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DickSmith Apple iTunes $100 Gift Card for $75 + Free Delivery Online Only - First 2000 Customers


Deal Only Available Online! Offer ends 17-Jan-13

  • $100 iTunes Gift Card for only $75, save $25.
  • Offer available online only and is not available for Click & Collect.
  • Limited to the first 2000 customers.
  • Offer ends on 17/1/2013, while stocks last or unless otherwise stated.

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  • Thanks OP, just ordered mine today :)

  • Sweet, needed some more iTunes credit! Thanks OP!

  • +2 votes

    awesome i'm going to buy 1997

  • the maximum you can order is 5

  • 25% is about the best discount you can get these days, good deal, thanks!

    • There was 50% discount with Harvey Norman back last month. But yeah it is rare. 25% is common.

      • 25% is normal, 50% is hardly normal™.

        I want to get some for Clash of the Clans… that game clashes more with my wallet :(

  • So what can you buy with an itunes gift card other than itunes music, albums, and apple apps. Can I use it to buy physical items from an apple store???

  • good deal, but itunes for iphone 5 is terrible. Bad itunes experience.
    iPhone is good phones, the software horrendously killed it.
    You can provide music protection, but not like this.

    Blocked access to itunes especially, after a update will screw up your phone rendering it useless, with error you won't be able to restore phone unless you go to mac store to wipe clean and restore factory. Waste 3 hours because I cannot simply move a couple of songs into 'music' app that doesn't play properly. why keep using itunes? go android, OK phones but good software wins.

    • Just use music streaming (eg spotify)

      Ditch the idea of collecting music in mp3 format your life becomes much simpler.

      • until spotify goes out of business…but i'll admit spotify is great (apart from the ads) Im too much of an OzB to pay for the subscription service - plus I like iTunes Radio - it does a similar thing….

  • -2 votes

    Sweet deal! I always shop at Dick Smith and their customer service and prices are top notch!

  • Nice, especially if used in combination with the recent 10% off gift cards.

  • Thanks!

  • Thanx, do small items like this still require someone at home to take delivery or they just throw it into your mailbox?

  • I just got mine today but it was horribly bent. If it was for myself then it's okay but it was supposed to be a gift.

  • If anyone missed out i got a few too many and thought family and friends would want them. Message me.