expired Arma2: Combined Operations $14.95 USD or $11.24 with Coupon


Hey guys,

Found this while I was looking for a cheap key to buy for my brother, it's an awesome game though it not really noob friendly. It is $24.99 on steam and most cdkey sites.

Also if you are interested in zombies and post apocalyptic survival then the DayZ mod is for you.


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    Wait for the DayZ standalone if you can wait.

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      Going to be waiting awhile, supposed to be April, but they havent even wrapped up beta testing yet.


        He's going to Everest in early April. So should hopefully be out before the trip. (if not another months wait at least :()


    well the modes like wasteland, WW1 (or 2), etc look pretty fun, though you have to have mates to play with

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      not really. just join the teamspeak for the server.

      even then it's fine just to use the ingame speak.


    So many hundreds of mods for this game - would buy again

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    CAGROCKS code brings it to 11.24 USD if you haven't used the code before.



    Myself and a bunch of mates run 2-3 servers online at any one time.
    DayZ etc.