakin presta valves. Single speed, coaster brakes, schrader valve- can you get one of those these days?

    • +2

      Shrader valve


      Presta are so much simpler, If you pump a shrader up to 110 psi, By the time you unscrew it its about 40…

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    the target bike seems like a better deal

    • +6

      Nah, you're missing the point. Fixies are desirable for their absolute simplicity and light weight. No gears equals limited maintenance too. Some naughty people even remove the brakes and just rely on locking their legs to skid the back wheel to slow down however that is dangerous, illegal and you risk fines etc. .You must have at least one brake.

      • +9

        pfft, the wheels are going to get out of alignment just as quickly. the chain is going to stretch just as quickly, brake pads will wear just as quickly, bottom bracket bear will wear just as quickly, hub bearings will wear just as quickly, i expect the cog and chainring teeth will wear quicker since the chain is always in one position. adjusting the gears is a only minor thing. the benefits from having multiple gears far outweighs your perceived simplicity.

        if you want simplicity then you might as well just buy a $60 kmart mountain bike each year and throw it away at the end of the year

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          i have to agree. People who think they're going to save on maintenance by getting a fixie are just kidding themselves,

        • +2

          Yes, sprockets and chain will wear quicker but fixed-gear bikes come with bigger, stronger chains; and chainring teeth are stronger because they are bigger (result of bigger chain).

          Virtually all maintenance on a fixed-gear bike can be done with basic tools, i.e. screwdrivers, wrenches, and allen keys. Many people appreciate this, as well as the simplicity of the ride.

        • what maintenance can't be done with the same tools on a geared bike?

        • The same. But there is just less stuff to maintain. No derailleurs, shifters, less cables etc.

          Heck, you could go brakeless on a fixie and have one (or two) less brakes to maintain.

        • but the maintenance is negligible. I rode my bike 2-3 times a week for 5 years. Replaced the chain twice in that time. Derailleurs have been lubricated, but never replaced.

          To me, it's like replacing seats in your car with solid plastic. Just in-case the foam wears down after years of use. I don't see the benefit of sacrificing comfort for a small issue.

        • Riding more than 50 km a week, brakes and chains start costing a lot more. Riding fixed gear reduces these costs substantially.

        • It's not just costs but also the simplicity in fixing and maintaining fixies.

          Granted, it's not for everyone but if you haven't tried riding a fixie, don't knock it. Just try riding one for awhile. Your cadence will definitely improve.

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    I have one of these bikes from Cell when they had a sale about a year ago, picked up the exact same model in white.

    Overall its a fixie so very little goes wrong, one thing to note on this bike is the Chain Ring Bolts tend to come loose overtime and fall off. I did not notice this till 2/5 bolts fell off, this could be a hazard if you don't check your bike regularly.

    I keep my bike on my balcony under cover but the exposed metal parts (brake line clips and various brake components have developed a surface rust)

    I have ridden this bike for approx. 1000km and it has been fairly reliable

  • This bike has some good independant reviews online, I was considering buying one, but went for something different in the end. The bike has been sold by Cell for $299 for sometime, so in essence it is a 33% discount.

    I buy lots of accessories from Cell Bikes, good company to deal with. I think they have the online business model worked out, they are not flogging off cheap junk, what they do sell is good value for money.

  • lots of riders here it seems, can anyone recommend a good set of tools from the cell store? Weekend leisure rider here, have just only got into riding so trying to kit up my bike with only essentials.

    Thanks in advance.

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      Just buy a cycling multitool, an adjustable wrench or two, and screwdrivers, because you won't need any chain wrenches or other special 'bike tools' to work on a fixed-gear.

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    Postage is $59.00 to Perth

    • Still worth it you reckon? , I'm also in Perth

    • Should be free to Perth metro for orders over $125. Coming up as free postage to me, I am in White Gum Valley.

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    I've bought a hell of a lot of accessories from Cell Bikes (tubes, co2 cans, jerseys, shoes, pedals, shorts, longs etc. etc.) Never had a problem or a delay with any order, and keep going back as they appear to be the cheapest local option (i've bought from, but it's a front for the UK store, so a week delay).
    So absolutely no hesitation in buying from Cell again and again.

    Every store has inflatedprices then reduces them, it's the Australian 'sales' culture, not specific to Cell. Considering a Cell fixie as a third bike (next to my road bike and mountian bike).

    For those who complain about the low quality of the bike, try getting an Ultegra kit and carbon fibre frame for under $200…it's not meant to be high end, or for major rides, it's meant to be cheap, simple and for local commuting.

    This is a good deal, thanks for posting OP.

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    I think most of you are missing an important point of why people are getting fixies… Today most people get it not because they are in anyway practical. Get a 6-speed if you want to be practical and get around with ease. Get a fixie if you want to look like a hipster.

    • It's true that there is a certain look hipsters try to achieve with these bikes. They are great to ride, but I ride 19km a day on my single speed (not a fixie) purely as a track bike. It's for fitness as I can't use gears because I don't have any.

      Damn hipsters.

  • My god, how cheap are they getting this from Taiwan or China in order for them to sell it at $199 shipped??

    You can't even get a decent wheelset with tyres for this price. LOL.

    One could also think:

    My god, how much are the mark-ups on 'branded' bicycle parts?!

    • Mark up might be high, but engineering is involved. With these bikes, there has been no engineering investment since the early 1900s.

      • Fair enough for stuff with carbon fibre, aerodynamic thingamajigs.

        But walk into any bike store and try to put a fixie together with generic parts (Tektro brakes, etc). Just the cheapest of everything they have. No way you'll get this for $199. :-)

  • +1

    Personally, I think this is better value at $220:

    • I humbly disagree. Both the Kazure and Cell Bikes uses generic or cheapo parts (Crank set etc) and have similar specs.

      BUT: the Cell frame is Cr-Mo and the Kazure is Hi-ten steel…meaning that the Kazure will be heavy-as.

  • Would this be too hard to ride up the hills around bondi?? Im pretty fit but maybe it would be advisable to get the target one..?

    • +1

      If you're in Sydney metro area try - plenty of used bikes going

      • If you're worried about mashing up hills, get a used road bike or flat-bar road bike or something.

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    "13 Reasons Why the Fixies Fad Should End Now!"

    Actually, the article is redundant. This deal is further evidence that the fixie fad is well and truly past. Thank the deity.

    But +1 for this deal for anyone wanting to try track-cycling, and it really has a freewheel.

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    My first bike was a 'fixie' - some 50 years ago. As soon as I could afford it, I bought a freewheeling hub for it. I think 'fixies' are a dangerous way to get into bikes.

  • +4

    Ran this deal via my brother who is a bike nut.

    He thinks that this is better value at $250 +$20 Freight.

    PS: Direct link wont work - search for HASA Track Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

    • +2

      +1 for this.

      Has Reynolds Cr-Mo frame and better spec'ed parts.

  • As mentioned before, the best value is buying a barely used bike off gumtree (which there are HEAPS) of. Got a 700$ Giant Seek for $375 with helmet, platinum lock, pump, multi tool, lights, mudflap.

  • +1

    I do have one of the higher end fixes from Reid and got to say that for the most half it's a pretty dam good bike, reason I got it was price and low maintenance. But in saying this my next bike will need to have gears, the novelty of a fixie wears off as soon as you get to a hill or max out speed at about 30-35kms and wanna go faster.

    • a friend had one, was great to use up and down the pits.

      Apart from that, it didnt seem very practical

    • Change your gearing ratio (swap the rear cog or chain ring) and you'll hit 40-50km/h no worries. Sorry about the hills though.

  • so who has bought one?

    • I bought one. for $199 good toy.

  • From my experience with bikes, the best choice i've ever made was getting a diamond back hybrid bike which costed me around $700 brand new. I've had numerous other cheap bikes costing around $100 - $250(sale) from $500 (diamond back SR1) other brands but they just could not compare and one cheapo fixie.
    Sadly I can't remember too well the other brands but they were definitely renouned.

    Conclusion, you pay for what you get, diamond back hybrid was the best choice i've made! Quality parts which lasted me a couple of years, rides super smoothly and feels like a well constructed durable bike!

  • Anyone know the weight of any frame size?

    • -2

      It doesnt have gears, also please dont yell.

      Also for 200 odd, its going to be hard to find something that wont do all the things you mentioned.

      Suck it up, pay decent money and expect a decent bike or shut up.

      Sorry the yelling was making me mad!

    • If the bike broke after 2 weeks, wouldn't it be covered under Cell's warranty?
      or were you in another state and didn't want to go through the hassle of sending it back etc?


  • +2


  • -2

    This is not your typicle electric bike.

  • +3

    Fixed gear. Steel frame. No brakes. Can't stop. Don't want to either

    • +1 for the movie reference ;)

  • Bought 1!!

  • +2

    Small price to pay for the hipster cred.

  • -3

    I hope that anyone who rides a fixie out of the velodrome has a fatal accident

  • How much assembly is required on these?

  • +1

    my 2 cents…

    I converted an old road bike to a fixie, and I did it for the exercise angle. People can bang on about fixies being about 'hipster cred' and for some they are, but if you want to get fit FAST, a fixie is a bad ass way to do. Constant motion. It takes getting used to, but once you have… I havent had my road bike out once in about 6 months, and I do the bondi to sydney city run every weekday..

    and as for maintenance, I lube my chain every month with a bit of silicon lube. thats it.

    If you want to give fixed wheel a go, this is a GREAT deal.

  • Item no longer available

  • has anyone had shipping confirmation yet? ordered monday night and still hasn't been sent as far as I can tell.

    • ordered Monday morning, arrived Wednesday afternoon (Sydney).
      havn't really ridden the bike yet but bought it just to ride around the neighborhood, not to commute or any serious riding

  • anyone got the bike yet, and how are they finding it ?

  • Not sure why this is marked as expired/out of stock? The deal is still on (with free shipping) and is actually now $188 all up with the coupon "ThankYou".

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