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This guy Asia! Glad I'm not the only one. It's humid as hell and nobody likes steamed nuts!
08/02/2022 - 08:49
I bought one for my son for school + gaming. No complaints so far. It heats up and fans get loud but I guess that's normal for a gaming...
29/12/2021 - 09:38
Use the forwarder that has personal shopping service where they physically purchase the product for you. I did it for this same laptop...
28/12/2021 - 23:24
Can you elaborate on why it's better than the Microsoft Sculpt? I'm in the market for an ergonomic KB mouse combo so would appreciate any...
23/12/2021 - 16:45
I'm eyeing this one: Inspiron 15 5510 Laptop 11th Gen i7-11390H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Iris Xe Win11 Currently listed for 1498.75. Any thoughts...
17/12/2021 - 08:30
It's $1137 after applying the code. I believe you can get cashback as well judging by past comments. Also, might be able to get lower by...
11/12/2021 - 11:43
Isn't this similar price to the Lenovo edu store with EDUCOMM discount code? I suppose it's easier purchasing through Officeworks.
11/12/2021 - 11:29
What code? The educomm discount code? Works for me.
10/12/2021 - 14:51
Try this link
10/12/2021 - 14:46
Thank. Looks like downgrading to the 5600U cpu and upgrade to the mx450 graphic makes it almost the same price at $1199. Is this a good...
10/12/2021 - 14:10
Is this integrated graphic any good for casual games like Valorant or Rocket League?
10/12/2021 - 11:51
Thanks for this. I've been waiting on a sale for this exact chair. Which Costco was this at?
10/12/2021 - 11:50
Thanks mate. Any suggestion in that price range that can run Valorant and Rocket League? Any thoughts on this one below? Going for just...
02/12/2021 - 11:03
A secondhand Acer? Are you sure that it's going to hold up?
01/12/2021 - 13:45
Thanks, it's a public school. I agree with you and would prefer to spend the minimum (it's OzB after all!). However, we did promise to get...
01/12/2021 - 13:44
Hey guys, I'm after some recommendations for a reliable laptop for my son starting high school next year. Some requirements: - Decent...
01/12/2021 - 11:59
Is this good enough for casual gaming such as Rocket League and Valorant?
25/11/2021 - 21:37
oh we go! Bring on the jokes.
30/09/2021 - 10:07
I was just going along with JV's bolding the pun. Why are you having a **go at** at me?
27/09/2021 - 14:34
I'm not paying that, they're not the same specie! You're clearly not the **G**reatest **o**f **A**ll **T**ime when it comes to pun...far...
27/09/2021 - 10:16
AusPost surprised me with the delivery today. Finally, I'm glad this is over with. As for the product, I've only tried the rum and coke and...
21/08/2021 - 16:48
Got an update just now. Expected Friday 20 Aug 2021 – Wednesday 25 Aug 2021* I think I'm going to cry myself to sleep and then dream...
17/08/2021 - 22:20
Anyone else received despite AusPost tracking showing "it's being prepared"?
17/08/2021 - 20:00