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Win $50 and $20 gift vouchers, sponsored by Deals Direct



Closing Date 24/01/2007


Description $50 and $20 gift vouchers sponsored
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $100.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

Just let me announce OzBargain's second competition.

The rule is simple — same deal (check out our previous competition), but with a slight alteration. The prize is the same — 1x$50 and 5x$20 gift vouchers, but our sponsor wants to double that. Okay. Let me spell it out in details.

How to Win?

Same deal.

  1. Register an account if you haven't.
  2. Post a deal.
  3. Prizes will be drawn on Wednesday 24 January 2007 at 12am, and will be announced shortly after.

Again, make sure you use a valid email address when you register, as it is the only way I can contact you just in case you win. There is still one winner from our previous competition who hasn't yet claimed his prize…

Also if you are an online store, or running a bargain website, your posts do not count. Sorry but it is for fairness sake :)

Now here's some changes. For every new deal you have posted, you will receive a new entry into the competition, up to 5 entries. So it will not be an equal chance draw. Hopefully it will encourage more contribution.

What's the Prize?

Same deal (again)

  • 1x AUD$50 gift voucher
  • 5x AUD$20 gift vouchers

There will be 6 winners in total. However, you will not be able to choose which gift voucher you would like to get this time — I will be giving out exclusively Deals Direct gift vouchers.

$50 Deals Direct Gift Voucher

$20 Deals Direct Gift Voucher

Deals Direct gift vouchers were the most popular choice from our previous competition so I guess Deals Direct must have done something right :)

And There is More!

Actually, the REAL reason of going to Deals Direct gift vouchers is — they are the one who sponsor this competition! They are giving me a deal that I simply cannot refuse.

For every prize in this competition, they will match it dollar for dollar!!

That means, if you are the lucky $50 voucher winner, you will get $50 from OzBargain, and $50 from Deals Direct, i.e. $100 Deals Direct voucher! The same applies to the $20 voucher — you will get $40 effectively.

Cool huh?!

Any Question?

Just in case anyone asks, the procedure will be something like this:

  1. On 24 Jan I will grab all the entries, and run a program to generate the 6 winners.
  2. I will email the winners to confirm their email addresses (please write back to claim!)
  3. I will then buy the $50 and $20 vouchers from Deals Direct, which will be emailed directly to you.
  4. I will forward winners' details to Deals Direct, and they will sort out the rest.

All clear? Please let me know your thoughts.

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closed Comments

  • Here we have the winners…

    1. cacbm ($50 gift voucher)
    2. mrgq ($20 gift voucher)
    3. T2 ($20 gift voucher)
    4. noneother ($20 gift voucher)
    5. sh3n ($20 gift voucher)
    6. Jaxx ($20 gift voucher)

    If you are a winner this time, you should have received an email from me asking for confirmation. I just need a confirmation email where I can indeed send the gift voucher to.

    I'll also try to forward all winners' details to Deals Direct this week so they can double all prizes.

  • Just dispatched 4 gift vouchers to those who have responded this morning. I'll wait for the other two to respond before I forward all winners to Deals Direct so they can double your prize.

    I have also mis-placed two notification emails that I have sent, i.e. sent to wrong email addresses. It's a problem that you have a long day at work, and you still have to run some competition after mid-night when you are half sleepy. I think for future compeitions, I will try to run them in the evening instead.

    I will start a new one later this week/early next week, and here's a preview:

    • Weekly draw (instead of 3 weeks) of 2x $20 prizes for 6 continuous weeks.
    • Choices of prizes again! PayPal, gift vouchers, etc. Any other suggestion?
    • One $20 prize will be based on the number of submissions, like our previous two competitions.
    • The other $20 prize will be given to the one with most votes.

    I would like to find sponsors who like to give out extra prizes for advertisement spaces during the compeition. Please email me or using the contact link if you are an interested sponsor :)

  • I have sent the winners' details to Deals Direct over the weekend. Please let me see whether you have received extra prizes from them.

  • hi scotty they haven't responded yet…still waiting

    • Alright. I'll chase it up sometime this week.

  • hey scotty they still haven't provided the extra credit yet =(

    • Hmmm.

      I sincerely apologise about the situation, but so far I have yet not received any news from Deals Direct (I've written to my contact at DD on 25th Jan and 1st Feb). I could try to contact them again, but there's really little I can do.

      I guess if there is still no resolution by next Monday (12 Feb), I'll buy you guys vouchers from my own pocket.

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