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IGN Free Game of The Month - The Walking Dead: Assault for iOS


This is the same format as IGN's previous Need for Speed promo

Go to the website and request your code. Then redeem the code via the App Store/iTunes.

The process is even simpler if preformed directly on an iOS device:

  • Follow the link to the IGN page
  • Tap "Get My Code"
  • On the screen that pops up displaying the code, tap on the code itself
  • Your device should then transition to the App Store; input your iTunes Account password and the app will download

Have fun.

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        • +1

          That's right, until I saw it was 230mb. So I'll wait till I'm at work Tuesday to download. Purchase went through which is the main thing..

        • +1

          i think it has something to do with cookies, because when i tried it with different browsers different codes came up.

          Here's one if anyone wants it:


  • It just worked for me when using iphone to click the link and get code. It's downloading now! And I have an AU Account

    +1 from me! Thanks OP

    • should of got it on ipad!

  • thanks, downloading from AU account now.

  • Redeemed and downloaded perfectly! Thanks :)

  • Thanks, downloading now.

  • Thanks ;P

  • +2

    Great first post!! Keep up the good work ;)

  • thank you!

  • +1

    Awesome. Was looking for a new strategy game since I'm coming to the end of GBWG. Nice one OP!

  • Got it, thanks OP!

  • +1

    Got it. Works on AU store. Thanks

  • Thanks!

  • Yow cazzz… it worked

  • Cheers, downloaded after I deleted a few things… Apple, why you only give me 16GB!?

  • -1

    Works on my PC - 231MB, rated 12+

    Will have to kill the sync to my iPhone, as I don't have enough space :-(

  • +2

    Big plus to IGN for how simple this was to get .. click , click, done.

  • How odd… the terms say…

    Valid only on Canadian iTunes Store. Requires iTunes account. Terms and Apple Privacy Policy apply, see www.apple.com/legal/itunes/au/terms.html. Must be 13+ and in Canada. Compatible products and services required. Any in app purchases sold separately.

    But, it accepted the code in the AU iTunes Store and downloaded just fine.

    Nice find OP. Thanks!

  • Nice find OP.

  • Nice find OP. Shame I bought it two days ago :(

  • Seem only iPhone version.

    • +1

      nope. worked for iPad.

  • The price is right!

  • You can redeem many code using different browsers. Each one will give you a different code.

  • Not a bad little game - seems to be in visual the style of the comics.

  • Thanks mate; downloaded the game last night and finished it this morning. The game seems to follow the first season/comic through 12 odd stages, the download appears to be the first of three chapters which I assume require payment (when these are released); still a pretty fun little game. Pro tip; sniper is bawse!

  • Thanks just grabbed it now, so the link is still working!

  • never mind saw someone already posted it