expired Free Gucci Guilty Black Sample


Fill out the form. You will receive your sample in 4-6 weeks.


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    Are you telling me I can actually sample a fragrance without being hounded by the Myer /DJs staff?! Yes please!


    Is this Pour Homme or Pour Femme?


      a quick browse on the gucci website, there are versions for men and women. the sample website doesn't specify which you will receive but i suspect it's based on the salutation you enter.

      either way, i'm hoping it's a tiny albeit usable vial rather than a lame scented bit of paper that Hugo Boss favour


        I suspect it's going to be the scratch and sniff version, based on the confirmation details given at the end which are the suppliers of those versions.

        I suspect they also don't like to send glass internationally, aside from the cost of it.

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          Spot on odysseus. Anytime I see the tracking id number I know it's going to be a postcard. Glass vial samples are available at the department stores.
          Last time I received a glass vial sample in the mail was some 10 years ago. I even remember what it was: Candies (Alyssa Milano did the ad's back then)

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          Fragrance samples are just postcards with a sticker on it which is diffused with fragrance, so you can tear the sticker and sniff.


    They lost me when're they killed off Gucci Envy for men…..

    FYI: anyone have one they wanna sell…..PM me. Thx!!

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    Good luck guys.
    4 months layer, im still waiting for lacoste, hugo boss, and god knows how many other of these purfume samples which popped up on ozbargain…

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    Well I ordered it because it was free but what is the ACTUAL point of these samples? If they were sealed in a little plastic bubble so you can put some on your body it would be okay…so are you suppose to open up the letter with a little stump of paper smelling like perfume, sniff it like a bogan…then throw it away?


    mine arrived in the mail today. 4 little cloth samples in a booklet

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