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out of stock ToolPro Low Profile Aluminium Garage Jack 2700kg $152.28 (Was $429) C&C or + Delivery @ Supercheap Auto eBay


ToolPro Low Profile Aluminium Garage Jack - 2700kg $152.28 if you use the codes JUMPER30 and P5OFF in your cart, Select your nearest store to collect so you don't pay postage costs. Original …


expired Toolpro 18 Volt Polisher Kit - 254mm $80.99 (was $119) @ Supercheap Auto

With a no load speed of twenty eight hundred RPM and a large pad size of 240mm; this polisher will make light work of all your car detailing. To ensure the best result with your ToolPRO polisher, be …


expired Toolpro Low Profile Trolley Jack - 1600kg $47.47 (was $99.95) @ Supercheap Auto


Original PULL5 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post Use PICKY10 with extra items to get over $75 Original 10% Off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post SCA site alternative Was at SCA to pick up some cheap …


expired Toolpro Multi-Tool 13-in-1 $5.99 (Was $17.99) @ Supercheap Auto

Pliers with more tools on it. Polished stainless steel handle. Don't add to Mayhem code as it bumps the price up. Includes body odour Polished stainless steel handle Storage pouch …


expired Toolpro Work Bench $200 (Was $295.57) @ Supercheap Auto. $180 @ eBay Supercheap Auto Store

Hey guys, this is a great work bench for the handy person at home. I bought one in December for $236 on sale and find it excellent. Durable powdercoated steel frame with MDF bench top Pegboard …


expired 25% off Tools @ Supercheap Auto

Got an email saying 25% off at tools. Included brands are Stanely Toolpro CIGWELD Black and decker Rockwell Bosch TOLEDO Sidchrome Blackridge Nitto and more Toolpro multitool was $20 now $10 for …


expired ToolPRO Low Profile Trolley Jack 1600kg - $56.98 for Club Members @ SupercheapAuto

A great low profile Trolley Jack, the weight rating is perfect for most cars. You will only really need a beefier one if you have a heavy SUV or truck, but then you probably aren't going to want …


expired Toolpro Tool Cabinet - 6 Drawer, Roller Cabinet, 27" - $433.80 @ Supercheap Auto

Thanks to Bonky for the original 20% off Supercheap Auto I'm in the market for tool chest and thanks to Bonky's post decided to check out SCA. Here's what the website says about this …


expired Toolpro Tool Kit Expansion, 275 Piece - $149.50 (RRP $299) + Free Shipping @ Supercheap Auto - Online Deal Only

"275" Piece set of automotive hand tool kit from ToolPro (Supercheap Auto Tool Range) 1st lets get this out of the way: Yes, its probably made in China -But so is your iphone.. Yes, its …


expired ToolPro 3HP Petrol Pressure Washer $145.60 (was $327) C&C @ SuperCheap Auto eBay


SuperCheap Autos has a petrol pressure washer on sale. Save even more with the ebay deal that finishes today. Don't have one myself so hopefully other fellow ozbees can post feedback on this …

40% off 10W-40 5L Nulon & Castrol Oil, 55% off Creeper $31.94, 60% off ToolPro 25pc Spanner set $69.98 - Supercheap Auto 1/3

expired 40% off 10W-40 5L Nulon & Castrol Oil, 55% off Creeper $31.94, 60% off ToolPro 25pc Spanner set $69.98 - Supercheap Auto 1/3

New Supercheap Auto Catalogue starting 01/03, ending 17/03 Full catalogue here Notable deals Nulon Full Synthetic 10W-40 Hi Tech Flowing 5L $32.99 (save $22) Castrol Magnatec Semi Synthetic 10W-40 …


expired Toolpro Tool Kit - 197 Piece. $87.20 (Was $149) @ Supercheap Auto eBay


Hey Guys, Supercheapauto is part of the Christmas 20% off sale. Original eBay CGIFT20 deal This tool set was originally $149. Discounted by 26% and you can add the 20% CGIFT20 code for a further …