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Amazon - Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses from $72.14 USD + Shipping


A great brand of sunnies for the Australian summer

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

52 and 55mm available, many colors. Prices starting at $72.14 before shipping

Also… score an extra 20% off code by subscribing to email

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Nice - code doesn't work with the polarized lenses though as they are from another supplier. Bummer.

  • I like your first deal.

  • Does the 20% off apply? - I read the fine print and states only applicable to shoes and handbags. Still good deal regardless.

    • Definitely works since the SO got one.

      • Thanks. Unfortuantely it didn't work for my sunnies (55mm polarized) due to it being from a different seller. But great for the other sunnies.

        • You can actually get the 55mm polarized with the discount if you change the seller back to Amazon after you select them on the item page. Amazon's pair are selling at $90.87, which makes it a better saving after the discount. You still have time to cancel your order and change items to get the discount if you want

  • nice. thanks

  • code only for handbags and shoes

    • +2

      Also works for these Sunnies:


      • Yeah you're right it works! Had to make a new account since I was already subbed and they wouldn't give me the code.

        • Set-up another email address.

  • +5

    Make sure you don't get the 52mm size! They are for kids/women with smaller heads.

    • What size to get then? 55mm? 55mm 18mm?

      • +1

        Doesn't matter, none of the 55mm to 18mm are in stock except one pair that are $100+.

        The 55mm will be fine.

    • The 52mm fit an average male/female face well. They are not the children's size either. If you have a normal sized head 55mm may slip on the nose.

      Definitely go for 55mm if you have a bigger face though. Otherwise for normal people the 52mm do just fine.

      • +1

        OK, I have both sizes of these - 52mm in regular lense, and 55mm in polarized lense. Anyone with fine features, ie. petite women could go with the 52mm. They are small and good for people whose face tends to be overwhelmed by large frames. I found they didn't offer enough coverage from the sun so upgraded to the 55mm polarized. Anyone with a normal size face/head should buy 55mm. Guys should definitely NOT buy the 52mm, they will be too small unless you are buying for a child.

        • Maybe you're not normal. Maybe you have a big head

        • +5

          Its probably best to head to your local sunglasses hut to lead on and placate the staff by trying on various sizes with no possibility of purchasing. I mean that's what retail is for…

        • I can vouch for the 55mm too, I first had the 52mm delivered and they look like toy sunglasses.
          55mm are the standard adult size, 52mm are for petite faces.

  • +1

    random question but if you are looking at this sale you are probably the right person to ask. Anyone know the best place to buy aviators?

    • +2

      I bought mine here a couple years ago. Had a good reputation on whirlpool.

      • They are pretty good think you recommended them before.It was from a optometrist in some suburb I forgot.

      • thanks. looks good

  • Or you could buy 75 of these instead? A different colour each day?

  • Great deal OP, I was going to buy a pair just a few days ago luckily I waited :)

  • +1

    FYI - I bought these last year and ended up returning them cos they're the 'New' Wayfarer. Lens is a fair bit smaller than the classics - they just didn't look as cool. Might be best to try them on in a store before buying.

    • Yeah, good bargain but I'm in the market for some classics. From what I can see, not as cheap here.

      • The classics don't suit everyone. They look stupid on me, too large and heavy, however the New Wayfarer looks good. Each to their own.

  • I recently bought the 2132 55mm from sunglass hut for $130 so this is a good deal. Happy with the sunnies though..

  • Not sure whether to get polarized or non-polarized :/

  • funny cuz i was just about to buy these glasses, now there is 20% of it comes down to just over $70 without a second thought i've ordered them , better early than late when the code doesn't work anymore, thanks a lot saved me $15

  • Does it ship to Australia ?

    • +1

      Yes, it ships directly to Australia without the use of an intermediate.

  • good find. When I was looking, best I could find locally was $99 with free shipping - here if you want it urgently. It's a bargain for local stock to be honest though. Cheaper than most US sites too, except for this deal


    • +1

      Agreed. Even then, there's no guarantee that eBay seller is selling genuine RB's.

      • 100% rating - hard to argue with that. I think this is same model but cannot be sure as Ray Ban numbers can be confusing

  • super! i got the 52mm polarized (already have the normal 52mm) for $102 with the voucher! thanks!

  • Voucher worked on other Ray-Bans too (the Jackie-O ones). Brought them down to $25 less than the best price I could find at Xmas time. Thanks OP.

    • Do you mean the RB4141?

    • link?

  • Dammit these don't fit my asian nose.

    • I thought the 2132's were built for asian noses? 2140s are the original fit.

      • Is that really the case? if so i'll buy them. Not familiar with the numbering system.

  • +7

    Make sure you switch currency back to US dollars on the review your order page.
    I use VISA and the cost with their rate (1 USD = 0.949393 AUD) would be $68.06 as opposed to the Amazon exchange rate (1 USD = 0.9922669929 AUD) which makes it $71.14

  • Damn, says can't be shipped to my WA address?

    • Choose another supplier then. Should give you that option before/when adding to cart.

  • anyone know where to get some cheap polarised clubmasters?

  • Great find! Too bad they dont suit me. Only if they sold Asian fit as well :(

    • Seriously, what's with these posts. Is there some Asian thing I don't know about?

      • +1

        Asian Fit glasses are generally designed for those with smaller nose bridges, or those with a flatter facial features.

        Sounds offensive, but in reality works quite well for those of Asian decent.

      • Is there something wrong me being asian?
        dude I don't get to choose that

  • cool thanks

  • Are there any black polarised ray bans that ship to australia. The ones i found dont. Anyone find any?

  • Sweet, Deal these are the same Sunglasses that they wore in the orinal blues brothers movie

  • bought it! :) thanks OP. now hoping for the ray bans aviators to go on sale !!!

  • LIFE SAVER! told my friend to hold off buying it at the local sunglassses hut,
    now we've just bought a pair each 67 dollars! mind you both would've been the price of 1 at sunglasses hut.

    *appears cheap-er because we used the code, and saved money on the shipping by buying two.

  • does anyone know what the return policy is like for these? am tempted to get a pair given the price, but want to know what my options are just in case they dont work out.

    • it would be easier to sell them on ebay for a profit than pay for return postage.

  • +2

    I've ordered http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005MWSUXK/ref=oh_details_o... these aviators instead

    polarized lens & 20% off worked. Cheers! only paid $110 inc. shipping

  • awesome. grabbed this bargain. worked out $71.16 including delivery to Melbourne after using the discount code.

  • +1

    guys check out this video to see the size

  • +1

    Anyone else having issues with checking out on these sunnies? keeps giving me an error no matter if i delete the order and assign a new address it comes up with this

    'We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.'

    • Same here. Anyone know which ones can be shipped? I was just after 2x polarised 55mm's.

  • Alot of the 1 stars say they are fake will we be able to verify genuine with ray ban?

    • +1

      Correct me if I'm wrong but most of those 1 stars say they are sold and shipped from Sunglass Express (third party seller), these ones are sold and shipped from Amazon. I don't think Amazon themselves will go and sell fake designer glasses… can't say much about the sellers though.

  • Bought a polarised black 55mm, thanks so much - good birthday present for me! :)

  • what a joke received fake pairs rather spend extra $ 30 and get a authentic pair

    • Holy cow! Are you sure???

      • +1

        Quality was not up to par and creaks so much when i shake it. Sounds like the manufacturer did not produce it to tolerance and there was no iconic booklet ( not sure but my other raybans came with them). Despite the cheap quality and build they are close to the original but if they are authentic then the quality is subpar and feels like $20 glasses from the petrol station.

        Similar reviews
        "I ordered the 55mm Black, non-polarized G-15 XLT version of these from Sunglass Express as a gift. They seemed like a great deal. When I opened the box I knew something was off. I own a pair of New Wayfarers in tortoise shell and the ones I just received felt way cheaper than those. The lenses are very loose and make creaking noises. The construction of the glasses feels subpar compared to the other pair I own. If you set them on a table the arms of the glasses are not even close to even. I just went up to Sunglass Hut and purchased a genuine pair of the exact same model and the difference is drastic. The pair I received from Amazon sure seem to be cheap knockoffs. All of the logos etc. are all there but the quality is markedly worse. I had read others with similar issues but shouldn't have ignored them. I am returning these for a refund. Don't be tempted by the low price of these. If something seems to good to be true, it probably is."

        "This was extremely disappointing. I have trusted Amazon for years, and after searching around for a good price I happened to land on the Womens RayBan New Wayfarer Sunglasses. They're the exact same as the mens, so I decided to give them a try. There was only one style left, the black rubber/green lens combo, the one I was looking for. They were my size too, 55mm. So I ordered them, DIRECTLY from Amazon, not "sold by ___, fulfilled by Amazon" and no third party seller. They arrived promptly, but when I open the box I immediately noticed that the case wasn't well made and there was no RayBan logo on the button. I opened the case, and sure enough, the glasses were fake too. They are very flimsy and look like a pair of 10 dollar sunglasses, not ones usually priced at 120 (marked down to about 75 when I ordered them on Amazon) and crafted in Italy. Plus, they are a glossy black, not the cool matte black rubber I had ordered. They look exactly like a pair in the YouTube videos explaining how to identify fake RayBans. One would have to be a fool to think they are real, they are absolutely disgusting and so is the fact that this was from Amazon, a trusted internet seller. I would never have suspected this from them. The sunglasses are back in the box and are being promptly returned. I will be buying a pair in a real store now so I know they are genuine. I will not be trusting Amazon for products like this again. As they say, if it is too good to be true - DON"T BUY IT!

        • I bought the 55mm Polarized version from Amazon about 6 months ago, and mine definitely are genuine. This style of Rayban (RB2132) are notorious for the lenses squeeking and creaking, genuine included.

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