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I ordered 3 white shirts and returned them as well. shirts were see-through too. I have >10 shirts from them (through separate orders) and...
31/10/2018 - 13:27
Any recommendations for washing machines under $500 please?
01/10/2018 - 19:32
If you look at most wet foods, they are at least 80-90% moisture/ water which means that you're paying mostly for water. I still get my...
01/10/2018 - 19:29
This diet consists of 80% moisture (animal food industry term for water) and at 58 cents per can, this works out to 46 cents for water....
13/09/2018 - 18:46
thank you! bought one - I'm a US 11.5 and bought a 9H
04/09/2018 - 18:41
I get the business casual ones and they are always tucked in. Fit is fantastic for me.
01/09/2018 - 21:03
I own >10 of their non iron shirts. I’ve been wearing them daily for >1 year. These are true non-iron shirts, I just chuck me on a hanger...
01/09/2018 - 16:14
Arrived yesterday. I’m experiencing lag issues when connected to my macbook. Turning it off and on seems to resolve it
25/08/2018 - 16:10
Thank you! Finally bought one
21/08/2018 - 18:39
15/02/2018 - 06:49
I've lived in Spain 5 years (and Europe for 10 years), would definitely recommend both Italy and Spain. I like Seville too and if you have...
14/01/2018 - 15:22
I picked one up on Saturday and haven’t received a tracking number yet. It does say 14-21 days shipping.
29/11/2017 - 12:42
I’ve bought a MacBook Air 128gb from Shopmonk for $999 yesterday. I’ve been on the lookout for the last couple weeks and this seemed...
26/11/2017 - 09:22
I grew up in a German kindy (first 4 years - no one spoke English including the teachers), moved to a Spanish school (5 years) before...
31/08/2017 - 19:02
My pair of levi jeans have lasted me 14 years. (Almost half my lifetime!)
24/07/2016 - 00:06
This is a 2013 model, I wouldn't pay that price for it. The ebay description is also wrong, the provided specs show it is a TN panel. TN...
15/03/2016 - 10:02
Vet school is a tough journey but it gets waaaay better after you graduate. Good luck! P.S. would strongly recommend working overseas
07/03/2016 - 19:39
There are a handful many vet students on ozbargain. Good luck!
07/03/2016 - 19:35
**Really bad pay.** A study found new grad veterinarians were paid 20th (lowest) out of 23 degrees. A new grad vet expects to make about...
07/03/2016 - 18:34
Dream job: Veterinary practice owner Current: Veterinarian
05/03/2016 - 20:13
With regard, to royal canin, I speak from a science based perspective. Australia pet review is based on consumer reporting not science...
02/03/2016 - 22:14
Thank you :) Last time I checked I believe there were 3
02/03/2016 - 21:56
First of all great work juggling 2 animals with uni, that's definitely a challenge. Rabbit diets should consist of unlimited grass, hay,...
02/03/2016 - 21:19
Bought 10 boxes from Aitkenvale Townsville. Thank you! They still had a couple left
21/02/2014 - 23:26
Downloaded and installed. Great deal mate.
21/05/2013 - 01:18
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