expired Oral-B Professional Prowhite Replacement Brush Heads from Amazon - $45 USD delivered for 9

Oral-B Professional Prowhite Replacement Brush Heads from Amazon - $45 USD delivered for 9Affiliate

Clarification: These are replacement Brush heads for Oral-B Electric Tooth brushes. If you own one you will probably already know what these are (especially after all the discounted Oral-B Triumph deals that have been posted on OzB)

Single 3-pack Prowhite pack price $13.99 (usually $24.45), max order qty 3
Shipping price for three packs of 3 (9 total) $6.36
Total Price of 9 brush heads $48.33

Subtract coupon of $3

Final Price $45.33 USD shipped
or $5.04 USD per a brush head. (local price comes to $9 per a brush head if bought from Chemist Warehouse)

These sell for $18.99 locally for a two pack from Chemist Warehouse which is around $9 each

So 9 x $9 comes to $81, therefore saving you $36 compared to buying the same quantity locally

Direct link to the Pro White heads:
Coupon link:

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    so much explanation. Had to read more than once to understand what you are trying to say… and i still didnt get it.


    Agreed.. Title and description is terribly worded . Took some time to understand.

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      Or you could click the link and see what they are. Oral-B + Brush should be enough of an explanation.
      I have added additional clarification at the top of the post to make things easier to understand.

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    Or there is this option. $19.99 for 6 heads…..
    I believe the Precision version is actually cheaper at Chemist Warehouse over Amazon. Plus many people prefer these.



      I've used both and find the Pro Whites give a far better clean than the precisions. Otherwise still a good price from CW.

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