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PS3 Move Starter Pack + Wonderbook - $50 + Free Pickup or $5.95 Delivery - Harvey Norman


If you still need a Move Starter Pack for Playstation 3, $50 is a good price, added bonus Wonderbook (easy platinum trophy and good child game).

I can't find any stock on VIC, so delivery is another option for extra $5.95.

Limit 2 per customer.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Ooo been wanting this for awhile. Price went up at JBhifi and Amazon a few weeks ago.


      Me too, was going to get it on Amazon UK for approx $35 delivered for just the game/book but for an extra $15 might as well get the additonal PS3 Move Starter kit.


    So you can still choose pick up at local store even if it's currently out of stock - on back order. Is this wise/unwise, eg. are they likely to actually get stock?


    i ordered this earlier this week and it was $60!!!
    it's delivered but i missed the courier!!

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    Promo code welcome5 is your friend. Makes it $45 plus $5.95 postage = $50.95 delivered.

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    Thanks OP.

    For those of you near Harvey Norman QV in Melbourne CBD, there's heaps of stock on the shelf. There maybe about 12 at around 4:00PM

    Just wondering why online says no stock. Lucky I tried to check.

    I just pick up the bundle for this price. Cashier can not believe it when I showed her that it is available online for this price. Manager was happy to authorise the sale.

    Just in time for the school holidays too.

    Happy Easter everyone


    Gee a lot of PS3 stock being cleared out at many stores at sale prices, must be to make room for PS4 stock later in the year.


    As sparkles above said, use the promo code and it's basically 95c to have it delivered within 1-2 days.


    Seems the shipment is going to be delayed… Got email from HN

    'We're experiencing a delay with your order. We estimate that your item(s) listed below will be ready in approximately 15 days, at which point we'll contact you'.


    Thanks! Just placed a back order with the coupon making it $45 pickup. It doesn't come with the directional pad does it?


    I went into Belmont WA HN after checking online that they had stocks of just the PS3 Move Starter packs separately


    They had a heap of Move starter packs and Wonderbook: Book of Spells on the shelf and agreed to match the online price so I bought one. I would have liked to use the $5 off voucher online but wanted it now :)

    Might be worth checking online if the stores have the PS3 Move starter pack if anyone is after a store pickup since the bundle seems to come up as out of stock everywhere I looked.


    Been wanting to try the move for a while. Thanks OP very nice find!

    Now to find some good games for it. Any recommendations?


    Mine arrived today, without the camera but with a directional pad. :(

    Anyone else had that problem?


      Mine arrived today, included:

      Starter kit
      - Bulbous wand thingy
      - Starter disc
      - Camera

      Book of spells:
      - the book
      - the game


    Mine came today, received the Starter pack and Book of Spells, exactly as ordered and expected. Also received what I assume would be about $10 worth of bubble wrap. Thanks Harvey Norman!

    Very happy with this deal.


    has anybody received their "back ordered" kit yet. The email stated it 'We're experiencing a delay with your order. We estimate that your item(s) listed below will be ready in approximately 10days, at which point we'll contact you'. and that was 20 days ago??

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