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STAR TREK: TNG Blu-Rays Season 1 and 2 Only $39.18 Each at J.B. Make It So.


Amazing price for these beautifully remastered BluRays - the quality is astounding when compared to the original DVD versions which looked as if they had been remastered with Spray and Wipe and left to dry in the hot sun.

Newly released Season 2 contains collectible TNG Art cards.

Cheapest anywhere worldwide, from what I can see. It's gotta be an error - it's almost half the price of the nearest rival.

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    Big W currently has these cheaper during there post Christmas Sale.
    25% off all DVD & Blu-ray sale. Ends Jan 2, 2013.

    Star Trek the next generation series 1 $33.75
    Star Trek the next generation series 2 $36


    • The JB deal comes with limited edition 25th anniversary cards.

      • Only season 2 @ JB has the limited edition cards.

    • Good pickup. The 3rd Rule of Acquisition states: "Never pay/spend more for an acquisition than you have to" :)

  • These have been consistently around $70 each at amazon UK, have had them on my camel alert for ages. Great price.

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    I got them from JBHIFI and they didnt come with the cards.

    Edit: sorry didn't notice them in the box. They seem a little lame

  • I paid $40 each for them at JBHIFI which I thought was a great deal. This is spectacular.

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    Maybe the picture quality is astounding but the episode quality of season 1 & 2 stank.

    • That's true but there's still a few good ones such as the first Borg episode. Season 3 and 4 are by far the best of any Trek.

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        You didn't enjoy star trek: quantum leap?

        • lol im halfway through season 3 of Enterprise. T'pol is a babe!!

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    "make it so number 1"… "Engage!" :)

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    Was watching the season 2 blooper reel the other day. The cast has such great chemistry. Love seeing Dorn crack everyone up.

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    Plus, for the deal title!

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    This would go well with some romulan ale…

    • Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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    Happy new year guys

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      DIS chu' botIvjaj

      • Klingon

  • It is showing ~$48 for me. :(

  • yep deal has finished

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    What a rip. $0 online in 15min and I won't have to do anything but lift a finger.

  • Looks like the deal is back on.

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