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Brainwavz R1 Dual Dynamic Earphones $23 (W.out Mic) and $28 (with Mic) Delivered


Pretty sure this is the cheapest R1 has ever been. I've had the R1s for about 5 months and I've been using them everyday/all day, they became my favorite. Very detailed sound. Really surprising soundstage at this price range. Comfy too, especially with the supplied comply foam tips. The body is plastic, but even after using them A LOT everyday, I can't see any signs of damage so far (I don't carry them around though). They come in an expensive looking box, so, good for gifting too. :)

The accessories that come with it:
1 x Comply foam tips
3 x Pairs of ear tips (S/M/L)
1 X Bi-Flange tips
1 x 6.3mm adapter
1 x Airplane adapter
1 x Hard carrying case
Here is a link to a review from head-fi.org:

The remote-mic version is also on sale:

The code R1CLEAR takes $20 off the price, so the non-mic version becomes $23.45 (AUD) and the mic version $28.24 (AUD), including shipping.

Just a heads-up though, the Email I received mentioned that their store will be shut down from 26/03/2013 to 04/04/2013, so I am not sure if they would ship these before that.

If you're OK with it, my referral link:


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  • When going through the checkout, the shipping indicated around 10-30 days delivery (for the free option).

    • That's a shame, I think when I ordered mine, it came with free FedEx delivery, took about 2 days. Worth the wait though, amazing iems. Buy them!

  • Ive had mine for about 3 months and i agree the sound quality is impressive. Only problem is the comply tips these come with are already stuffed, they arent the normal ones i got with other brainwavs. But my biggest problem is the fit, unless you get a good seal they sound terrible, i almost have to force them down my ear canal. With a good seal tho they sound superb.

    • yeah, the comply foam tips that come with these don't last very long. Though, they are supposed to be the more expensive ones I think (they go for $20 for 3 pairs on comply website, woooooo):
      The bi-flange tips that come with it fit me really well though. I've got big ears I guess. :)

  • change the currency to AUD, and comes down to 28.24! (what currently google converted too)
    no need for 28 Degree Card :)

    • yep. and the non-mic one $23.45

  • Anyone know if these pick up FM radio well?

    • I got no dramas with mine.

  • Thanks, I have enough, but can't resist a decent audio purchase <$30…

  • +1

    You Can also uso their point reward system, I got an extra $2 off

  • +1

    Anyone know how these compare against the M11P+?


    • In my experience, for sound quality I find them both pretty great. However the microphones on the mp4nation headphones is superior to that of the meelec ones (to the point where my I've tried 3 pairs of M11P+s and they are all unusable for phone conversations.

    • I have both, and basically, see below, what erd said applies here too. Plus the R1 feels special, much nicer packaging.

    • Thanks guys…

  • I knew I should have held out.

  • Why these over the m4's guys. Really hard to pick the difference in these sometimes when they all come down to the same price.

    • +1

      I have both. To me, these have better soundstage, better bass-treble separation and a cleaner, deeper bass (due to being dual driver I guess). The upside of M4s is the metal shell (R1s are plastic shell) (and therefore more durable against being thrown around). Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the heads up erd.

    • no worries.

  • Thanks - 1 of each ordered.

    • no worries. I ordered a spare one too.

  • Anyone know how these headphones would go blocking noise for air travel?

    I just ordered some then, the reviews were too good to pass up, cheers OP!

    • Read the head fi review. Isolation starts getting technical down to the type of eartip you use. The comply's usually have outstanding isolation but these ones you get are dodgy. id imagine the rubber tips would leak sound and let sound in but with the volume turned loud enough you really couldnt hear much.

  • Make sure the item you are after is in stock. Otherwise expect to wait a couple months with the store not really knowing when stock will arrive.

  • Thanks - just ordered - been after a pair of decent headphones with phone mic.

  • +1

    Coupon no longer works..

    • Cheers. Marked the deal as expired.

  • Jesus, not even 2 days before its expired? Had to wait to get paid >.< goddamn it.

    • Yeah, I'm surprised how quick it was too. The specials usually go for 4 days.

  • Ordered from this post and been listen with it for a while.
    Have to come back and say THANK YOU.
    These earphones are truly amazing.
    Best earphones I have ever had.

    • Glad to hear that. No worries. I really like them too and I bought a spare pair for myself from this deal.

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