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All good. Enjoy your purchase. Just need it delivered like tomorrow. lol
02/06/2024 - 13:20
Yes I’m aware of the difference. I purchased this morning. Model number PM14T-2k, $82.41.
02/06/2024 - 11:06
I think that's the touch version, which makes it a even better deal if that's what you are after.
02/06/2024 - 09:13
There is a new firmware that has a wind block mode. And you can choose your level of NC. Added the ability to create custom modes for…
18/04/2024 - 06:27
I've just signed up for the AU 16.99 plan. CBF playing hide and seek anymore.
24/02/2024 - 20:44
I received the s20+ dual sim yesterday, and according to accubattery, battery health is 89%. physical condition is no different from a new…
30/12/2023 - 20:29
@erroorfree hello, what process is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Dual Sim?
24/12/2023 - 09:33
Thank you. Was thinking about purchasing from a few places for $79 the last few days, and decided to jump on this.
08/06/2023 - 19:56
After a few years, my account finally got the dreaded G09 login error. I guess time to create a new account.
07/06/2023 - 20:42
lansi23 was awarded a badge.
08/05/2023 - 20:07
Not at all. mine is probs 6 months old, no issues, and loving it. current one i have is black and i ordered the grey one, love that colour.
15/03/2023 - 10:31
Only the black and white are imports. the blue and grey does not have the import notification.
15/03/2023 - 09:14
$26.99 when I ordered back in Nov. Purchased 2 times. You last purchased this item on 27 Nov, 2022
08/02/2023 - 11:32
interested to know where i can buy a replacement usb dongle for the mouse. link if available. thanks
17/12/2022 - 15:48
cannot find a bad review on this ... so grabbed a pair.
29/11/2022 - 07:58
Managed to score one, ordered last night for C&C today and just got confirmation that it's ready. May just end up as a christmas gift for…
13/11/2022 - 09:19
@LeaptelRep thanks for that. so what you are saying is, if i was to sign up tomorrow, the service will be activated tomorrow?
03/11/2022 - 14:51
@LeaptelRep hello, i am currently with tangerine telecom on fttc. how long does it take to transfer the service? Let's say i nominate 10/11…
03/11/2022 - 13:06
this one works on more surfaces than the master. weird i know but i've done a few tests and the master don't work well on a table with a…
31/10/2022 - 15:52
I agree, this is my fav mouse too, better than the MX Master 3. I have both and use this one vast majority of the time.
31/10/2022 - 15:24
Only if online is available. Not every course has an online options.
28/10/2022 - 16:37
yea i got my offer at 4am this morning. online. so i'm happy.
27/10/2022 - 17:32
managed to find the closest model - looks like there's no backlit kb. will be picking up and…
08/10/2022 - 13:32
I may have prematurely pulled the trigger. My C&C order is ready for pickup but I'm having doubts. The lack of backlit keyboard is a major…
08/10/2022 - 12:31
does anyone who have this laptop, able to confirm if kb is backlit? even though a rep said no on the page, i just want to confirm that is…
08/10/2022 - 10:55