expired Pendo Pad 8" Android 4.1 Tablet $149 at Target


Dual Core CPU, 8" 1024x768 Multitouch IPS screen 8GB storage, 1GB Ram.

Details here


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    Specs on product page say:

    • 8.0 Inch LCD capacitive multi-touchscreen 4:3 (SVGA 800 x 600)
    • LCD Size (Diagonal) : 8'' IPS Aspect Ratio : 4:3 Resolution : 1024×768 pixels

    Which is it? Can't be both…

    Anyone know if this has access to the Play Store?


      I'll lay odds that the resolution is the former.
      The last promoted PendoPad I can recall was referenced in some specs or promotion to have Play Store access, but didn't.
      Punt-o-Pad might be a better brand name.

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    Also the cpu is misleading in one area it says 1ghz (assume single core since no mention of dual) cpu than in the other area it says 1.5 ghz dual core cpu.
    I dont think i can trust a company who has no idea what they are talking about…
    I cant plus this deal.


    Little info on this tablet. No battery size. Target had this on sale two weeks ago at $109.


      If you trust the dodgy spec page it says 5000mah.


      That is a totally a difference Pad which is 7" I think.


      If it is a real Dual Core, 5000mah and 1024x768 8inch IPS screen, I think it is a OK deal. Also if you find that it is no good just return it back to Target.

      But yes Pendo is not a famous brand and the spec page is a bit dodgy.


    Coles deal is much better than this. No bargain.


      What deal? You didn't link to anything…

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    Got email confirmation from Pendo with their leave a message on their site (almost instant) saying that the screen is 1024x748 and Cortex A9 CPU.


      Hmm, but we still don't know which CPU.. Rockhip 3066 perhaps?


        Isn't Cortex-A9 is already the model?


          Cortex A9 refers to the basic chip architecture as licensed from ARM.


    I bought one today considering the generous return policy from such stores and confirm it is pretty much as claimed on initial impressions. It's around 9 mm thick, below is a link to some device info and benchmark results.


    It is configured with 1mobile.com market and I have not yet figured out how to get Google Play store on it nor tested the battery capacity/run time. Hoping to do that and provide additional review once I have had enough time to use/test unless someone else beats me to it :-)


      Thanks Sam. By that build number, looks like my guess of a Rockchip 3066 was right. Not a sloppy cpu..
      Possible its the same as this: http://www.yftech.com/en/product.php?coid=818 (despite the Cortex-A5 spec on that page, which I'm sure is wrong)

      Few more pics of the unit itself would be good if you have the time too.

      As for Play Store, maybe the gapps might help. http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20130301-signed.zip
      Since probably can't flash the whole thing, pull the PhoneSky.apk (play store) from the system/app folder in that zip and copy to the tab and see if it installs. Might need OneTimeInitializer.apk and SetupWizard.apk first, possibly Talk.apk also.


        You'll need root to do that.


    Yeah, I own a Samsung Galaxy Note and this is my 1st tablet but I am rather happy that it is not thick. It weighs 440g. And it appears to be possible to install apps. I installed Google Chrome browser but couldn't (yet) figure out how to install Google Play services, Google+, and such but will try/follow suggestions and also post some photos if others want when I get a chance over the next couple days.

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