expired 1 Metre for IPod , I-Sense Tower Speaker with Bluetooth for $99 @ Officeworks


Looks like a good deal . enjoy

Product Details:

  • Brand: I-Sense
  • Colour: Black
  • Quantity: 1
  • Dimensions(WDH): 315 X 250 X 1160
  • 2 X 10 W
  • 25 W subwoofer
  • Video output fot TV
  • Full control remote control

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    Hmm, not sure but I think I saw this at Target over Xmas for 59 or 69. Was a clearance item I believe anyone else remember?


      yeah saw it the other week in Target $59, Hurstville had about 5 left. They are not very loud. I tested it over bluetooth.


    Generic brand, no specs, can't find a manufacturer website…

    Doesn't seem any different to this generic tower for $99 at Target which at least gives basic details (2x10W output + 25W subwoofer).

    EDIT Oh, Bluetooth I suppose. What's the Bluetooth do? Connect to transmit music? For a remote control? Who can say, there's no product details.

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    1 Metre Long I-Sense Tower Speaker

    Content is sold by length and not by physical unit. Content may settle during shipping. :-)