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JB Hi-Fi 20% off Blu-Ray DVD Back on Again till Sunday


JBHIfi 20% off Bluray DVD back on again till Sunday.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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    I checked the site just then. Prices seem more expensive than usual?

    • what specifically is more expensive?

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        Band of brothers has gone up to $60+ from the mid $40s.

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    What ??? Another 20% off 'sale' ????

    Let's just get rid of the word SALE in 2013 and permanently reduce prices by 20% - as this is the ONLY way I will / would by even contemplating a purchase from them this year.

    Slightly OTT - but what is it with DJs and Myer ? - if you are getting rid of your music / video sections - then SELL your existing stock off now - not just hold onto it at pointless prices !

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      They have them so often why would you buy anything at full price? Just wait for the next 20% off sale. Maybe that's why they keep having them- because not enough people buy at full price.

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      you refuse to shop at JB because they have sales so often?
      quit bitching, this sale is great.

      you guys know you can pricematch and reduce the price from the matched price? pretty cool.

  • Alright I just compared the prices (been eyeing some blu rays). It seems the website has adjusted its prices to match the sale.

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    JB Hi-fi is getting to be like Kathmandu with its "sales"!

  • Star Trek: TNG S2 is back on sale. Seems to be cheapest in the world atm.

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    still waiting for 20% sale for games!

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    Just had a quick look @ Northlands - prices were OTT - unless u are keen on picking up some of the 2 for 20/30 specials then dont bother

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    Positive vote for the combo deals. Have to agree with the general consensus regarding normal pricing - I looked at Brave Double Play yesterday, it was $48! Nearly $60 for 3D.

  • How about X-Men: The Ultimate Collection Blu-ray with 9 discs but the 5 discs version from UK is cheaper.

  • Want Thor but have spent so much already.

    Thor Bluray $15.98
    Thor 3D $29.98

    Also Avatar 3D for $23.98

    So many bargains.

  • What are people buying? Any good deals?

  • My son was in store on Tuesday and mentioned that the Oceans Trilogy (Ocean's 11, 12 & 13)in blu-ray was $28.99. Looking on site just now it is $23.19 which is 20% off. Don't know if that means much but I thought I would share.

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      Only the first one was any good!

      • You mean the prequel to Ocean's 2?

        • The first one, Ocean's 11