Please suggest a good Whipper Snipper under $100

Hi Guys,

I'm after a whipper snipper (line trimmer). Budget is $100 or less.

Preferring battery powered instead of petrol (cause I can only get 2 stroke motors within my budget)
However not sure if 18v battery is sufficient (my lawn is small - approx 125sqm)
So not sure if I should pick battery operated or petrol powered…

Within my budget, of course I cannot get Ryobi or Bosch or Makita brand.

I have heard lots of bad thing about Bunnings Ozito brand. Have they improved these days? Can get Ozito 18v for $59

Or Xceed 18v for $70 from Masters

There are some petrol variants (2 strokes) available - but not sure which one is good (within $100)
Please help. Thanks.

NB: Also in the market to purchase a lawn mower - preferring the 909 16" from Masters over the Sprinter 16" from Bunnings. Both are $199 and has B&S engine but Sprinter's catcher is not hardshell/plastic. The 909 18" is $29 more but doesn't have the B&S engine… Any suggestion? Cheers


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    I brought the Pope 26CC Petrol Line Trimmer from Big-W, currently $98.

    My expectations were quite low, I honestly thought it would break after a few months. But it has performed exceedingly well. It's easy to use (has a shoulder strap, which takes some of the weight), easy to start (much easier than my Ryobi Petrol blower). I've had it now for 2-years and it probably gets used for about 45 minutes every month. Lasted very well, and it's still going strong. I can't think of any negatives.

    I would always get a petrol line trimmer over a corded (dangerous) or battery one.


      Thanks guidedlight - I will consider Pope.

      Do you need to chnage the fuel (petrol + engine oil) regulerly or you can leave it for more than a month if its not in use?

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        I have a 10-litre petrol container. When I fill it up, I add just one Fuel Stabilizer (these are about $2 each from Bunnings; they are small and filled with blue liquid if you're looking for them). My mower, line trimmer, blower, etc all use fuel from this container (obviously I mix it with oil before adding it into a 2-stroke).

        The fuel stabilizer stops the fuel from degrading when not in use; and you can leave it in the line trimmer/mower for up to two years without any issues.

        Fuel Stabilizers are particularly handy for 2-stroke engines; because of the fuel-oil mixture. You can just leave the fuel in there, and top up as required.

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    For your budget I would NOT get a battery powered one. If you can't afford a decent 4 stroke then get a mains powered device. Yes it is annoying but they are much better and will work for much longer.

    I have used a mains powered Ozito and it was not good at all. You can however get a very good Ryobi within your budget, which is my recomendation.

    Make sure you get ome with a strong stiff shaft, the cheap ones are loose and it makes them hard to use. Don't be sold on features of adjustable to 5000 different angles if none of them work well.


      Thanks Bruce

      I have used an electric (corded) Ozito one and it is not good in terms of usablity/maneuvering
      So I will pass Electric.

      Seems like I might have to go with a petrol (2 stroke)
      Any suggestion/idea on a petrol ones within $100?

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        As I mentioned I would buy a corded Ryobi with this budget, the issues with the cord being better than the issues with a 2 stroke for me.

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