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Micro USB OTG Card Reader MicroSD, M2, MS, Mini - $5.99 Delivered (Pre-Order) USBOnTheGo.com.au


Bargain! Cheapest on eBay is $9.90 AU Stock - We are offering this Micro USB OTG Card Reader for $5.99 Delivered by Australia Post!

We only have 50 pre-order units available!

Supports the following memory cards:

  • MicroSD (TF Card)
  • M2
  • MS
  • SDHC
  • Mini SD


  • 12 Month Replacement Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfactory Guarantee
  • Australian Free Postage by Australia Post

This is a pre-order: due in 14th-20th of January but we estimate it to be a lot quicker!

Other deals coming soon: We are going to have a $1.99 Micro USB OTG Cable Sale (White/Black)!

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  • +1

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee thanks got one.

  • so can i use this on my pc at home or is it only for mobile devices?

    • only for mobile devices as the usb connector is Micro usb not normal usb

  • +13

    30 Day Money Back Sanctification Guarantee

    Sanctification is the act or process of acquiring sanctity, of being made or becoming holy.

    • LOL it is too…

    • Also you might want to fix up "Chargers/Batterys (sic)".

  • +1

    Keeps saying my account doesn't exist even after I do a password reset.

  • +2

    "Make Payable To:

    iiTech Direct

    Send To:
    Warehouse details coming soon - contact us if you need this information immediately.

    Your order will not ship until we receive payment."

    i think it would be better to fix your site first, get your stock and then start selling

      • +18

        Wow that's some professionalism from the rep there…

        Why don't you just take the feedback from the above comment rather than going on the attack?

        • +10

          The agro ones always do so well here don't they :)

        • YOLO !

  • So… theoretically I could use this to add a 128gb sdxc card to my android device (galaxy S3)?

    Can it even handle sdxc?

    • Using an OTG cable which is a female connector but still it would not work for 256GB as your phone needs to power the device.

      • Surely there is a specific power envelope that all cards must conform to?

        I would have thought that if it can run one card then it can run any card?

        Edit: Changed my post to query 128gb because it didn't look like 256gb existed yet :) Didn't want that to hinder getting an answer.

  • +7

    Isn't it normal to have products to sell before they make an offer.

    • -1

      It's a presale. Like if you buy a pre release video game you often get a bonus level or something. In this instance you get a lower price…

      • +1

        you mean like asking for an expression of interest as belongs in the forum

      • +7

        Pre-release applies to products yet to be released! This product is already available in the market.Most probably the seller is waiting to get the stock(he claims 7-14 days,this is the waiting time if you buy the same item for a lower price from an international seller.
        What worries me is that the site( careful I'm not talking about the seller) looks very dodgy, that's all

        • +2

          Well, they (he) certainly appears to have no right to have registered the AU domain usbonthego.com.au (CrazyDomains are the registrar - once again).

          There is a NSW Business Name registration for "iiTech Direct", but that is all I could find - no trading name for usbonthego.

          There is also usbotg.com.au

          Domain Name usbotg.com.au
          Last Modified 24-Oct-2012 22:13:09 UTC
          Registrar Name Crazy Domains

          Registrant R.A BOSERIO & D.A Pynt & D Stewart
          Registrant ID ABN 47370713460
          Eligibility Type Partnership
          Registrant Contact ID R-006026321-SN
          Registrant Contact Name Annonymous Annonymous
          Registrant Contact Email [email protected]
          Tech Contact ID C-001134570-SN
          Tech Contact Name Annonymous Annonymous
          Tech Contact Email [email protected]

          ABN 47370713460
          Entity name: R.A BOSERIO & D.A Pynt & D Stewart
          ABN status: Active from 21 Sep 2009
          Entity type: Other Partnership
          Goods & Services Tax (GST): Not currently registered for GST
          Main business location: WA 6000
          Trading Name Mr. USB

          Again, no rights to the AU domain usbotg.com.au
          and one is not permitted to have false contact details for the registrant.

        • +1

          …AnonyMoots :). (just joking)

        • You sir, are very wrong. Where did you get your info from?
          See schedule 3, part C:
          I think his product is indeed related to his domain name lol…

  • moots starts his own business……

  • +9

    Why really bother calling it au stock? It all comes from the same place and given that the rep does not know EXACTLY when they will be in stock then why not just order from china directly and save $1


    *Also biggest thing is no ABN which is why I am giving this a neg. Sorry moots, you have been here long enough to know.

  • +5

    Lol @ the $19.95 sell price on the website… when using the same pictures as the EBay sellers!

    No ABN, aggressive store owner, website that makes MSY's look professional…

    No deal

  • -1

    I disagree with A3Australia saying he doesnt have the "right" to register and use the domain name. You need an ABN and as long as it is an exact match to the business name OR a service or product you provide then you can register and use the domain name. I don't see the issue, and all I see is people talking about everything but 'is it a bargain or not'….

    • The real problem here is that the http://www.usbonthego.com.au/ site is not even accessible anymore!People have registered, paid and now they cannot even access their account :(

    • +1

      …all I see is people talking about everything but 'is it a bargain or not'….

      That's the thing, though. These generic devices from China / HK can be found for the same price on eBay, if not cheaper. The main selling point here (and what would qualify it as a bargain) is the reliability and customer service of a 'local' business. When this reputation is somewhat questionable, at what point does this stop being a bargain?

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