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CeBIT 2013 Australia (Sydney) - Free Exhibition Entry (Save $40)


I got this in an email. Free entry to CeBit in Sydney (Darling Harbour). 28-30 May 2013. Actual words from email:

Claim your Complimentary Exhibition Ticket to CeBIT Australia with promo code share53a

I personally don't think CeBit is interesting anymore but it might be to someone.

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CeBIT Australia
CeBIT Australia

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  • There are free promos every year. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah you'd be crazy to pay for this (or any trade show). Also, they spam you once you sign up.

      • What @eDust said. These clowns will spam you for the rest of your life (or until the fake/temporary email address you gave them expires). Don't give 'em your real email address, people! :-)

      • Not just the event organisers. When you are in the exhibition there are lots of vendors that put you into draw of prize if you let them scan your tag (which they'll get your sign up info).

        I am still occasionally getting phone calls from this US-based company asking whether I have changed my mind and ready to take a look at their products (as from previous calls I've told them that I'm not interested).

    • For the love of sanity please do not use your real email address.
      I still get emails from Cyber Roam since my first CeBIT in 2006.

      Q: But I'll just unsubscribe?
      A: Good luck matey, I've tried and just tweaked my filters then.

      Q: But I will untick all the boxes.
      A: I don't even remember visiting a CyberRoam booth, but once they scan your tag they get your info.

      Q: Should I bring a condom?
      A: Well if BitDefender has a booth they might still be handing out free ones. (Or given one while interviewing someone…)
      A_2: Not sure I would trust them.
      A_3: <insert joke about norton>

  • surely you can unsubscribe to spam…?

    • They give your details to their sponsors. You can unsubscribe from those, it's not too bad. Then the CeBit organisers send their own spam, that's a little harder to unsubscribe.

  • Dont waste your time

  • Good for a tax deductible holiday if you live interstate.

  • The code doesn't apply and I see $44 as the total for the ticket. Has anyone got this to work?

    • It says

      If you entered a promo code, it will be redeemed on the next step.

      Keep on pressing Next and you'll see that it's $0 at Payment page.

  • I'll be working at Cebit, so free entry for me is already arranged…

    I hope they don't spam my inboxes since they have hold of my most personal details.

  • It's not really for "free stuff"… it's industry conference for learning…

  • Well. OzBargain doesn't have a stall. However, we might arrange some kind of OzBargain Sydneysider meetup at CeBIT and I'll bring some free T-shirts for give away.

    Anyone interested?

    • Yes! Let's do an OzBargain raiding party: A team of hunters live post freebies in the forum.

      The best freebie I got in the past 3 years are 1-year Kaspersky subscription and photos with Crazy Domain's promo girls (so sad they were kicked out). Altech's promo girls are no match for them.

  • I would like to know what % of visitors actually pay for entry at cebit…

  • Another way to get free tickets: http://mycebit.com.au/r-mynetfone

  • Here is another promo code that works: ezesued76

    I have personally used it and it returned free ticket.