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SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 USD$53 Delivered, 64GB SDHC $42, 32GB $21

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As the title says, Sandisk microSDXC 64gb at a great price. USD46.99 + approx. USD6 shipping. (Roughly works out to be around AUD51 total).

This is usually USD59.99 on Amazon (with ~$6 shipping). I've seen it at $49 before and have been waiting for it to drop. Good price if you need a microSD.

Cheapest on StaticIce is $59.95 with $6 shipping.. Kogan and other similar sites sell it for $99.

Remember to click "Retail Packaging" on Amazon, NOT "Frustration Free".

Also Sandisk Ultra SDXC 64GB $42USD

Sandisk Ultra SDHC 32GB $21 USD

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks ! I just came on to OB to look for this exact thing, and here it is :)

  • Ahhhhh man, just bought one of the 64GB SDHC's the other day for more than that >__<

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      Click on the site and check.
      Google your Tablet and find out.

      Enter the items to your cart and check.
      Same as above.

      You're one lazy man.

    • +1…

      They just cut back on redundant packaging. You likely don't have to deal with blister packs and the like also. In this case the frustration free option doesn't seem to ship to my address for the micro SD card, where the standard SD card linked too doesn't look to have that issue.

  • Just needed one ;D

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    It won't ship to melbourne, am I doing something wrong? Trying to get a 32gb class 10

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      Yeah I can never get amazon to ship to me. Gave up trying.

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      Did you select "Retail Packaging" on the product page? They have two packaging options, one (frustration free) doesn't look like it'll ship to my address.

      Amazons shipping can be a bit fussy at times as to where it'll go.

    • +3

      tried….64gb works 32 doesnt :(

  • -3

    Yeah puff

    Anyways it's $7 for all shipping…think thats about the same as ship forwarder.
    Asus TF700 infinity should be fine I reckon.
    Here goes with the 28 degrees!
    Pity the dollar dropped :(


    Went thru fine for me ;)

  • I was just thinking about buying one of these… Thanks OP

  • Anyone know where to get an micro sd 32 gb? D:

    • eBay. Paypal's buyer protection will protect you from fakes.

      Samsung Class 10 Micro SD 32gb are good.

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        mmm but how do you prove to paypal that it is a fake?

        • You don't, you just say you never received the item. Much easier method of getting your money back!
          The question is "how do you prove to paypal they sent it to you?"
          "it" being the genuine item :)

        • +1

          What if they send it via registered post?

        • +1

          Use the industry standard h2testw software.

          It should take about an hour to test and verify the actual capacity and speed of the sd card.

          I do that for every single card that I purchase off the internet.

          That's why I am able to buy those cheap 128gb usb drive or 32gb cards without a thought. It might rarely be real but I know that I can get my money back for sure if it is fake.

          Should it be fake, just message the seller and 80% of the time they would feign surprise and refund automatically.

        • -1

          Are you not concerned about catastrophic failure of these cheap cards,losing everything?

        • -1

          hahas 80% of the time… XD im not buying 100 or sanything LOL. 80% means i have 0.8 chance of losing the money all together :L

        • Not at all.

          I make it a point to never buy brandless cheap cards.
          I always buy branded sd card such as Lexar, Transcend, Sandisk.
          Always checked the capacity and write speed to make sure the cards are legit. (Fake cards don't bother with matching genuine capacity and write speeds)

          My 80% of the time comment refers to them automatically refunding you without having to open a dispute on paypal. It's really just a random number that I came up with

      • Except if you "win" buyer protection, then they get you to return the item back to the seller at your expense, & it must include online parcel tracking (& maybe insurance, can't remember).

        • just normal postage… but thing is, if you send it back and they claim not to recieve it, then you get no refund D<

        • -1

          Hence you pull the "didnt received" card first.
          + saves the hassle and return postage (keep the negs coming, have fun with your ebay fakes and paypal counterfeit disputes)

        • LOL i vote + on this now :L

        • Not true.

          Paypal's stance on counterfeit items are that all counterfeit items must be destroyed as they are illegal.

          You would not be required to ship the item back at all if you bought a FAKE Sandisk Card for example.

          However, if you bought a No Name OEM card that promised to be a Class 9000 card and it turned out to be only Class 2? You're out of luck.

        • +1

          Paypal requires you to sign an Afadavit with verification from an external source. (an electronics shop perhaps, but they have nothing to gain by writing out a letter for you to send to PayPal)

          I once tried to go the 'this is counterfeit, I'll try a counterfeit dispute, rather than a item-never-received dispute', but then I took a no-refund arrow to the knee.

  • Thanks ordered one.

  • Cheers OP, was waiting for prices to drop on these!

  • I had purchased sandisk micro sdhc 32 gb memory card for $22.70 at officeworks on last saturday (price beat MSY). Don't know how that is compared to this deal.

  • +4

    And this is why you always buy a tablet with expandable memory, unlike certain brands.

    • My Samsung Tab from the EB deal just before Christmas will be coming in handy :)

    • They've made the SD card less useful in android 4.1 with out root.

      • How so?

        • +1

          Jellybean doesn't let you move apps to the SD Card.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered the retail packaging for 64gb and shipping comes out as ~$6 for Queensland. Fantastic find! OzBargained!

  • Awesome. Been waiting for one of these to go in my Asus Infinity. Got rid of the 16Gb iPad so I could have more memory and be free of the curse that is iTunes. There was nothing more frustrating than having to constantly delete stuff just so I could put some more magazines or something on

  • Haven't even filled up my 32GB version in the SGS3…yet…

  • -2

    ffs, can not ship either way. dam you amazon.

  • Great find, thanks for sharing!

  • great job, works just fine.

    Make sure you choose "RETAIL PACKAGE" before you add the item to shopping cart.
    6.03 shipping to Brisbane

  • Will OfficeWorks price match amazon…. ?

  • Looking for one for my GoPro hero3 Black edition.

    Whats the difference between this and the one listed here…

    There is a 20dollars difference and I don't really want to get the wrong one….

    • That one is not sold by Amazon but fulfilled by them, hence the higher price. Amazon has a lot of B&M companies use them as an online store front.

      FWIW if you are after a SDHC (linked in OP), as opposed to a micro SHDC, I strongly recommend the Extreme over the Ultra, made a big difference in my DSLR (Sony A65). Hard to justify the Extreme Pro yet though…

      • Thanks! I am after a micro. Ultra vs Extreme? Thats too much infor for me lol.

  • Bought :) Thanks OP!

  • The 32gb UHS-1 (45MB/s write speed) is well priced also, at 33.36.…

    • Similar price at MSY ($36), and of course MSY is pickup so no freight cost, but hey it is cheaper if you're shipping with something else.

      BTW just to pass on some recently gained knowledge, UHS-1 kinda means diddly for speed comparison, it merely defines the bus type and not the transfer speed. Class only defines minimum speed. Always look for the actual speed in comparing, not the class.

      • Actually you're wrong there, you're mixing up UHS-I and UHS-1 which are different things entirely.

        UHS-I, signified by just an I symbol, means it has a 104MB/s bus speed, which means nothing.

        UHS-1, signified by a 1 inside a U, indicates the speed of the actual card. UHS-1 means 10MB/s writes, which is the same as Class 10.

        You'll notice the image in the OP has both the I and the 1-inside-a-U.

        But the speed rating is kinda irrelevant when UHS-1 cards can be anywhere from 10 to 30 (Sandisk Ultra) to 45 (Sandisk Extreme) to 95MB/s (Sandisk Extreme Pro)


      • Ah I didn't mean that to look like the 45MB write has anything to do with it being UHS-1, but it sort of does look that way on review.

        The difference between a 30mb write (card in the OP) and a 45mb write isn't going to be huge unless you're shooting in RAW either.

        I don't have an MSY near me I don't think…

  • I'm looking for 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro card, anyone find it cheap please post.

  • +1

    Thanks guys - I ordered a week ago at $57.95 but just emailed Amazon and they've agreed to refund the difference :)

  • I have tried 3 addresses in SA (5168, 5007 and 5020) and it cannot be shipped to the address with Retail Packaging

  • +1

    when are 128GB micro SDXC cards out? These will obviously come down further in price when they arrive.

    • Needing a 128gb desperately :( 64gb aint going to cut it.

      • My god, could they really fit that much space onto a tiny card?

        Mind blowing when you think about it. When I was at university the biggest hard drive you could get was 650 mb.

      • It's going to be super expensive. I remember back when 32gb cost $70 and 64gb cost around $120 mark.

        Now that 64gb costs ~$50, its a must get.

  • anyone else in WA having problems getting it to accept their address with retail packaging? :(

    • No problems here, just make sure you tick retail packaging

      • i AM ticking retail packaging. i thought that was quite clear in my comment..?

        i've been trying my street address and my PO box. Amazon won't give me any joy

        • +1

          same here, gpo address in Brisbane, no go

  • +1

    Fran's been quiet lately. Is she still around?

    • Maybe her memory of OzBargain has been accidentally deleted.

  • Hi, I am just wondering if anyone had 32gb or 64 gb micro sd cards in their s3? Because I thought of buying this but there was a lot of complains that there was reading issues with the new software updates, but not sure if its just with carriers lock only. Can anyone confirm that its working fine?

    • Anyway, mine isn't lock and was bought from Kogan.

    • I've got a 32GB Samsung card that works fine with both the stock Samsung ROM as well as Omega on the S3. Can't say much about the 64GB ones until mine arrives.

      Edit: Unlocked handset as well, although it was Australian stock from Optus.

      • I am using a 16Gb now, doesn't give a problem but there is a lot in forums saying people having trouble after the new firmware update.

    • I think that some people mentioned that there was a way to circumvent the issues by formatting it in a specific way. Not too sure though. Google should yield more answers than me.

  • Did I miss out? It's showing 52.33 now :(

  • Year. Price changed now. I missed it tooo

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